LATEST: NHS England does 20% fewer jags than Scotland in last 24 hours!

From Wallace Lockhart, setting us up for the FM Briefing at 2.15 pm today:

When we look at comparisons with UK neighbours, it does appear there is a slight gap growing between Scotland and other nations.

He then went on to use the overall figures, for all over-16s, to reveal us to be behind. Clearly he didn’t know or didn’t want to know about the last 24 hours.

From the UK Government website, the number of vaccinations done in the last 24 hours:

For the umpteenth time, England has ten times the population so, if they were going as fast as we did, they’d have done 348 810 but they only did 280 513, 20% fewer.

38 thoughts on “LATEST: NHS England does 20% fewer jags than Scotland in last 24 hours!

  1. And a letter of help from A Jack. It’s getting harder not to despair especially since this is all we’re going to get for the next couple of months. Keep posting the positives john but don’t sink to their petty level no matter how provoked. Calm heads needed!

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  2. You deserve a medal John for all your hard work in countering the usual anti-Scottish propaganda. If I ever meet you in a pub I’ll buy you several drinks of your choice.

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  3. It was only a matter of time that such data arose
    Boris has whipped the horses from the word go
    Which has to lead to early fatigue, errors and running out of vaccines in the supply chain from manufacturer, storage to actual issue to vaccination stations
    In Military terms if you come charging madly at the start then you will soon find yourself in a very tricky situation unless you can keep whipping the horses to the finish line in one piece
    Hitler behaved so when he attacked the Soviet Union only to end up stuck at Stalingrad,resulting in less than 6000 of 1 million of his forces extricating themselves
    All due to the fact that he could NOT keep up supplies at the front all leading to a chaotic retreat.He was well warned of such by his Most Senior Commander before he attatcked
    Such are the results derived from Buffoons holding the whip hand
    Meanwhile Scotland developed and implemented a well thought out prepared plan all to a strict program that in order to achieve success must be adhered too
    So far such seems to be proving correct and the horses have plenty reserves and energy to cross the wining line first
    And no doubt Boris has little or no reserves to call upon as his charge slowly grinds to a halt in the event of a major problem arising
    Whilst w/o doubt the Scots have plenty in the Tank in the form of a Tiger along with a good few thoroughbred fresh horses leaving the stables
    To reinforce the efforts and successes to date

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  4. If Scotland was doing less vaccines (pro rata) it would mean they are not getting enough allocation, as part of the UK. It would be Westminster negligence and fault. Another own goal from the unionists harping on about it.

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    1. Not really an ‘own goal’ though, they are projecting their own failures, cruelty and incompetence onto the ScotGov, onto the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, and they know that some gullible folk, and some who cannot keep up with the lies and propaganda, will beleive them. It’s also to attaempt to undermine the ScotGov in the eyes of the world, it’s about demonising Scotland’s democratically elected government so that any coup, any take over and dismantling of the Scottish parliament will be backed by those who know no better. It’s classic tactics in order to oust any government in a country where they want full control, it’s about money via resources. If required they will treat Scotland as a rogue state if they get more desperate.

      Anyone know how many English agents have been installed in the EngGovs’ Edinburgh office yet…

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  5. We couldn’t defend ourselves from the gross epistemic violence committed by ‘our’ media, with regards Brexit. We must do better at defending ourselves from media bias, in relation to covid-19.

    COVID-19 Health Technology Governance, Epistemic Competence, and the Future of Knowledge in an Uncertain World

    “To democratize the pandemic digital innovation policy, presence of elections and elected political leaders do not, in and of themselves, guarantee the democratic quality of the innovation policy outcomes. Indeed political scientists have long noted the imprecision of voting as mechanism for democratic decision making, and observed that elected officials and government functionaries can in fact act as barriers to greater popular control over policy making (Lindblom and Woodhouse, 1993). An innovation policy can help steer the COVID-19 science and technology to democratic ends (Table 1).”

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  6. Alas BBC Hootsmon has to translate “jags” into “jabs” for reasons of proper Anglo-Speke…..the Speke where you aren’t.
    Once translated, you have to divide by two, multiply by three and add 32 for the jab story jackanory so beloved by the Britto’s.

    Hi Jack now wants to help with Scotlands vax program. You would have thought it more important to get vaccinations into care homes in England, rather than sending letters.
    Concentrate on getting Englands dreadful rates of infection and excessive deaths.

