15 minutes wasted in trip to stationery cupboard leads to GMB call for Health Secretary to resign

Caitlin Hutchison of the Herald has turned the switch from blue to white envelopes into a delay in the vaccine rollout:

White envelopes will be used for the first tranche of coronavirus appointments for those aged 70-79 because blue ones were not ready in time, the Scottish Government has announced.

OMG Caitlinn! How long do you think it took to go and get the white envelopes from the stationery cupboard. Did the GMB porters refuse to do the job without full consultation?

Caitlin likes a bit of hyperbole. See this back in October:

For her, three is quite enough for a multiple.

A BBC job beckons.

22 thoughts on “15 minutes wasted in trip to stationery cupboard leads to GMB call for Health Secretary to resign

  1. Surely the envelopes should be in North Brit Gordo Von Broon’s “patriotic” red, white and blue.

    British envelopes for British jags for the “English” vaccine.
    Funny how they dont refer to the “English” variant?

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  2. The general media plan is to demand minute detail of every step i.e. “What colour envelopes will you use”, ” what percentage of care homes will be done by 3p.m. Tuesday”, “What company will send out the NHS letters”, “why are pensioners who refuse the vaccine having to beg now”

    The questions are not asked for today. They are for a future trawl. They will come back a week later to demand why the FM stated issue A would be 63.7% by 4p.m. on Tuesday the 15th. and it is only 62.9% you FAILED AGAIN. Of course any success will be ignored completely.

    The media are not asking questions for US. The are not working to ensure we are informed. Their only mission is to find or create a negative story.

    They are acting under their Masters direction. Keep reminding the Scots that they are too poor, too stupid and too small to cope with ANY issue.

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    1. “The media are not asking questions for US. The are not working to ensure we are informed. Their only mission is to find or create a negative story.” – Agreed, and it will only ramp up to ludicrous mode as the Holyrood elections get closer and the multiple fups of Brexit pile up.

      Was a bit miffed this morning to read the National fall into line with the #10/HMS Sarah Smith Vaccine Olympics line of age/area/vaccinate, rather than as travellingtabby has done in accordance with the JCVI targets.
      Granted that they emphasised SG are fully deploying the JCVI targeted strategy, but was it really so difficult to carry that through as I’m fairly sure the data will be since SG will be monitoring it ?
      Having already seen DRoss and the Baronless attempt to milk the allocated versus vaccine supplied issue (Thank you STV and Colin Mackay for defusing) and HMG have a “hissy fit” over publishing supply data, I’d be very suspicious of what these bar-stewards will do next, particularly given the furore over vaccine diversion north to south in England.

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      1. BL. My hunch was Wastemonster demanded the Scot Gov. Pull their vaccine supply plan to enable the attacks on vaccination rate.

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  3. Just received my blue/white envelope in the post inviting me to get vaccinated in 10 days time.
    Quick enough for me and I don’t really care what colour the vaccine is so long as it isn’t red white and blue.

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    1. Heard Prof. Jason Leitch on GMS just after 8.30am say that they are waiting for the post office to supply the envelopes.

      Given the coordinated furore on the colour of the envelopes, I’m suspicious that someone thought it would be a good idea to delay their arrival.
      Paranoid or what?

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      1. Alex
        And the way things are going and always been so re covid and ambulances
        Paricularly to transfer from overcrowded hospitals are concerned
        Then it very much so that England Will indeed need Scottish aid and help
        So my Dear Mr.Hancock
        I strongly advice you to as of now to chose your words with the utmost of care
        Otherwise ye shall discover as you throw them around that indeed they are a boomerang that shall return and visit upon you
        Hopefully with full force upon your face and in particular upon your lips and wagging tongue

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  4. Given I appear to be running out of platforms to share a professional insight into the theory and practice of de-colonisation, I’m wary of trying to inform the debate with facts and stuff. Though those with an interest in defending their human rights from a reactionary and authoritarian state, could do worse than checking out “JOHN LOCKE AND THE NATURAL LAW Yesterday and today: a critical analysis”. Which point towards how to support distributive justice.


  5. Those pesky GMB porters. We know how to deal with that sort of thing.



    ydoan o
    yunnuhstand dem
    yguduh ged

    yunnuhstan dem doidee
    yguduh ged riduh
    ydoan o nudn

    LISN bud LISN


    lidl yelluh bas
    tuds weer goin



  6. My feelings and thoughts on the media are not printable but my goodness how depth plummeting is a debate about white / blue envelopes?

    Incidentally there is an e-mail going around , looks like NHS Scotland but ain’t – inviting one to be vaccinated . Filled in the form online until the last page asking for bank details . Re checked the e-mail and after the NHS bit is ‘info@bricksmusicsalon.com’ – strangely I did not proceed.

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      1. I tried to alert the SNHS but the website was down for maintenance. I decided to forward it to Jeane Freeman in the hope she would pass it to the relevant folk.

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  7. By the way England failed to meet its target of vaccinating all care home residents by yesterday 24th Jan. I think the target is now and of this week.

    Don’t know why I am telling you this because it will be all over the news tonight…won’t it?

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  8. Securing sufficient vaccine supply to meet targets for giving first doses of a Covid vaccine to priority groups is clearly very important. Any failures – however small – to meet targets in Scotland will be exploited to the hilt by the corporate media and BBC Scotland as we know.

    However, my bigger concern looking ahead is over which ‘intermediaries’ in the UK supply chain NHS Scotland/the SG may have to depend on in order to have enough vaccine in Scotland to meet the second dose timetable. What scope for mischief in the lead up to the May elections?

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    1. Mr Hancock said today that vaccine supplies are becoming tight. Not the first time he has hinted at supply problems.

      Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca have had production problems right from the start. Both cut the projected number of doses they expected to supply by the end of 2020.

      Pfizer has recently said they would be reducing the number of doses they would be supplying over the next few weeks because they were going to upgrade the facilities at their plant in Belgium in order to increase production. AstraZeneca was/is producing their vaccine in the Netherlands although it is planned to move production to the UK .

      Now AstraZeneca it is going to halve the doses they had promised to supply to the EU as soon as the vaccine is approved later this week. See

      None of this bodes well for the vaccination programme in the UK.

      Ongoing production difficulties do not bode well either if the vaccine has to be ‘tweaked’ to deal with the new variants.

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