From the SNP Media Unit:

The SNP has said independence is the only way to regain the full benefits of Scotland’s EU membership – as UK consumers and businesses are hit with more charges as a result of Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal.

Mastercard has said it will increase fees more than fivefold, when UK shoppers and businesses use a debit or credit card to buy from EU-based companies. The ‘interchange fee’ is capped by the EU for Member States but the cap no longer applies to the UK following Brexit – leading to higher costs for UK consumers. Mastercard has said it will increase the charge for online credit card payments from 0.3% to 1.5%, and increase the fee for debit cards from 0.2% to 1.15%.

It follows the news that UK shoppers are also being hit with huge charges for VAT, customs duties and delivery when buying from EU countries. Previously products could move freely between the UK and other EU member states. Now, Tory Brexit rules mean UK customers are being charged import VAT of 20%, customs duties of up to 25%, and new Brexit courier ‘handling fees’ for deliveries – with Royal Mail charging £8, DHL charging 2.5% or a minimum of £11, and TNT adding £4.31 to all shipments. The BBC reported one customer buying a jacket at £200 had to pay £82 in extra fees from courier UPS.

Commenting, SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit deal has been a disaster for the UK. With every day that goes by, we are seeing mounting costs, red tape and long-term damage to our economy.

“These reports show UK consumers and businesses will be hit hard by huge charges when they make purchases, which could include everyday products, flights, hotels, car rentals and other transactions that could leave millions of people in the UK worse off.

“Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit but we are being made to pay a devastating price against our will. This Tory Brexit deal must be the worst trade deal in history – imposing new barriers to trade, added costs and bureaucracy for people and businesses across the UK.

“The only way to protect Scotland’s place in Europe and regain the full benefits of EU membership is to become an independent country. People in Scotland have the right to determine our own future and it is essential that choice is ours to make.”


‘Mastercard to increase fees for UK purchases from EU’ –

‘Brexit: I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat’ –

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  1. I see no reason why Scotland couldn’t right now be in the EEA single market e.g. through EFTA.
    If it is good enough for one part of the UK then it should apply to all other parts that so wish.
    I am pretty sure it was reported that during negotiations with the EU,London insisted that Scotland was not to be allowed the same deal as NI.
    We clearly have stuff that London values but will only find out what and how much during post independence negotiations.

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    1. “.. London insisted that Scotland was not to be allowed the same deal as NI”

      And post-Brexit, Gove and the Tories now say Northern Ireland is getting the ‘best of both worlds’ with the terms of access its businesses have to both EU and UK markets.

      Back in 2013/14, Prime Minister Cameron and others in ‘Project Fear’ told us that its was Scotland within the UK that had the ‘best of both worlds’! So presumably this is no longer be true: it is NI now that enjoys this ‘best of both worlds’ status, not Scotland.

      Recall in 2016, the same Tory PM and his government published a document entitled: “The best of both worlds: the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union”. Scotland’s (and NI’s) electorate agreed with PM Cameron about EU membership and voted ‘remain’ in order to retain this ‘best of both worlds’ status. But again Scotland didn’t get this favourable status.

      ‘Best of both worlds’ is a much used phrase in Westminster politics: much used but illusory!

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  2. The Sunny Uplands of Brexit!
    Big bucks for the Chumocracy–Greased Moggy and friends.
    Economic pain, despondency and unemployment for the rest.

    It’s the Tory Way.

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  3. We in Scotland are up against enemies on two fronts

    England’s Westminster making decisions that England wants and voted for even if Scotland votes against..brexit a perfect but not singular example

    The I’m alright Jack wealthy people in Scotland who vote for the Westminster tories these people want to keep what they have they think that rejecting change is the way to do that so they continually vote against every proposal for change even if it’s for things that will help the less well off and have no impact on the wealthy

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  4. Brexit problems, is this a goid apreasin for

    Delay The Holyrood elections so that voters feel the pain of Brexit.

    Heard on Radio 4 that Brexit Damage won’t be felt till after the first six months


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