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    1. Hold back the vax, call it a jab, hi Jack is here to save you Scotland!
      It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious and about saving lives, which the EngGov and their lackeys like hi Jack are generally not very reknowned for.

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    2. Ah! You beat me to it, Gavin.

      Ch4 news said that this would be seen as provocative (think that was the word). Don’t know whether they agreed or not. I’d just finished watching something I’d recorded and came in halfway through!

      I saw after reading that BJ had offered that A Jax (isn’t that an abrasive, powdered substance?) had written a letter? Oh dear…

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  7. All this spin on vaccines by Tories and MSN is a diversion tacit so we will forget about the disaster of Brexit trouble now in NI and what about this one.

    Beekeeper Patrick Murfet sits amongst some of his hives in an orchard near Canterbury in Kent, as he is told the 15 million bees he wants to bring into the UK for next spring may be seized and destroyed if he does

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  8. Don’t think it’s too far O/T:
    Has anyone seen the Johnson’s offer to ‘help’ Scotland accelerate vaccinations because we’re falling behind? I gather they want us all to be as fast as possible.

    Not sure how he suggests this is achieved. I value my laptop too much to fling it out of the window as I try to find out!

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    1. “Not sure how he suggests this is achieved.” I suspect that it will have something to do with the ‘Union dividend’ – with Scotland graciously accepting the help of the (or is it their or England’s?) British Army. You know the sort of army – at least a couple of hundred strong – that we in Scotland could never hope to have after independence.

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      1. Of course. Silly me!

        I did wonder if it would be telling (sorry, advising) us to open extra ‘mass’ vax places, like the ones NS announced were opening in Edinburgh(?) and Aberdeen, alongside fire stations and the like in smaller places. Or even maybe mobile units.

        Stuff that Scotland’s too stupid to think of for itself and too poor to fund. Wait a minute…

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      2. The main way to “help” Scotland would be to offer us some of their supply of vaccines.
        No,didn’t think so.
        Just another political stunt from BoJo and his fellow clowns.

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    2. Taking with one hand, firmly tying Scotland’s hands and feet, tell the people of Scotland, the voters, your gov is a disgrace for failing you lolz, punch and kick while they say that, then, holding Scotland by the collar, squeezing tight, cough cough Scotland gasps for breath, BritNat EngGov, ‘you’ll get your vaccine if you do as we say, got it, Scotland?!’
      The BritNats are using Covid to hold Scotland to ransome, they are wholly politicising this dreadful, dealy pandemic it could hardly be less immoral from a rogue government intent on holding fast their possession, ie Scotland.

      Scary times.

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  9. Oh and definitely O/T but don’t know where to put it, I gather the fragrant Mrs Gove has this on her twitter account

    Sarah Vine
    Feb 1
    Quote Tweet
    Harriet Sergeant
    · Jan 31
    To gave Scotland a taste of independence why not suspend the Barnett formula now. Then let the Scots vote in a year’s time. That way they can see how SNP largess depends on English money.

    It’s been ‘hearted’ 608 times. Is that a lot? 🙂

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    1. I saw that I think she has been told how utterly thick she is by probbaly more than 608 folk who er know abit more about Scotland’s finances and her own country’s finances…no accounting for stupid sometimes.

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      1. I see Jack’s letter says Scotland’s at the heart of the UK economy. We must be a terrible drain. How kind of them to offer a helping hand. (For the avoidance of doubt that’s /s)

        As we’re in need of such a shameful number of handouts and are therefore (obviously) holding the UK back, can WE ‘help’ THEM by taking our fair share and governing ourselves? Full fiscal powers, borrowing rights, own currency and banks etc. No need to wait for a referendum or anything, let’s just go. Overseen by The Hague or a similar body – just to make sure we don’t take more than our fair share, of course. That should help…

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  10. NHS England’s had target to vaccinate all care home residents by 24th Jan. But by that date they had vaccinated 75% – at least that was the reported figure but the report may have contained some weasel word like ‘offered’.

    NHS England then reset the target date to 31st Jan. This time it was reported as ‘almost [weasel word] all care homes had been offered [weasel word] a jab’. Further detail was finally winkled out of them and a new date for actual jab completion was given as 15th Feb.

    ‘Almost’ all may reflect the fact that many care homes have not received any vaccinators because they have existing covid cases so GPs etc wont visit. It may be that in some cases the homes have positive cases because NHS England are once more transferring Covid positive patients into care homes to free up beds in hospitals. The UK Gov has to underwrite this policy because insurers wont cover homes who take part in this.

