Covid Update for Age 15+

BBC Scotland and the Herald keeping you up-to-date if not that informed.

994? Is that bad, better? 60 deaths is clearly terrible but how much?

Well, put your thinking cap on:

994 is 161 down from the previous day and 1 655 down from the peak of 2 649 on the 7th of January. The 7 day average is down for the 22nd day in a row.

60 deaths can never be good but it is the first fall, after a day when registration offices were open, since January 12th.

142 were in intensive care, down 2 and down for the 9th day in a row, from 161 on the 21st January.

1 952 people are in hospital with recently confirmed COVID-19, down 6 and down for the 8th day in a row, from 2 053 on the 22nd.

Across the UK, there have been 1 200 deaths and 23 275 new cases. Figures for England alone are not obvious. The UK has 12.5 times the population of Scotland but today had 20 times the deaths and 23 times the new cases.

36 thoughts on “Covid Update for Age 15+

  1. John
    You can retrieve the data for England
    From UK.Gov Daily corona
    But such is not always simple and straight forward
    None the less here is the data
    New cases. 21089
    New deaths 1098
    ICU 3506 i.e . 79 less from previous day
    In hospital 29359 i.e.974 less from previous days
    Please not it took me 22 mins to extrapolate
    This info
    Whilst from site such only takes 2- 3 mind
    Note many times those for England in ICU and Hospital many times will yield the exact same numbers for days in a row
    Finally remember the higher the daily death no.shall reduce ICU and Hospital nos.


    1. Updated charts for today’s data. Scotland’s cases per million is 49.0% of England’s today, while their deaths per million is 56.4%. It’s as much a case of England’s numbers falling, because Scotland’s is already quite low.

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    1. No, it’s a great resource.

      However, when calling-out the mis-reporting of a state broadcaster, is it not more powerful – and candidly, more ‘enjoyable’ – when one expose the mis-reporting through direct reference to that same state’s own published data!

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  2. Perhaps a bit OT, but I think folk could do a lot worse than checking out “SOCIAL DIALOGUE, SKILLS AND COVID-19”. Which is a collaborative publication between the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Global Deal Support Unit.

    It “illustrates the importance of social dialogue in managing the consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as the benefits of involving social partners in adult-learning systems to prepare for the future of work”. It also highlights how covid-19 has intensified “pre-existing weaknesses in world economies”, resulting in “disproportionate negative impacts on low-wage workers, workers who are already facing much insecurity, women, young people, informal workers and on vulnerable groups in our society”.

    You can find an open-access source on theglobaldeal(dot)com.


      1. I’ll save you more bother and point you towards “Cognition and Consensus in the Natural Law Tradition and in Neuroscience: Jacques Maritain and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. You’ll find an open-access source on core(dot)ac(dot)uk, though, unfortunately, I can’t do your learning for you.


  3. Coved-19 has been a dreadful scourge on the old and vunerable and it certainly isn’t over yet.
    There are times in human history when information to the public should be limited–this is NOT one of those times. It is essential that people have the best, and the widest promulgation of the facts about the virus we can have.
    Scotland is badly served by the media that operates here. It serves its own, not the public, interest. It regards knowledge as power–power to control, not inform–power to serve ulterior interests, not the wider society we all inhabit.

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  4. We shouldn’t have to be sharing links and compiled data.

    The BBC have a DUTY to provide the data in a manner which is clear and balanced….instead we have manipulation and spin to create fear and apprehension in the minds of the Scottish public.

    This isn’t public service broadcasting. It is propaganda. If not illegal it certainly compromises their license obligation.

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  5. Callachan and Lamont
    Care to show me why I’m wrong, or do you simply expect me to subordinate my legal insight to your very apparent ignorance of the law?


    1. Cameron , quoting book titles , law papers , academic writings on here every day sometimes repeatedly and then suggesting they will help people
      Do you think people go off and search for them and read them as you suggest ?
      I don’t
      People are here to discuss their views
      Sorry Cameron
      You did the same on WOS same result

      Why don’t you just tell people what YOU think ? about Scottish independence about Boris Johnston about Nicola sturgeon , Alex Salmond , about covid19 and how it’s affecting people where you live.
      That’s what everyone else does Cameron , they say what they think about the news items of the day.

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  6. Callachan and Lamont
    In the interest of fairness lads, I should probably point you towards a “Review of: Jurisprudence of Liberty (2nd ed)”. Which you can get open-access to at the Australian Legal Information Institute.

    “When the first edition of Jurisprudence of Liberty1 was published in 1996, there was a dearth of good jurisprudence books, so its arrival was somewhat of a boon for legal theorists. Fifteen years later, there is still a dearth of good jurisprudence books, so the new edition of Jurisprudence of Liberty,2 two hundred pages longer and with eight more essays than its predecessor, is an even bigger treat for legal theorists.

