Talking us down to shield the UK Government’s failures

Posted by the BBC on Friday 12th of February, the authors answer their own question with this graph:

Chart showing the % of people 70 and over receiving their first dose across English regions and the nations

So, for readers on the 12th of February, the data up to the 7th February are used. It shows, of course, England and its regions ahead of the three devolved nations.

Readers are no doubt well aware by now that these are the data for the period during which these three nations followed the JCVI advice fully and concentrated on the care homes while NHS England did only some of those, in parallel with mass vaccination of the walking over 70s and 80s, in an effort to get ahead. Deaths are now twice as high in English than in Scottish care homes.

For some reason, this readily available graph did not suit:

24 hours before this BBC report was posted, NHS Wales was claiming full delivery and the Scottish First Minister had announced:

At least 97% of over 80 year olds living in the community have also had a first dose. And so too have 87% of 75 to 79 year olds in the community, and 54% of 70 to 74 year olds.

Even in the days of print only, the presses could be stopped to update material and you would expect reports to be no more than a day or two behind, but for an online post to be a whole week behind is frankly laughable and revealing of an agenda.

I wonder what percentage of over 70s or over 80s have now been vaccinated in England? I note they are being asked to come forward and arrange appointment themselves. Something is going wrong.

Will they update this next week?

23 thoughts on “Talking us down to shield the UK Government’s failures

  1. ‘ Something is going wrong ‘ I think you have demonstrated that it was never right in the first place, but moving to a ‘ make your own appointment system ‘ in a pandemic is clearly going to make it worse. Denying that supplies of vaccine over the next few weeks will be limited while informing GPs that supplies of vaccine will be limited seems beyond stupid, sadly an all to common trait from the English gov. It’s also a cynical ploy to shift blame onto the shoulders of GPs and Vaccine centres as appointments will be limited by supply.

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  2. Scotland is leading the curve in Europe, The incompetence of this graph is just manipulated and meaningless, Based on false information of an offer of vaccination. Not of those who have had it. Poor incompetent data,

    Lies video tape and lies the MSM. False report. People in Scotland know the truth because they have been vaccinated. Especially in the vulnerable groups. Those likely to die and spread infection. The death rate and infection rate is going down. It is less because of the excellent Scottish Gov management. Everyone in Scotland knows it. They have had the vaccine. Except the incompetent, inadequate MSM. Corrupt beyond belief. That is why no one believes them anymore. They get called on the internet. Biased liars out to line their own pockets on other people’s misery.

    The vaccination rate is not as important as the death and infection rate going down.

    Vaccination rates could be higher but so could death and infection rates. It depends who is vaccinated as a priority. The way the programme is managed and carried out. The most vulnerable get it first.
    The death rate and infection going down. That is the most important and vaccinating as many as possible within the time frame, The Tories will be voted out. Totally incompetent.

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  3. It shows the wonders of medical science and the best FM Scotland could have had acting in integrity throughout, when others have acted badly. Westminster total corruption and mismanagement, The MSM totally incompetent. Thank goodness for the internet. Liars always get found out. Scotland is lucky to have such a competent and great FM. With great support. Does everything by the book. The lying MSM and Westminster. Liars always get found out.

    No person is above Independence. That is the most important of all. To benefit Scotland and run it’s own affairs. Get above Westminster and MSM corruption.and waste. Waste of time, money and space causing people to die.

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  4. When they carefully select the time frame you know a lie is coming.
    I notice BBC Reporting Scotland are now slipping in the phrase about Scotland ,”..after a slow start” as often as they can now.

    Scotland followed the priority list prepared by medical experts. England went for a political headline. The increased deaths in English care homes during the period when vaccines were diverted to mass centres was because they did not follow the priority list and that is a recorded fact unreported by the media.

    The MSM are lying. The BBC is lying. Applauding the early numbers of England’s vaccination rates is comparable with admiring a factory owner who produces more product by ignoring the Health and Safety measures designed to protect his workers…it is old fashioned corner cutting.

