Their Offer is as good as their word ie a worthless afterthought

Care homes in England got a letter yesterday offering to vaccinate their residents and staff. The Telegraph seemed a bit confused as to what a vaccine rollout might look like, but they were just helping the UK Government out with that wording.

The timing of the letter was no accident.

On the 26th of January, NHS England had just failed to vaccinate all care home residents and staff by the 24th, as per their lettered promise on the 13th:

On the 26th, HSJ reported that they’d missed the target, presumably had to put Hancock off bragging about it and set a new one for the 31st.

Last Friday, 29th, they realise they’ve missed that target too. Hancock has a hissy fit at them and they send letters to all the care homes offering again to vaccinate when they had already offered to do so in their letter of the 13th.

Care home managers wave the letters like latter-day Chamberlains (jags in your own time) and the media do their bit to cover-up for them.

Not just the Tory press, Labour’s Guardian poodles behaved too:

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9 thoughts on “Their Offer is as good as their word ie a worthless afterthought

  1. Unbelievable (very believable)! I’ve read elsewhere about England using the Astrazeneca vaccine in care homes. The question arises as to why we’ve been using the Pfizer vaccine, which made it much slower to deliver?

    If the information about vaccine delivery to Scotland ever appears, I suspect it will be very informative …

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    1. My wife and I were vaccinated yesterday with the Pfizer vaccine. I note that around 2/3 of vaccinations in Scotland have been with this vaccine.

      By the way GMS was going on this morning, clearly, the ‘narrative’ of the unionist media is ‘Scotland is too slow.’

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  2. While the Telegraph and indeed PQ’s Wallace Lockhart continue to tout the Tory lie, at least the Grauniad is still attempting journalism

    FEW believe this twaddle from the #10 Spin Factory even in England, or at least that is the broad opinion left once all the deluded (and professionally deployed) jingo lot are discarded. Scotland’s presented position is believed true both sides of the Tweed, London’s is not.

    There is a real danger for the “opinion manipulators” here, the longer they continue this shock and awe media bombardment, the risk is anything they subsequently deploy meets a hostile and sceptical audience.
    Hell mend them.

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  3. Like every other topic – what is happening, and what you are told is happening – are strangers to each other.

    …in summary, we are too poor, to wee, and too stupid. The media will pad it out but that covers it….We need Westminstet to look after us.


    1. Julia

      What all have to consider is this
      When the UK feels threatened it has always
      Inplemented the following policies
      One only has to read the History particularly when at war or rebellion in the colonies
      And it basically runs along these lines
      1.There is a reduced inner and limited cabinet
      formed (when serious it will include Leader of the Opposition)
      2.Once convened a strategy is formulated for all internal and media communication
      3.Such a strategy and central to it is to seize the initative and totally set the forward agenda
      4.If so bloody serious sensitive matters ( in their eyes) are placed under The Official Secrets Act
      5.Matters are very closely monitored in order
      To gauge political and public reaction
      If required matters tweaked and adjusted to ensure objectives met
      6.M15& M16 always involved and if a serious threat they play a major role
      Put simply it quite simply seizing,creating and setting the narrative and a fine example of this is clearly demonstrated by the Offer of vaccines to English care homes Tis their card out of jail
      No doubt Scottish Indy is one of the most serious threats to the UK Ship of State being able to sail on
      Such explains the bloody obvious pattern clearly emerging from London now
      No doubt all points as in 1 -6 above are now fully operational regards Scotland
      But i remind them we are many and they few
      And we must Stand United or Divided we shall fall
      Make no mistake about this
      Know thy Foe


      1. Disown those who will not stand
        Do not engage
        Let them turn and flee
        And fill a traitors grave
        Anyway many are plants of the dark forces of state and their nefarious activities shall be negated if we do not rise to their bait
        Tis a clever salmon indeed that knows hidden beneath the fly is a hook
        Do not Rise
        Know thy Foe


  4. The IMPORTANT stuff–Scotland has a much lower infection and mortality rate than England–NEVER gets a mention.

    We now have a UK State government which lies for fun and a media which enables and amplifies the lies.

    Not quite a fascist State for “Boris-UK” just yet, but getting there!

    The BEEB, Torygraf, Times, Daily Heil, Suppress–all practicing their sycophancy and blinkered vision daily.

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  5. Thank you for shining a light on this awful, cowardly incompetence and cover-up. The journey toward fascism continues 😦

    “Care home managers wave the letters like latter-day Chamberlains” – great!


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