From the SNP Media Office:

Scottish Labour leadership hopefuls Monica Lennon and Anas Sarwar have been challenged by the SNP to uphold the suspension of nine disgraced councillors. 

After a shocking 40 months of inaction by the Labour leadership, the nine councillors were formally suspended from the party in October 2020 for propping up the Tories in a power-sharing deal on Aberdeen Council.

The group caused outrage by claiming “the Tories have done more to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities in Aberdeen than the SNP have ever done”.

Speaking last year, former leader Richard Leonard said: “it is disappointing that the nine councillors in three-and-a-half years have offered neither regret nor a resolution to avoid this decision.”

Now, SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central Kevin Stewart has called on the would-be Labour leaders to reaffirm their commitment to the suspension and rule out any future coalition agreements with the Tories.

Commenting, Mr Stewart said:

“These disgraced councillors have worked hand in hand with the Tories for years now.

“Scottish Labour might talk a good game when it comes to fighting Westminster austerity, but the party won’t be taken seriously if they open the door for councillors who have propped up a right-wing Tory administration to re-join the party.   

“If Monica Lennon and Anas Sarwar want to be seen as anything approaching credible candidates, then they must lead by example and make clear the suspension of these Tory supporting councillors will remain in place.

“Anything less is a clear admission that Scottish Labour are jumping back into bed with Boris Johnson’s Tories in a unionist pact.”


Richard Leonard on the suspension in October 2020:

“This sends out a clear message that serious rule breaches will result in serious repercussions.

“It is disappointing that the nine councillors in three-and-a-half years have offered neither regret nor a resolution to avoid this decision.”

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  1. I think the reality is that the bulk of the dwindling membership actually agrees with what the Aberdeen city councillors have done. Their prime directive is ‘oppose the SNP’.

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  2. The Westminster party in Scotland with it’s nominal sub branches Conservative,Labour and Liberal.
    Labour in Scotland long gave up on any pretence of looking after the interests of working people.
    It is now just a gravy train.

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  3. They have ruined the City. £1.2Billion in debt. The Muse scandal empty shops and offices. Cost £7Million in repayments every year for 30 years. £200million+. Refused a £80million gift to renovate the City Centre. Instead built an empty concrete mess. Instead of open spaces and pedestrianisation that people wanted.

    They spent £300million on a Conference Centre with six parking meters. It takes hours to exit. Spent £30million on an art gallery tier. It does not make much difference. One LibDem became an Independent on being elected to keep them in control. A two job Tory keeps them in power. On the Council and at Holyrood. Refuses to resign the Council seat along with a convicted molester.

    They are an absolute disgrace. Granted licences for pubs/tents spreading the covid virus. Instead of following the guidelines. It caused further lockdowns. Spent £Million cutting off the beach road causing traffic chaos. Then opened it again a month later. Wasted £Million of public money but always complaining they do not get enough.

    The SNP Gov funded the AWPR, the harbour extension, the wind turbines. Essential projects for the area. Some Fisher folk voted for Brexit and now want bailed out. They voted Tory and they have reneged again. Typical.


  4. The difference between Boris and Shir Keir?
    One owns a comb.– Identical policies.

    The difference between DRossy and Annie Starwars?
    Hutchie Grammar V Ag College.– Identical policies.

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  5. Let the voters of Aberdeen pass their verdict and punishment to them at the upcoming elections
    What a prospective leader of a rapidly dying and terminally ill London branch office thinks,says or does are of no relevance whatsoever
    Extinction awaits


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