Sweeping England’s dead under a media carpet

And we’re OFF!

Remember a few weeks ago when Marr was accusing Nicola Sturgeon of overseeing a higher death than England, based on the only four weeks in the whole year when it was and ignoring the facts that it was much lower as he spoke and had been much lower over the whole year?

When it comes to comparisons with the rest of the world, England is replaced with the UK or Britain, to make the rest of us feel included perhaps and to hide England’s shame because Britain doesn’t have the highest death rate in Britain:


Regular readers will know this is the preferred approach across the MSM, to have, for example, Scottish drug deaths but UK Covid deaths.

Subtle but effective. Try asking your BBC-watching, Telegraph or Daily Mail reader about the Covid death rate in Scotland.

23 thoughts on “Sweeping England’s dead under a media carpet

  1. It is England’s Tories who are hiding behind UK figures because they alone are responsible for health in England.
    Their incompetence and complete failure to control the outbreak in England has left them totally dependent on an effective vaccine,hence their desperation to gazump the EU in obtaining supplies.
    Right wing administrations,globally,appear to have been unsuccessful in containing the pandemic.
    Lessons to be learned.

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      1. Ironic that one one these subjects popped up on my radar in the last few days.
        The case being brought on this PPE etc contracts fiasco is at risk of bearing million pound costs because of HMG’s obstructionism, hence may be forced to abandon it.
        What a farce when a corrupt government can pass out highly suspect multi-million pound contracts to pals of the party, then drive up the cost of taking the matter before the Law for examination.

        I’ve little faith left in petitions making any difference these days but we have to try….

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  2. Sweeping it under the carpet, indeed.

    See new Tweets Conversation rachel harger@rachelharger

    “My client, a victim of torture, having fled the civil war in Darfur is not being ‘accommodated’ – he is being detained in a military camp, in ear shot of regular gun fire from MoD firing range, trapped with 400 other ppl, at least 120 of whom have covid, and no proper healthcare.”

    Fionna O’Leary, 🕯Flag of European Union@fascinatorfun
    “Dormitories of up to 28 people, shared bathrooms w/ at least 14. No possibility of isolating those with covid. Those who don’t have it are trapped with those who do, waiting to catch it. One nurse for all ‘residents’ “

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  3. Sweeping it under the carpet.
    Dr Mark Porter@drmarkporter
    · 30 Jan
    “Reports coming in of Covid in care homes and healthcare workers after first dose of vaccine but unclear how long after vaccine was given. It would be great to see some official data on this.”

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  4. Sweeping it under the carpet.

    Still an undercount

    ONS stats authority deaths by date of death= 107,907 to 15/1/21 – see screen shot left)


    13,330 deaths by date of death (28 day cut off) 16/1/21 – 28/1/21.

    Still a lot of deaths to be notified.

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  5. Sweeping under the carpet
    Oh Yeah
    But as always here is the Bump that doth bulge from below and in plain sight
    England has 2nd highest death rate in the World, but if you include the small populated
    Of San Marino and Gibraltar which are statistical anomalies due to a very small populace,then England 4th but if somehow if you could get to the actual real Number of deaths for England then they would be very very close to having 1st place and having that crown of thorns firmly placed upon their skull
    By the way Scotland is 23 rd in the world
    But when it comes to number of cases
    England is joint 19th
    Scotland is 59th

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  6. Did you notice Marr suggesting to the Irish PM that Brexit Britain could be in a position to send Covid doses to poor Ireland who are sadly so far behind on inoculations due to being a member of the EU…not his exact words but the intent was quite clear…Brexit save us!

    More like Brexit Boris as the car driver who knocks you down then rushes back with a first aid kit and demands your gratitude for being the first on scene.

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    1. Julia
      Do you honestly believe Boris would rush back to you with a 1st aid kit
      No methinks more likely to put car into reverse and full throttle with a gleeful smile upon his face as he ran back over you
      Do not ever under estimate the ruthlessness
      Of this man

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  7. When is someone going to tell England they could have saved over 30,000 lives if they had matched Scotland. That’s just using yesterdays 28 day tested figure (30th Jan), in reality it is probably higher but I don’t trust other ways of measurement to be accurate (or not fiddled with).

