BREAKING: Scotland IS falling behind England

Here’s the thing. On the rollout to those not living in care homes, Scotland is behind England.

Why? As readers know, we followed the JCVI advice and spent much of our energy getting the difficult task of vaccinating the most vulnerable done. It’s 98% done. It will never be 100% done. Some residents cannot be done for health reasons. NHS England has sent another letter offering to get it done by the 15th February. They’re not done. Based on their record so far, they won’t be done then either.


When Scotland was putting in the effort to save lives in the care homes, NHS England at the behest of the Tories was putting all its efforts into getting the walking elderly through the mass vaccination centres, determined to beat the Europeans and, only really as an afterthought, show the Jocks what they can do.

BUT that’s not all. Scotland is behind England on other things too:

Covid infection levels:

Covid deaths:

Care home deaths:

Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK, according to new research. A study – co-ordinated from the University of Stirling’s Management School – found that care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland.

Hospital deaths:

Andrew Marr said in his interview with Nicola Sturgeon in November:

What about people dying in Scottish care homes? Again, we have gone back to the data and looking at a report by the University of Stirling – 47% of the deaths in Scotland were in care homes. That’s a lot, lot higher than in England where it was 30%. 

Leaving aside his obvious lack of understanding of what those figures actually mean there’s an obvious corollary –

53% of the deaths in Scotland were in hospitals. That’s a lot, lot lower than in England where it was 70%?

Hospital infections:

In the Daily Mail on the 20th January:

Thousands of ‘probable’ cases of Covid caught in hospitals in NHS England have been excluded from official figures.  Health officials calculating the rate of cases in hospital settings omitted instances where patients contracted coronavirus between seven and 14 days after admission – despite the fact the virus has an incubation period of up to six days in 95 per cent of cases. This practice goes directly against official advice to staff to categorised these cases as ‘hospital onset’ infections, and allowed NHS England to claim that its ‘nosocomial rates – referring to Covid patients infected in hospital – are down to as little as 7.7 per cent.

In NHS Scotland the most recent figures, for week-ending 27th December put the definite hospital onset figure at 1.9% and the probable rate at 0.4%.

So, the rate in England of hospital-acquired Covid infection is between 3 and 4 times higher even with these fiddled figures.

Back in October, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford put the rate at between 18% and 23%.

I contacted the researchers recently and asked for a more recent update. They said they would be updating but have not published anything newer.

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

I doubt we’ll ever catch up.

19 thoughts on “BREAKING: Scotland IS falling behind England

    1. “There’s worse to come”. Of course there is Terence. I’ve been warning about this for a long time. The brainwashing, because that is what it is, has been going on for centuries, but later this year, in the run-up to the second Scottish Independence Referendum, it will reach a crescendo, orchestrated by the British State, and promoted by a compliant M.S.M ,led by their cheerleader, the B.B.C.

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  1. We are on a War footing as regards information. The BritNat nationalists will love that analogy.
    This is the Battle of Britain propaganda. How many German planes were shot down today. Look how better we are doing.

    The American, South African, Polish, New Zealand, Australian, etc pilots less publicised

    Headlines, headlines, headlines…but no truth.

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  2. Actually it’s bollocks. 12 million vaccines for England, 6 million carried out( if that figure can be believed) 50% of vaccines used. Scotland has reputedly received 1 million, 575,000 vaccines given. 50 % of vaccines used. SNP posted this morning the number of vaccines carried out.
    I’m guessing the FM is allowing jackanory, dross and the media to hang themselves.

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  3. Someone on here saw the Scottish approach as sniper fire compared to the scatter gun approach deployed down south. I think this is an excellent analogy. Our approach is optimal, targeted on those most at risk of dying. The English approach is sub optimal in terms of saving lives. This should become apparent in the near future, but It will never be reported.

    Add in the fact that the more of the difficult Pfizer vaccine is being used here and it becomes clear an astonishingly good job is being done in Scotland.

    The media are saying the snipers have failed because they have used less bullets.

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      Twas I that used the analogy of Sniper/Scatter gun approach
      And fret not because it is never what is up on the scoreboard as the game goes on that matters
      But the result that only matters
      Then the Bookie has to open his wallet to pay out the Sniper with the high velocity and accurate weapon to win against this virus
      You can compare this to War
      And it matters not how many of its battles you lose
      Tis the last one you bloody well MUST win
      And it is the most clever of warriors who thereafter has merely to place their hand upon the sword and win the next one
      And Nicola is indeed a very clever and smart warrior For whom Boris is no match


  4. Fret not
    They have been all too willing to politcise
    This virus and mould to their needs
    Well once Hollyrood election kicks off
    They will soon learn that only fools in glasshouses throw stones
    And all because many a pane of glass shall fall upon them
    Not only but pieces of considerable size,force of impact and deadly sharpness
    Such will come in the form of their seriously
    Case Numbers
    Then add
    Serious impact going Fwd for EHNS
    and Long Covid both economically and health wise
    Remember that once the campaign begins
    They have to abide by the rules
    Something they forgot as they were Trashing Corbyn then T.May stupidly called a election
    Thereby allowing Corbyn to fully get his policies across
    And he came so close to winning
    But London seems to forget such matters and do so entirely at their Peril if they continue along their current attack fronts
    They may able to control all The Media
    But not so with the Electoral Commission
    Who will bring to heel the combatants who breach the rules


  5. Kenny Macaskill on Politics Live at moment gave a wooly answer to why Scotland are behind on vaccines
    Screenshot showing England 17.8%, Wales 16.1%, NI 14.8%, Scotland 12.7%.
    I was shouting at him to tell them the truth.

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  6. Office for National Statistics (ONS)@ONS
    The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 22 January 2021 (Week 3) was 18,676.

    This was
    ▪️ 634 higher than Week 2
    5,460 higher than the five-year average for Week 3

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)@ONS
    Replying to
    Of the 18,676 deaths registered in Week 3, 8,422 mentioned #COVID19 on the death certificate (45.1% of all deaths).

    This has risen by 1,177 #COVID19 deaths since the previous week

    Of the 8,422 deaths involving #COVID19, 90.1% had this recorded as the underlying cause of death.

    Of the 5,696 deaths involving influenza and pneumonia, 5.8% had these as the underlying cause

    Of deaths involving #COVID19 registered in 2020 and up to Week 3, 71,309 deaths (69%) occurred in hospitals. The remainder mainly occurred in

    care homes (24,709)
    private homes (5,188)
    hospices (1,419)


  7. Technically speaking, the manipulation and distortion of scientific reality with the aim of subordinating a cultural minority, is referred to as “scientific racism”. Which was the principle weapon of the old-skool colonialists seeking to steel land an resources of those considered sub-human (see GERS).

    Colonial Possession, Postcolonialism and Whiteness Studies


  8. “Tremendous news today that we have vaccinated 98% of residents & 88% of staff in #carehomes. Immense thanks to all #vaccination colleagues involved in protecting those most at risk of death from #Covid19 as a 1st priority.”



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