Two health union reps, NO wait just one and no evidence whatsoever, but headlined by Reporting Scotland

Reporting Scotland this evening:

The growing impact of the pandemic in health care staff has been highlighted by organisations representing Scottish nurses and doctors. The Royal College of Nursing says more and more of its members want to leave the profession and the British Medical Association says doctors are ‘stretched to the limit.’

David Cowan then interviewed two funeral directors outside the ‘vast hole‘ that is the Louisa Jordan Hospital.

‘Hole?’ ‘Hole?’ Space? Arena? Hole?

So how was ‘the impact, highlighted?’ Well, the BMA guy didn’t appear at all and one RCN rep just told us.

We’re worried about the long-term impact on nurses physical and mental well-being. There are (sic) emerging evidence that staff may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as we go forward (?) and the impact of that will be that, em, nurses will leave.

So, not even an unreliable self-reporting survey with less than 1% of al nurses, this time? Just what Nurse McKenna and some colleagues in the union want us to think. No evidence at all of any impact.

What about the BMA, the doctors trade union? No sign of Dr Buist, the ‘chair’. Did the funeral directors fill in for him? I think I know why he wasn’t available. Too red-faced after this went viral (sic) recently?

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11 thoughts on “Two health union reps, NO wait just one and no evidence whatsoever, but headlined by Reporting Scotland

  1. I saw an article about possible PTDS among medical staff, but can’t find it now. I would imagine that the SNHS and the ScotGov are aware of this and would take it into account and provide support etc. Keeping staff healthy and able to work is of course crucial, why would any government with a sense of responsibility not want to do that, unless they want to privatise the NHS that is, and we all know whose intentions fit that bill!

    I doubt staff would ‘leave’ in their droves, much to BBC’s disappointment, but more likely they could end up off work on long term sick, if PTSD is diagnosed. BBC just love telling us all that Scotland’s NHS is crumbling, all to suit their BritNat agenda, but it’s the UK that is crumbling, the last days of empire, and independence for Scotland can’t come soon enough.
    The people of Scotland must surely be suffering from serious PTSD due to the incessant BritNat lies, incessant Scottish cringe and BritNat undermining the peoples’ choice of government. BritNat gas lighting is enough to drive anyone insane, but we are keeping the heid and standing with each other via excellent blogs like this one, to counter their attack on Scotland and Scotland’s democracy.
    Thanks everyone.

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    1. There have been various articles and research papers about PTSD in medical and nursing staff during this pandemic. They range from a wuhan to Boston and all points in between. The Guardian is a useful place to look for more general articles on the subject


  2. I have a cousin, who’s auntie has a neighbour who met a friend of a nurse who said she heard on a bus that Scotland’s NHS is doing badly !

    Will the BBC be interested?

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  3. As noted, MisReporting Scotland’s carefully crafted opening “The growing impact of the pandemic in health care staff has been highlighted by organisations representing Scottish nurses and doctors” locates the impact where precisely ?
    I have no doubt Scotland’s NHS will have struggled in parts and PTSD may manifest, but this appears to be yet another politically instructed cover for burnout in PHE where personnel have been almost on a war footing for weeks if not months.
    The perfect storm of underfunding, Brexit increasing existing staff shortages, and a pandemic horrendously handled by HMG except media control, it would not surprise me in the slightest for staff to be considering career moves once this crisis is over.
    Scotland’s NHS staff have a simpler solution, they ignore the BBC.


  4. The RCN, like most unions, does not do academic quality opinion poll research. it does take account of membership responses over time and, of course, looks at the broader picture. The SG followed the UK gov in imposing a public sector pay cap up until 2018. Austerity meant decreasing block grants and allocations of money to all government except Tory controlled Councils.

    Nursing Times summarises the 2019 Audit Scotland report on the state of the NHS in Scotland.

    “The NHS in Scotland is “not financially sustainable” in its current form, with boards finding it hard to break even and increasingly relying on government loans and one-off savings, said the report.

    Workforce issues were among key challenges facing the health service with recruitment remaining “difficult” in 2017-18, while sickness and turnover rates increased, found the review…

    …Meanwhile, staff survey results showed less than half – 46% – said they could meet all conflicting demands on their time at work, while more than a third – 34% – reported there were not enough staff to do their job properly.”

    These will not be surveys of staff opinion by the RCN but by the Scottish NHS.

    “Crucially, performance dropped against all eight national targets between 2016-17 and 2017-18, with the biggest decline in the proportion of children and young people needing child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) seen within 18 weeks.”

    Audit Scotland had “long warned of growing pressures including the tough financial climate, increasing demand for services, recruitment difficulties and rising public and political expectations.

    “In the face of these pressures, a committed workforce has continued to work to deliver high-quality care,” stated the report…

    …Leaders play a crucial role in developing and delivering change. There is evidence that the NHS is struggling to recruit and retain the right people, and ensure they have the time and support they need,” said the report.

    Meanwhile, it said detailed workforce planning was “overdue” and said the government must work with NHS boards and integration authorities – which oversee primary, community and social care services – to develop a comprehensive approach that reflected future staffing requirements and costs.”

    It seems to me that the RCN representative is carrying out her function perfectly well and I cannot see any reason for criticism. Equally, Dr Buist, is carrying out his main function… as a GP. As a GP he is permitted by his contract a certain amount of time for his TU duties. He might be vaccinating people for all we know, rather thaan talking to the BBC. Dr Buist might not be the one with the red face….smiley thing

    Andrew Buist
    ·Jan 22
    “Covid19 vaccination is not a sprint, it’s a long-distance race – I believe our plan Flag of Scotland is good – we’ve upped our game this week on vaccinators and vaccine supply arrangements – let’s crack on and get Scotland protected.”



    But there is…if you look

    Click to access covid19-trauma-infographic.pdf

    “Research also finds nearly one in five nurses working in ICUs had thoughts of self-harm or suicide…

    …Nearly half of intensive care staff reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression or anxiety, according to research that led experts to say NHS workers are “suffering more than combat troops”.

    The findings, based on responses from 709 doctors, nurses and other clinical roles across six NHS hospitals in England, date from June and July 2020, after the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. About 45%reported symptoms consistent with a probable diagnosis of PTSD, severe depression and anxiety.”


  6. @sam the problem lies with the framing and context by BBC, not the sources.
    Whatever mitigations SG have put in place for SNHS, they can never hope to address the progressive and horrendous defunding by WM until they become independent.


  7. Bob, Yes I know. I don’t see why there is a need to criticise TU reps doing their jobs – in Dr Buist’s case being a GP and part time rep. It is a constant theme.


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