    What’s a few deaths if the mine produces coal faster, the bridge is built cheaper, the railway cutting is dug faster.

    The exact same philosophy was used in keeping the borders open and in delaying lockdowns. Money, Money, Money.

    Not one “journalist” has written about the price paid in English care homes because of the deviation from a prepared priority list.

    They cry ” why are you not buying our papers” , ” why are you not paying your TV license”. The answer…we have stopped being mugs.

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    1. “When they carefully select the time frame you know a lie is coming.” This is very true! It’s now second nature to experience a mental ‘warning’ – an alert – every time the BBC gives out a statistic.

      I listened to the Radio 4 Today programme this morning, Saturday: triumphalism is in the air as the wonderful vaccination programme is set to meet targets – well “at least in England and Wales” the presenter advises his audience.

      What has NI done to the BBC to deserve getting tarred with the same (grudging/mis-informing/excluding) brush as Scotland?

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      1. Next thing the EngGov will relax restrictions, and will expect Scotland to do the same. With more young people vaccinated in England, they will want party time restarted and holidays booked asap.
        English government deliberate mismanagement of Covid is absolutely off the scale.
        Scotland is totally screwed in being banned from closing their land border, not much point people flying in being quarantined if folks can freely drive into Scotland and come and go as they please.

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      2. Artnetty
        Just go and look what Norway was able to do
        By having complete control of their Borders
        And by being ready from the very beginning
        And sticking rigidly to it
        Economy in full recovery
        And speed up of remodeling for new reality
        Along with going far more green
        Deaths / million in England now a staggering
        Eye Watering but throughly understandble
        Due to utter failure and incompetence of Boris
        Deaths are ( take a very deep breath)
        + 1594.8 % higher than Norway
        With total infections + 423 % higher
        Ratio of deaths to infections strongly tell you a story of who has by far the better medical services


  5. China broadcaster stripped of licence in UK. BBC banned in China.
    Chinese broadcasters run by the State, but the BBC is now run by Tories, on behalf of the State.
    Swap Beijing for London: State actor for State actor.
    Omission by omission.
    Commission by commission.
    Biased news by biased news.
    Chinese State ideology V Anglo-British nationalism.

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    1. Apparantly Russians are aware that their state broadcaster pumps out propaganda.

      British state propaganda must have been more skilfully applied.

      Is skilfully the correct adverb?

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  6. The only reason that England’s Tory governments have been able to craft an image of competence and good governance is because the UK media has promoted it.
    The political opposition in England are running scared of the Tory controlled media machine and as such can only be effective when they adopt Tory policies.
    The question is,does the media in England reflect or form public opinion.
    I believe it is the former because the same media machine in Scotland does not produce the same outcome.
    Attempts to politicise the present pandemic in Scotland will fall on hostile ears.
    Scots do not button up the back,or at least most don’t.

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    1. The citywide boycott of the Sun in Liverpool & its effects would suggest otherwise. Liverpool has regularly bucked the trend, in elections, indicating opinion is heavily influenced by mass market papers.


  7. To my mind, this constant anti Scottish misrepresentation is racism. I mean, when did they last do this sort of thing to Israel. That would be seen instantly as anti Semitic. People would be forced out of their jobs for it.

    There are very few Scots on the BBC. Those that are are mostly all Andrew Marr types or Gordon Brown. You almost never see genuine Scottish people giving genuine Scottish opinions, like you see on here.

    The BBC are a foreign broadcaster, hostile to the very idea of Scotland, given a dominant role in Scotland.

    I avoid the BBC. What’s the point of watching disinformation.

    Anyway, the first rule. No contact with your abuser.

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    1. Black Donald

      “I avoid the BBC. What’s the point of watching disinformation.

      Anyway, the first rule. No contact with your abuser.”

      Their output has to be monitored, . . . . . there is no more effective way of openning people’s eyes up to the false reality they are surrounded by than exposing the lies of the media.

      I wrote that myself . . . . .

