UK Vaccine Shambles as 10 MILLION doses languish in warehouses

I don’t, I’m sure, need to remind you of the current SNP media pile-on using supposed failures to roll-out vaccinations as quickly as the supplies become available.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve read of thousands of doses unused after being allocated. Sometimes, from alternative media sources, we discover that ‘allocated’ supplies might still be in a warehouse in England or still on the road somewhere.

Going by the headlines, you’d think all was going smoothly elsewhere in the UK, so this New Statesman report, four days ago, is intriguing:

Data released inadvertently suggests millions of vials of vaccine may be lying unused across the country.  The second and far bigger question is whether its progress is constrained by supply, as the government says, or if the country’s administrative capability is falling short. Are there millions of vials of vaccine lying unused across the UK?  According to data released inadvertently in mid-January by the Scottish government, that is quite likely to be the case. This data, which has since been partially confirmed in a briefing given to Yorkshire MPs, revealed the number of AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses expected to be delivered across Scotland from January to May. Extrapolating from the Scottish data, the UK will have received 17.9 million doses by the end of this week. And yet the UK has only administered 7.9 million first doses. The country may be administering vaccines at less than half the pace it receives supply.

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8 thoughts on “UK Vaccine Shambles as 10 MILLION doses languish in warehouses

    1. With regards offers
      God offered us eternal life in heaven
      On 1 condition only
      That we believed in him
      Not Gods words but that of a Human
      And as with Boris and his offer we all await
      Confirmation of the actual reality of vaccine numbers delivered, in storage and administered
      But no doubt MSM believe that Boris indeed is a God
      And a offer is more than suffice
      As with God,s offer it is all a matter of belief
      Completely unsupported even with the tiniest fragment of hard evidence
      So believers or more appropriately fools step
      Forward please and await your fate

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  1. No doubt Ruthie O’Truthie will assert –“but, they hiv a’ hud letters”!

    And that, dear readers, is the point.
    French letters aren’t letters from France.
    Words have meaning, unless they come from an ex-Torygraf “journalist”!

    The Boris regime throw out a half truth and the fish wife media run with it, expand it, exaggerate, talk it up, tell lies for Britain.

    Parish pump journalism.

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  2. Not sure I’m convinced of the 7.9 million figure though I’m happy there is at least confirmation that Scotland is not lagging behind England, both would appear to have used about 50% of the vaccine allocated even though the SG rightly focused on the more difficult task of innoculating the most at risk.

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    1. Two thoughts on this.
      Given the drive and dedication of the vaccination teams and the program in Scotland, very soon we will see deaths fall given the mortality rate among the most vulnerable. The England figures are never openly published, but the those in Scotland are, guess where questioning fingers will begin to point ?
      From John’s recent piece this demolishes both #10’s “commercial sensitivity” exposes the OFFERED scam.
      The vaccination teams in England are equally working their socks off, particularly given the seriousness of the problem in England.
      The Tories have done themselves no favours whatsoever by lying, #10 are the rabbit in the headlights, and the entire world knows it.

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  3. The Radical Right achieved Brexit largely as a result of the media’s “gross epistemic violence” against the truth. That’s the same media that wants to inform you about an even more existential crises faced by global democratic society.

    Epistemic violence in the time of coronavirus: From the legacy of the western limits of Spivak’s ‘can the subaltern speak’ to an alternative to the ‘neoliberal model of development’


  4. I wondered when the BritNat right wing rags would be instructed to call for the FM of Scotland to be deposed using Covid as an excuse. The lies and manipulation they hope, will lend gravity to any attempt to oust the SNP from government before the May election. My are the Britnat EngGov terrified of another win for the SNP because it means so much more than a preferred political party democratically elected in Scotland, it means that Scotland will in fact have indicated their rightful choice to have the option of self determination.

    So given the threats and contempt from the EngGov, they will do anything even holding back vital supplies of food and meds to Scotland as they have already been shown to be quite capable of. Sanctions and a (soft) coup? Put nothing at all past the Brit state.

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