    However, this compilation is not only a useful resource for those teaching, specialising, or doing higher research in legal theory, it is also a good introduction to those thinking of braving the turbulent, though invigorating, waters of legal theory for the first time.”


    1. Dearest CameronB does up your own a*** bring anything to mind. I would suggest that could reasonably be added to “SOCIAL DIALOGUE, SKILLS AND COVID-19”


    1. Callachan
      Are you for real? I’m trying to point folks towards a post-colonial approach to the law and legal practice, yet you appear determined to deny the value of a critical legal perspective. Away and have a brisk lie-down to yourself, then try some self-education. I recommend “Nature and Sources of Laws”, for starters. Which you can find an open access source at cbseacademic(dot)nic(dot)in.

      “Natural law in its new form is value-oriented and value conscious.
      It is neither permanent nor everlasting in character and it is relative, not absolute in nature. For instance, in modern times procedural as well as
      substantive laws have to be just, fair and reasonable.

      Generally, the ‘rule of law’ and ‘due process of law’ are considered as new incarnations of natural justice in the twentieth century. Rudolf Stammler (1856-1938), a German jurist, John Rawls (1921 – 2002), an American philosopher Kohler (1849 -1919), a German Jurist, and others, contributed to the revival of natural law in the twentieth century. The principles of natural law have also been inspired by the emergence of the modern philosophy of human rights.”


      1. I just skip past your posts because they most often relate to nothing being discussed and if they do, are very technical, Ok if you have time, energy and the patience to scour it all. Most if us just don’t.
        If you could please post comments with your own clear views relating to specific matters being discussed, and with regard to independence, and any info you wish to share, in laypersons terms, it’s not too much to ask, otherwise it comes across as verbal doo doo.

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  7. Apologies for being a bit rude there, but I’ve just lost patients with the narrow minded intransigence of some, who clearly don’t have it in them to help themselves. Or others.

    I’ve not been called on to assess the validity of law for almost three decades, so I think you’re being a a bit unrealistic if you expect me to outline the fabric of the law in my own words. Especially in a btl comment. I appreciate legal theory might be intimidating, but I was able to comprehend this stuff shortly after sustaining a serious brain injury. So perhaps it is more your lack of self-confidence that is the problem. I’m not expecting to folks to turn themselves into competent legal scientists, but I just wish I wasn’t having to struggle so much to punt an ethical approach to the law and legal practice.


  8. P.S. I’m not a diddy but I’m certainly no ‘Brain of Britain’. Appreciating Natural law jurisprudence isn’t that difficult, so those with an interest in defending their human rights could do worse than at least checking out “A Normative Theory of International Law Based on New Natural Law Theory”. You can find an open-source at core(dot)ac(dot)uk.


  9. As @premieruk outlined in the first post, the numbers are there if you seek out the data and extract them, I usually wait for it to appear on travellingtabby.
    What is obvious from visiting the BBC’s UK, England and London sites is what is NOT there, no mention of numbers let alone context, England’s 1098 dead don’t rate a mention.
    There is no equivalent to what PQ are putting out from what I could see, not even the worst London borough positive test stats (Islington ?) I’d accessed previously to compare with “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” worst for North Lanarkshire were available, but PQ are still blaring the latter.

    So there are two propaganda strategies in play at BBC, disconnect Scots from context (their own or relative to elsewhere), and keep England in the dark.
    This latter aspect created the chaos England finds itself in, yet they continue with that strategy ? I’m baffled what motivates a government to kill and maim it’s own.

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    1. My apologies, the second last para should have read-
      “There is no equivalent to what PQ are putting out from what I could see, not even the worst London borough positive test stats (Islington ?) I’d accessed previously to compare with “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” worst for North Lanarkshire were NO LONGER available, but PQ are still blaring the latter.”


  10. Cultural differences?

    “To date, it has not been possible to examine how countries around the world respond to the same collective threat happening simultaneously. The COVID-19 pandemic provides a natural context to test whether differences in cultural tightness–looseness are related to collective outcomes during a global threat. Our analyses are based on the premise that this pandemic is a global threat, which requires large-scale cooperation and coordination to be addressed. Earlier research suggests that tight cultures might be better able to respond to a global pandemic than loose cultures because they might be more willing to abide by cooperative norms. Loose cultures, which have more permissive norms, might have more difficulty following rules. Here we predict that cultural tightness–looseness will explain variation in cases and deaths during COVID-19. Beyond advancing theory on how social norms help societies respond to collective threat, this research holds important practical implications that might help societies deal with later waves of COVID-19 and future threats more generally.”


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