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  8. That screen grab of Jeanne Freeman fair made me laugh, a Forsyth response perhaps ?

    Since the UK section’s predominant audience is the Home Counties audience, no surprise they echo the Hancock view and message of exceptionalism, public perception and reality occasionally bumping into one another.
    None of this crisis should have ever been politicised, but the #10 spin monkeys believed they could pull it off.

    BBC did not push for actual vaccinated numbers rather than accept the “offers” device, the over 70s broadly meaningless without context of the JCVI target groups.

    Even on the Scotland page, PQ continue to try to distort the picture, their “Covid in Scotland: How many people have been vaccinated?” as fine an example as any of evading the subject.
    They do not reflect on the frankly stunning uptake in the high risk JCVI categories because it does not suit London.

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  9. Yes, contemporary British nationalism is particularly Trump-like and racist in it’s approach to truth. Brexit insists that Scotland simply does not exist, and that those living in Scotland do not have a defensible legal identity. Which enables English Torydum to proceed on the understanding that those living in Scotland do not possess a legal right to have legal rights. So the irony of being a British nationalist living in Scotland is, you are actually supporting your own exclusion from due legal process and the potential to access justice.

    Discursive psychology, rhetoric and the issue of agency

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  10. When watching any footage from vaccination Stations in England especially if recorded
    Then by very careful observation and repeat viewing one can see that such appears to be poorly organised in comparision to my own vaccination in Scotland
    I know what i present is merely a short simplified snapshot ,but if this was a serious criminal matter and I was the investigating officer, then my boss would be canvassed for more resources to bring the guilty to court
    Here my general observations of English vacc
    Little or no checking of those to be vaccinated
    Upon arrival
    Lots of staff fiddling their thumbs Such can send cost / vaccination soaring as no doubt labour costs make up by far the largest proportion of overall costs
    Large numbers of public at any one time patiently awaiting their turn,a sure fire indicator of poor planning and control
    Rows of empty desks with computers but no
    Staff despite plentiful public activity
    Overall the whole operation seems to be quite chaotic,if so then failure and big problems ahead
    I shudder to think as to how England is to effectively achieve 2nd dose to those that have had their 1st one
    If so such can but only lead to chaos being heaped into chaos particularly so as a 2nd dose is what greatly ensure high efficacy
    And still to be proven greatly reduces transmission
    In conclusion this backs up that England politically under pressure to produce Numbers and not success
    Although too early to tell but if so then the numbers game is solely to reach a magic number upon which they can start commencement of scaling down lock down
    I Sense a very strong smell of MONEY MONEY MONEY but not a gain but a Loss.And that is the painful of experience for them

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  11. re. possessing a defensible legal identity. This is crucial to being able to access legal rights, and contributes significantly to your potential to access the public realm and employment. So it is more than alarming that the SNP is now dominated by those who insist trans-women are actually women.

    By conflating sex with gender identity, you are actually undermining the fabric of existing legal rights and protections that natal women have managed to achieve thus far. In doing so, you are supporting cultural patriarchy, which hurts the poor and destroys the planet.

    N.B. Woke is good, as it enables inclusive legal practice that supports the social position of women and ethnic minorities. It also supports the potential for good public health. Unfortunately, the SNP is now openly hostile towards woke theory and practice, as genderwoowoo simply defies cognitive reality, and destroys the potential to legally respect difference.

    The Epistemology of Resistance: Gender and Racial Oppression, Epistemic Injustice, and Resistant Imaginations


  12. P.S. Trans-women are actually afforded the same legal rights and protections as natal women, in international law. So if the SNP wants to support the trans-gendered, they need to tell Westminster to do one, and start supporting international law.


  13. Hi, I complained today to BBC about this selective use of out-of- date stats- which only covered the period when we were prioritising care homes. Good work, Alison


    1. Alison
      Quite correct to complain
      But if you believe you will get a response along the lines you expect then may i suggest
      With total respect
      You join The Flat Earth Society
      Go and a wee chin wag wi the Fairies
      If Irish then the Leprachauns


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