More FAKE NEWS on offering to hit targets based on posting letters

It’s still a bit sad when one of the former quality newspapers plays along with the same attempt to dupe the people. In the Guardian today:

England and Wales have said they have met the government’s target of offering a coronavirus vaccine to the top four priority groups by 15 February amid growing warnings that the supply of vaccines would be cut for the next fortnight. Achieving the milestone means that vaccinators have been told they can now invite people aged 65 to 69 in both nations to come forward, with Scotland expected shortly to follow suit.

What sort of fools do they think we are? What value is a target based on sending an invitation as opposed to one of actually vaccinating people? No value at all of course. We’ve heard the calls for over 70s in England to come forward. I suspect they won’t be hitting those targets in terms of real jags any week soon, if ever.

Scotland expected to follow suit? Really? Two days ago the First Minister told us:

At least 97% of over 80 year olds living in the community have also had a first dose. And so too have 87% of 75 to 79 year olds in the community, and 54% of 70 to 74 year olds.

She made no promise with regard to the 65-69 year olds. I had mine yesterday (69.75) and most in that group whom I know have had theirs but the notion that others can be counted as soon as they get a letter would have us all scoffing.

15 thoughts on “More FAKE NEWS on offering to hit targets based on posting letters

  1. John
    I 67 yrs old and had both my invite and vaccination
    And for certain i know that i will receive my very important 2nd dose of Pfzer vac in designated time
    Because a plan has been developed,implemented and being adhered to
    All according to know supply numbers
    One cannot load a gun if no bullets
    But somehow Boris expects the English to be unaware of such matters
    The tracks that will be made and left.
    Will shall then All the MSM have their brushes out
    So bloody obvious as they prepare to sweep
    But they all forget that the Virus has a endless supply of bullets in the form of all us
    Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
    The more the Bangs then even more Bangs
    Boris has furnished this virus with the Euromillions winning 5 no.and 1 lucky star
    Making it so easy to find the 2nd lucky star
    In order to hit the jackpot
    How does this virus find this one magic number
    Just 1 of the right type of Mutation
    Johnson is well aware of the Russian Roulette gun in his hand


  2. The Guardian, since it deserted Manchester, has always been a North London nationalist paper, with a snooty disdain for provincials and a colonialist mindset towards the Celtic nations.

    Last week’s bluster by Rafael Behr balefully hostile to Scottish independence was a casein point.

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    1. The Guardian published great rebuttal letter/articles to the Rafael Behr totally misguided assumptions. The BTL comments totally supported Scotland Independence ambitions.

      Often the BTL comments are totally supportive of Scottish Independence ambitions for good reasons.

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  3. Also in the Guardian just yesterday. Consistency, eh? I’ve just pasted part of the piece. It is, I think,worth reading in its entirety.

    “Hundreds of thousands of social care staff in England looking after older and clinically vulnerable people in their own homes have not received their first coronavirus vaccine.

    A survey by the UK Home Care Association of 379 employers of homecare workers found that by the end of January only 32% of their staff had been vaccinated.

    With an estimated 656,000 working in homecare, that means more than 400,000 were still unvaccinated at the beginning of the month.

    The findings show that the government is unlikely to meet its target of all health and frontline social care staff having received or been offered their first vaccine by 15 February. Jane Townson, chief executive of UKHCA, said that although there had been “encouraging progress” in vaccination rates over the past 10 days, there was still a long way to go.”

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    1. I think we have been typing our posts at the same time. I saw that article too and as I have said below how can the Guardian say job done when they know it isn’t?

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  4. It is particularly sad to see the Guardian peddling this story when earlier this week they were reporting on the low levels of vaccination among Care Home staff who are part of the first 4 priority groups. Frontline medical staff are also in the top 4 but not a dicky bird about them and how their vaccinations are going.

    Then there are the eligible Care Homes – how many – and the Care Homes not in that category, not getting the vaccine. How many?

    Then from last Monday over-70s in England who have not had a letter have to book their own appointment. How many?

    The Guardian in the last few days or so seems to have gone into overdrive with the use of ‘UK’ in headlines thus hiding the actual situation.

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    1. Legerwood
      Mantra from 10 Downing St
      All Hand to the Pumps
      Whilst here in Scotland
      Tis Abandon Ship ( HMS ship of fools )


  5. “Achieving the milestone means that vaccinators have been told they can now invite people aged 65 to 69 in both nations to come forward, with Scotland expected shortly to follow suit.”

    ‘ expected shortly to follow suit’? I know for an absolute FACT that in addition to the excellent progress on the highest priority groups, ‘Scotland” has already been contacting folk in the 65-69 age group and what is more has ALREADY BEEN ADMINISTERING a jag to people in this group.

    The first case I know of for certain was of someone c. 68 years with no particular underlying health risk, resident in West Lothian, being vaccinated at the mass jagging centre (the Highland Centre), Ingliston on Thursday 5 February. And the person involved knows from personal contacts in the local community that their’s was NOT (of course) a unique occurrence.

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  6. I am 64.75 and my jag is on Tuesday.
    Local paper front page headline is 60 year old councillor with jag appointment urging everyone who gets an invite to attend, all remarkably positive.

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  7. All over seventy and others have been vaccinated in Scotland A brilliant achievement. A major effort. Essential workers have been vaccinated. Those more likely to spread the virus. They have not even started on them in the south. They (Hancock) are discussing vaccinations people in their fifties before essential workers, who are more likely to spread the virus.

    Another poor projection, (HC) in the attempt keep death and infection down. The reason for the exercise being undertaken. How the programme is managed is just as important as the rate of inoculation. To vaccinate those at most risk first,

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  8. My wife and I both jagged on the 9th Feb, we’re both 65.
    Brother in law jagged on 11th, he’s 68.
    All at the fantastic set up at Louisa Jordan where it it a veritable conveyor belt of vaccinations, brilliantly organised and run by smiling caring SNHS staff and SECC staff.
    Not a ‘Squaddie’ to be seen anywhere.
    All of this I’m sure is happening at vaccination sites throughout Scotland
    which is absolute proof that we can manage things better on our own.
    The logistical challenge of vaccinating the care homes in Scotland far outstrips that of mainland UK considering the amount of islands in Scotland with care homes on them.
    ‘Behind the curve’ BBC? Not on your Nellie.
    We do things properly in Scotland.

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