    It has also emerged from Care Home operators that barely half of care home staff have been vaccinated and some providers have revealed an even higher percentage.

    Meanwhile the death rate in Care Homes in England continues to increase. In one week in January it increased by 46%.

    A mess by any standard and one which is of their own making because rather than concentrate on the most vulnerable group they split their efforts by starting on the 70+ group and run that vaccination in parallel.

    Effectively the care home residents in England are left as sitting ducks.

    The Scottish Gov have followed exactly the correct priority and I say that as a 70+ senior citizen who is still waiting for an appointment but I would be very unhappy if the Scot Gov had left the care home residents as sitting ducks while starting on my age group. I can control who comes into my home – no one is the answer. I can control where I go and when thus control the number of contacts I have however fleeting. Residents in care homes cannot do that therefore they need all the protection they can get. I have no doubt I shall get my jab in due course

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    1. I think it was obvious that the agreed media ‘narrative for today (2, Feb) was to attack the SG on the vaccination rates. Look at the similarity in the headlines of almost all the papers and, Good Morning Scotland had an interview with Professor Leitch where he was interrupted frequently to repeat ‘the worryingly vaccination rate.’ Eventually, Professor Leitch, showing remarkable restraint, pointed out that vaccination rates were only one of a number of data that could be used and instanced the markedly lower infection rates and death rates as well as pointing out that the priorities for vaccination were different and could not readily be explained. He also condemned pretty emphatically this characterisation of vaccination as a competition amongst the four countries.

      We have DRoss and his fellow British Nationalists in Scotland shouting about the ‘obsession with independence’, but ignoring the blatant propaganda of things like Mr Jack’s ‘offer of help’ and the fact that while most of us on this site want independence we know we are UK citizens and are entitled to an equitable share of UK resources, such as military personnel: they are OUR forces, too, we pay our taxse, etc.

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    2. Ayrshire and Arran letter informs 65 to 79 for this phase of vaccinations, which surprised me a little bit, but as I understand it, this broadens the scope of vaccinating sooner rather than later those with some sort of lung or breathing problem.


    3. My daughter informs me that one of her colleagues’ relatives – under 50 and no underlying conditions – has received the 1st dose of the vaccine and another has been called.

      Easy to reach 7m from 60m (ish) if you’re just stabbing willy-nilly.


      1. My daughter in England reports instances of people not in the current priority categories being given vaccinations at the end of the day to use up the excess doses in a vaccination centre.
        Not quite people being pulled in off the street, but any of the staff working in the building are offered them. How do they cope with recording these random vaccinations and will they then be listed for the second jag in a few weeks time? It sounds chaaotic and not at all well organised.

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        1. Suppose that’s reasonable if there’s a lot left. Does that mean a lot of people aren’t turning up?

          MY daughter said the people she’s talking about aren’t getting ‘leftovers’, they’ve been properly invited.

          Good point about how they’re recorded and how they can get their second dose. Surely they’ve got a plan… 🙂

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            With full respect do you really think EHNS has a proper thought out plan
            If by some miracle they do then such will be up to the Standards of Dads Army
            World beating no doubt


  11. O/T

    You’re simply not going to get a coherent or meaningful Equalities Mechanism, from a government and legal Establishment that is intent on supporting misogyny by forcing Scots law to deny the legal significance of biology. As well as rejecting medical philosophy and bioethics. Fortunately, the world isn’t run by low-flying, parochial, authoritarians.

    Disability is Social, Political, and Linked to Epistemic Injustice: An Academic Exploration and Personal Reflection (Guest Post)


  12. BBC misreporting Scotland look at the most important evidence in front of them. The record clearly shows that if you spew out Unionist propaganda your career takes off. You get invited down Souf” to the big boys club or a nice posting such as America…they have to deal with those facts. Scotland or Me, Scotland or Me! Easy choice.

    In case anyone misses the carrot temptation then the stick message is also there. We all know that any “Reporter” who tries to even be neutral will disappear from our screen and be lucky to get a remote Radio slot
    ( hubby stays because he follows the Masters rules)

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  13. “London (CNN Business)UK economic output shrank by 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020, the worst quarterly slump on record, pushing the country into the deepest recession of any major global economy.

    This crash in GDP in the April-June period, compared with the first quarter, is the worst since quarterly records began in 1955. Industries most exposed to government lockdown measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic — services, production and construction — saw record drops.”


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