5 000 call for England to fall in line with Scotland on quarantine

Who is it under fire from? Well it’s him:

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He said for the benefit of BBC Scotland:

I really can’t see any way out of this apart from Scotland falling into line with England.’

He and the Telegraph both seem to be well out of touch with the wider population. A YouGov survey suggests a significant majority across the UK prefer Nicola’s system:

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13 thoughts on “5 000 call for England to fall in line with Scotland on quarantine

  1. I saw that travelling salesman pontificating about public health matters which for the political establishment in England is regarded as a socialist plot to undermine their Brexit,or their precious union.
    Doubt you will find a public health professional anywhere outside England who would want anyone to fall in with their policies.
    The worst record in Europe for infections and death rates as a result.
    No thanks.

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    1. Bringiton
      With respect I must correct with regards the worst deaths in Europe
      Please amend Europe to read World
      Belgium held that distinction till Monday
      But Boris the Terrible Has the whip in his hand as the World Class horse he sits upon
      Now surges well into the lead

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    2. This man is a regular on BBC Radio Scotland, ostensibly speaking about travel, but frequently commenting on independence and how Scotland is too wee and no very good and how we really need to have the support of England.

      The father and child who arrived in Glasgow could just as easily have arrived at an English airport. They had started their journey in the ‘red list’ USA and so – and the father stated his agreement with the quarantining policy – would have been quarantined in a hotel near the airport. Since the plane stopped in Dublin, he and his daughter were released from hotel quarantine. This would have been the case, too, had they been quarantining in a hotel near, say, Manchester Airport.

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  2. If England keep going the way they are
    As (Simple) Simon says ‘I really can’t see anyway out of this ‘
    Neither can I but that would apply to in/out of lock downs like a bloody Yo Yo
    All because the wrong hands are upon the strings


      1. Lewisian Gneiss
        Is one of the oldest rocks in the world
        Ranging from 1.7 to 3 billion years old
        And are of Archaean and. Paleoproterozoic age
        But ended up in N.Scotland 542 million yrs ago
        And it is their banding of varying colours and band widths which contribute to their uniqueness and pleasingly attractive to the eye
        Especially when in tidal beaches and well rounded individual boulders
        The word Gneiss means
        A foliated metapmorhmic rock
        Which describes it perfectly
        Sorry for being off topic
        But it is a wise man who knows what ground
        He doth stand upon and in more ways than one

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      1. Ah
        This reminds myself of a old but no joke to me at least because of the most profound situation we do find ourselves temporarily in
        But nonetheless please appreciate the serious side of it and have a wee laugh at the same time

        When God was almost finished creating Earth
        Late on a Saturday Evening,so looking forward to a day of rest on Sunday
        He was putting the finishing touches to the piece of land now known as Scotland
        When much to his annoyance many onlookers abiding in other completed lands
        Were ever increasingly making disturbing noises
        God stopped work and turned to them raising his voice
        Enough what is bothering you
        A French man stepped forward and in reply said
        This is not fair you are imbuing these lands and waters with more attributes than you have us all
        Ah God says in reply,patience my dear children
        You have yet to see who the next door neighbours are to be for them.

        Me thinks God in these matters indeed was correct

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    1. He was perfectly prepared to do the quarantine and certainly accepted the need for it. The powers that be in London were the ones who said he did not need to quarantine because of his brief stopover in Dublin.

      This unbelievably moronic decision on their part and the publicity it got has alerted travellers to this route to circumvent quarantine. It is a loophole that London should have anticipated and closed it. Common sense but not something this London Gov is famed for.

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  3. Telegraph up for sale. No one will buy it. Not worth it. Extremely low readership,

    Barclay Brothers. Tax evading Tories. Donations for honours, Thatcher died alone in their hotel. The Ritz. The family in dispute. Spying on each other. One of them has just died. Of covid? Will ensure even more death duty problems? Or not how to avoid it. Being evading tax for years on a private island off the coast of Sark. Flying in and out. In the regulated 90 days. Probably not.

    The quarantine at Heathrow/hub should have been introduced nearly a year ago, to save lives. Travel banned or reduced. Locking the stable door after the horse had bolted. Better late than never, aAll people should be tested at airports before they can travel. Temperature gun etc. Relatively simple. Simon Calder, travel ‘journalist’ makes his money from travel. He will be biased. Advised people to travel in the spring, a year ago. Told people to book holidays. The pandemic would be all be over by last summer. Not good advice. People lost lots of money in cancelled travel plans. Trips people could not take,


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