LATEST: You are at least TEN TIMES more likely to catch Covid in an English hospital

Up-to-date figures on hospital onset Covid infections outside of Scotland are difficult to find.

The most recent data we have are from the Nuffield Trust in November 2020 (above) revealing that, by the 14th, 19% of all Covid cases in English hospitals had been acquired after admission.

In the same period, week-ending 18th November 2020, in Scotland, only 1.2% of all cases were definite hospital onset and 0.8% were probable.

The hospital-onset infection rate in English hospitals was thus nearly ten times higher – frightening.

By week-ending 17th February 2021, in Scotland, 2.5% were definite hospital onset and 0.9% were probable:

Let’s hope the rate in England has not got much worse with increasing admissions though the logic is that it will have.

Scotland’s MSM are, of course, blind to this kind of comparison when it favours Scotland. Remember their lust for slow vaccination rates and high drug deaths.

15 thoughts on “LATEST: You are at least TEN TIMES more likely to catch Covid in an English hospital

  1. And why do think EHNS has the longest queues of cancer diagnosis,treatment and other major ops such as hip replacements etc.
    In its entire History
    How other than overload from covid out of control which predictably has led to this
    They fully aware that with their fragmented semi privatised structure
    That such has led to their facilties are now indeed petri dishes for covid
    Simples take in large numbers of people with a deadly easily transmissible disease into
    A regime with a poorly run privatised infection control system governed over by one hundred and more trusts ( now there is a complete misuse of the word Trust)
    Who have not a clue as to what their neighboring trusts are up to
    A rag toggle band of vagabonds they are when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the populace who it endeavours to cater for

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    1. Sorry to hear that, but it’s important that people of Scotland are not lied to and not made to fear going into hospital should they need to, where going into hospital could save their life.


      1. My wife had to make what might just prove to be a life saving early diagnostic procedure
        To the Wester General Edinburgh 3 weeks ago
        And i can without reservation state that what my hawk eyes set upon
        That the measures in place are in all probability the very best they could implement with covid risk


    1. George S Gordon
      100 % correct
      And after all tis UK.Gov data
      Throw it back in their face as soon as they endeavour to rubbish Scotland,s covid efforts
      And with the catch phrase of
      Well you started it
      All as Basil with his German guests Re.WW2
      I so hope the better together lot politiciseot
      Covid in the upcoming elections
      If so we can deliver a knock out blow and leave them lain upon the canvass

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    2. Up against though with an anti SNP media, wall to wall and an ever increasing Brit state invasion of social media.
      There is not much time either to counter the lies, I hope the SNP have a few excellent leaflets planned for every household in Scotland with some facts and figures made very very clear and where voters can access the facts should they wish to double check.

      I see the BritNat leaflets have stopped for now, they must be saving them all up, maybe waiting to see what they can say that’s SNP bad, they know people don’t believe their claims of mending everything that’s wrong because it’s they who have wrecked it all, the economy, and business, dragged Scotland out of the EU, ended Erasmus for the kids, and wrecked the ease at which the well off could travel around 27 other countries and live and buy second homes there.
      The BritNats have plenty of cash, so they must be paying ‘experts’ lol, to come up with some major propaganda to post through peoples’ doors in a few short weeks, it’s a fact that if you want people to remember your message (lies in this case) you tell them stuff only a week or two before the vote, otherwise they might have seen a leaflet countering the message (lies).

      Trust in the Tories and Labour in Scotland, HQ’d in London, must be at rock bottom. They have chucked Scotland off the cliff, and folks know that is not a very nice thing to do. Not very nice at all.


  2. No, no—there are UK hospitals and then there are;-

    Failing hospitals in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.

    Because the failing Scottish government is responsible for the failing;-
    NHS, Education, Union Unit program and lack of men on the moon.
    Source*—all the MEJAH that operate in the country once known as “Scotland”–and now as the Duchy of Lancaster’s realm or Goveland.

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    1. I suspect the media want hospitals in England to ‘fail’, too because it will allow them to demand more privatisations and outsourcings.


      1. Alasdair
        I concur 100% and i give 2 examples of health care in the USA,Where med.ins.companies and big pharma make easy big bucks
        1.I on a US big pharma drug Apixaban
        Costs SHNS £ 72 / month
        But in USA $ 284 / month
        2.Every yr. In America 250,000 people with serious health problems( all middle class)
        And numbers growing annually go bankrupt
        Having to stay alive by using all savings then selling there home and fixed assets when their Insurance cover runs out
        Now you know how the NHS is viewed as a dripping roast by the Greedy B***t**ds


  3. Fabulous photo John. Scotland is truly beautiful.

    We watch a wonderful YouTube channel now called Scottish Mudlarking, a couple who live in Fife who collect stuff from beaches and rivers, broken pottery, ‘sea glass’ etc, and Nicole makes nice Jewellry. Anyway, it’s a great site to see how amazing Scotland (mainly Fife but other areas) is. They were at the mouth of the Tay recently, the most gorgeous beaches and countryside, sadly you can’t wander freely if the MOD red flag is flying though, they ‘own’ the land and use it for their ops. Terrible, we must make sure the land is taken back after independence…
    Scotland is an amazing country in so many ways, it’s also why the BritNats don’t want to lose their grip, resources, strategically, and because there is much potential and necessity to change the use of some of the land to the benefit of the people, rather than a few billionaires and the MOD!

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      1. Gavinochiltree
        Rothie has a problem
        Because all the tanks at the disposal of The Great Brit.Army are totally clapped out and of a 1960,s design
        So in all liklihood her tank actually started then soon it would fail in some manner or other FACT
        They currently await scrap age and no refits planned as they negoiate with Germany for Leopard MBT,s that The Germans have retired and hold in reserve
        Their scrapping was suspending upon request from our MOD
        Ah but such are the brought shoulders, military muscle and financial resources ocf the Union really are
        F***king dellusional pathetic jokers in every Dept
        Globally they could not put their fist thru a wet Daily Record


  4. Off topic, but another area where the “news where we are” doesn’t seem to want to cover important matters –

    I can’t include images here, but have a look at the graph of “7 Day Average of Vaccine Doses Administered by Day and Country, Per 100k Pop” at

    Then explain why all 3 devolved nations have a rapidly declining daily vaccination rate, and the rate for England is fairly flat. Are the devolved nations being short changed?

    I think the graph includes second doses, so the acceleration of second doses in Scotland can’t explain this – unless you know differently?

    Note that we’re still delivering at the highest rate of all 4, and still slightly ahead in terms of total vaccinations.

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