Numbers add up to nothing son!

There’s a prize for naming that song, that singer but it’s just my undying admiration, Young man!

The Herald today:

A further 76 people have died from Covid-19 in Scotland. Daily figures released by the Scottish Government revealed the death toll has been pushed to 5,704.

Pushed to 5 704, eh? Sounds bad. It is bad but do you think we’ll ever recover from that? What’s the trend?

The Herald treating you like a Bairnwean again.

News for adults below:

The infection rate falls for the 16th day in a row and by nearly 1 000. The mortality rate is higher than it was a week ago. It will fall. I don’t know just when but it will. Pray for them or if you’re an atheist like me, just hope and hope hard. Actually, never mind hoping. Do something. Follow the rules. Tell waverers to stay with it. Destroy the virus with your iron will.

Hospital admissions are still creeping up though ICU numbers are flat. It’s not over by any means but they’re still below National capacity and the vaccination rare is accelerating now the care homes have been largely done.

The 7-day average for vaccinations should of course go up and not down like the others. You knew that.

Zo, the 7 day average for vaccinations, today, is 22 261, up from 10 244 a week ago. More than 100% up. Fantastic!

7 thoughts on “Numbers add up to nothing son!

  1. Powderfinger by Neil Young. (Or even by the Cowboy Junkies.) What’s the prize? A fortnight in Benidorm with Ruth Davidson?


  2. There is a lag from the time you first become infected until the symptoms appear, an incubation period while virus numbers increase.

    There is a lag from when symptoms first appear to the time the person MAY need hospitalised. Not everyone needs hospitalised.

    There is a lag between first being hospitalised and ending up in ICU. Not everyone ends up in ICU.

    There is a lag between going into ICU and dying. Not everyone who goes into ICU dies.

    At each point the lag time varies depending on the patient but average times can be estimated and range from days through weeks to months.

    Therefore decrease in numbers will lag behind any action that is taken to decrease infections therefore keep:
    washing your hands,
    wearing a mask
    two metres apart and
    reduce your contacts to an absolute minimum and that includes going into shops – those that are open.

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