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  8. Sweeping and spreading..

    Dr Duncan Robertson@Dr_D_Robertson
    “Where does the group 1-4 discussion come from?
    The JCVI group 1-9 as phase 1 priority groups.”

    *Politicians* put in an arbitrary sub-phase of groups 1-4.

    “JCVI have been tasked with minimizing deaths. Politicians need to be explicit that changing phases will mean more deaths.”
    Quote Tweet
    Paul Brand@PaulBrandITV· 4h
    “It would take just a couple of days to get our teachers vaccinated”, says Labour’s @RachelReevesMP, calling on JCVI to look at prioritising them once groups 1-4 are completed. #Marr


  9. Why elderly need to be prioritised for #COVIDVaccination

    Data showing how many people you need to vaccinate to prevent ONE death:

    20 residents in care home
    160 over 80’s
    600 over 70’s
    2000 over 60’s
    8000 over 50’s


    1. Precisely @sam, and this needs hammered home time and again against those who want to turn this into a farce for political advantage.

      The JCVI were tasked with saving lives, not political careers, which makes the JCVI position farcical were it not so serious.
      Having to solve a crisis which exploded in England by dint of decisions taken by those obsessed with saving their own party political arses is circular.

      When even in this early post vaccination stage Scotland still has 60 deaths compared to 1089 in England, whose interpretation of the JCVI guidelines is failing whom ?

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    2. Sam,
      Sorry about the delay in asking this, but what is the source of your death prevention statistics? My reason for asking is that I’ve just heard John Beattie interviewing John Swinney on BBC Drivetime and making assertions about Scotland being significantly behind England in rolling out the vaccination programme. JS pointed out that we’ve taken the advice of the scientists to prioritise Care Home residents and staff and frontline NHS healthcare staff, but JB didn’t get it. Maybe as a CA he needs to see numbers to get it and I want to write to him at Drivetime to show him your stats to underline that the Scottish vaccine roll-out is clearly the best option to minimise deaths and prevent the NHS being overwhelmed with avoidable Covid cases. As a CA I’m sure he won’t believe them without a checkable source.



  10. Scotland has now vaccinated 96% of elderly care home residents, and 85% of staff in those homes. It’s also exceeded its initial target for health workers.

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  11. Sweeping to be endorsed.
    Brexitshambles tweets.

    “Johnson preparing to announce Paul Dacre as chair of Ofcom akin to making Harold Shipman chair of Age UK.”

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  12. More sweeping, but noton death.

    “The idiot Johnson, however, blames blames seafood exporters for “not filling in the right forms”, thus demonstrating his usual ignorance of how the EU regulatory system works.

    He also links the crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic shutting restaurants across the Channel. “Unfortunately, the demand in restaurants on the Continent for UK fish has not been what it was before the pandemic”, the buffoon says.

    A spokesman then adds: “We continue to extensively engage and work closely with representatives of the industry from across the UK, and the authorities in EU member states, to understand and address any issues with documentation”, thus completing the circle of ignorance and indifference.

    Not anywhere in the media does one get any sense of how badly the government has failed – or why – and the calls for “pragmatism” by trade associations verges on the absurd.

    Not only will EU member states continue to implement well establish[ed] controls (which they must do without discrimination, under WTO rules), when the revised regulation comes into force, UK fisheries product traders will face a far tougher regime.

    Interestingly, Rod McKenzie, managing director of policy at the Road Haulage Association, says that the “chaos” seen at UK ports due to Brexit – where the situation at Dover and other ports is “deteriorating” – would top the news agenda in any other year.

    But, given the almost complete inability of the British media to report the issues in any depth, one wonders whether more intense coverage would make any difference, other than spread the veneer of ignorance somewhat thinner.”

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