Further thoughts on the SNP leadership

Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond
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By brobb

I find myself feeling umpteen contradictory thoughts on this issue. I was a strong supporter of Wings until the main focus of posts turned to trans issues and then an all out attack on NS/SNP despite the Westminster mess and opps for dissecting what was going on there. I feel his relationship with AS has pushed him into taking sides regardless of circumstances and now wonder if this tendency to see black or white was always there

I always thought AS was a good politician well able to argue his points and moved us a long way in the indy direction. And, while I know he was found innocent of all charges against him, I’m old enough to be ambivalent about what constitutes sexual harassment – I think the timing following Harvey Weinstein and the Me Too movement forced the more zealous into pursuing the case unwisely here. It did feel like a stitch up and as we know mud tends to stick. He wasn’t the first to fall foul of the higher standards which seem to apply here (Mark McDonald seemed particularly unfairly treated) and it all seems so hard when you see what Westminster politicians are getting away with

I do admire NS, not just for her management of Covid but because her principled approach to governing for the whole country, not just yessers, has rightly earned her steady support and world wide acclaim. I don’t however think she is perfect and sometimes is hoist by her own lofty principles but she does seem like our best asset just now. To be honest I see what I would call a white lie (if it is that) about a meeting a very minor & very human error when trying to deal with a very tricky dilemma and balancing loyalty to her old friend and mentor with her feminist principles and new policy expectations. I know nothing off PMs role in this – he may well have disliked AS or wanted to protect NS but I can understand why folk find his emails distasteful.

I can comfortably accommodate all these contradictory opinions without losing sleep – it won’t affect how I vote or my desire for independence. I do agree with Julia though when she asks who has the most to gain from this rumbling on. I can’t help hoping the key figures here will find away to resolve this without destroying each other, the SNP and our chance of becoming independent – that would indeed be unforgiveable in my eyes. The press & the opposition parties will continue to push any angle of this story which might weaken the independence movement so it is up to the key figures to sort themselves out and stop allowing a rift (however genuine) to tear everything apart.

19 thoughts on “Further thoughts on the SNP leadership

  1. The tale of who said what , when and to who is tortuous but the essence of it is an orchestrated and complex vendetta against one man . The recent broadcast interview of Gordon Dangerfield ,Solicitor Advocate by Tommy Sheridan succinctly exposes the toxic heart of the matter which cannot be swept under the carpet . The people of Scotland deserve honesty. Let’s muck out the stable and get on with escaping from the deluded little Britons.

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  2. I’d agree with Derek: it’s not about the personalities, it’s about what sort of country we want to be part of. For me, one of the many reasons for wanting independence is so that we can escape the ingrained corruption at the heart of the British state: turning a blind eye to it here for ‘the greater good’ is not a viable course of action, and will poison the child before it is even born. It’s not about taking sides: and it’s not about small details and memory slips either. If it were just those, for instance, how would one account for the breaking of the FM’s promise to provide the enquiry with any and all material it asked for? Some of that stuff is/was absolutely crucial to the cases of AS/Craig Murray and to the enquiry. If there truly was nothing to hide, I don’t believe that info couldn’t be made available with suitable safeguards. Gordon Dangerfield promises his next blog, due out imminently, will suggest that nothing less than a behind-the-scenes coup has taken place. Given how forensic his dissection of the untruths told so far has been, I think his argument will be compelling.

    Similarly, I think it’s a mistake to characterise Wings as for or against AS or NS: he’s for independence, period. Yes, he’s brusque (to put it politely!) and takes no prisoners. but if he’s ‘against’ NS it’s for the reason that he sees her as not serving the interests of the cause, and he makes a compelling case as to why that is. In my view, those kind of doggedly non-aligned creator-destroyers are the very best friends to the revolution: it’s the ones that take sides who corrupt it once the war is won, and the likes of Wings end up on the gallows, or under the guillotine…

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    1. I take your points Ian and have followed up some of the suggested reading suggested in response to my original post. As Derek says it is a torturous trail of events and sometimes difficult to understand the legal processes. My only follow up is to express my personal opinion that there seems to be a danger of subjecting NS to the same witch hunt AS had to endure. Some may well think she deserves it and is up to her neck in the mire – I feel she deserves to be heard and to put her side of things up for examination.

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  3. Agree completely wi Derek and Ian, except we must recognise WIngs is invaluable to our cause, far too harsh in presentation for sure but fulfilling the role that mainstream journalism has utterly failed at in Scotland.

    This matter is far too important to wheesht for

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  4. I should say too that I don’t believe the resolution of this, even if it involves heads rolling (as I believe it should) will actually be a significant source of damage to the cause of independence, and not even of that much to the SNP (though the timing of it in relation to the Holyrood election may cause a particularly unfortunate blip in their results.) There are plenty of strong, capable candidates to take things forward if it comes to that, and being seen to deal strongly with the corruption will gain as much kudos as the exposure of its existence loses, especially as the main alternatives are seen as espousing exactly the same sort of corruption as pretty much their standard MO. Turning a blind eye to it, in the cause of the greater good, however, will erode trust and be damaging to the cause and the party in the longer term.

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  5. and Prof, whilst you’ve also provided invaluable reporting to counter our MSM BS, the recent sniping at Wings on Twitter is surely beneath you.

    Facts and evidence please

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  6. Had agreed with your perspective previously, although I’m dubious of bridges being mended between the two principals any time soon, not least because of forces determined to prevent it.
    Julia’s point on who has most to gain from disrupting SNP or Indy is key, at a time the UK government is exposed as corrupt, incompetent, and borderline homicidal, they grow desperate.
    Whereas I respect the many individuals whose opinions are X or Y being the dastardly mastermind behind the plot, off with his/her head, are we really so naive ?
    Those involved in the world of shadows and mirrors are expert at leaving a patsy with a pile of “evidence”, I doubt even the principals know the half of what has gone on and the public most certainly never will.
    So long as we are diverted from a show of absolute democratic strength at the next Holyrood election, the spooks will have won.
    We cannot let that happen.

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    1. Well said Bob!

      Scotland has to benefit from Sturgeon’s popularity. Removing her before this election only benefits Unionists.

      The circumstances that allowed our leader to demonstrate competence gain voter approval for her, the SNP and Independence don’t come round many times in a lifetime.

      We cannot allow malign forces to persuade us to squander this advantage!

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  7. Scotland desperately needs independence. If we allow this Alex vs Nicola to scupper it then we are doomed.
    The damage the WM Tories will do to our people and country will last for generations. Our NHS will be open to the private sector, all benefits we currently enjoy from SNP will be gone and poverty will ensue. Young people will have no future. Is that what you want?
    Please use your head and not your heart and make independence our main goal.
    After that is achieved then you can vote for whoever you want.

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  8. Spot on Prof. “Solidarity” is the only route to independence. My enemy’s “friend” no longer retains my trust. AS would never have been in the position he found himself if his behaviour had been what we expect in the 21st century. He should have behaved better. Having said that, NS and those around advising her haven’t dealt with the issues well. However, at the end of the day, all that matters is independence. The various failings of Scotland’s formidable duo will matter very little a few years after Independence Day.


  9. The Inquiry will exonerate both of them. The Inquiry is a waste of time and money. There are more important things like a pandemic and people dying. There were other forces at work. Westminster agents and the political justice system. They were at fault. False charges being brought.

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  10. This is nonsense, without Wings finding out exactly what’s been going on you’d all still be in the dark, you should be thanking him not sniping as some have said.

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  11. Wings is compromised and following the instructions of his case manager. Either that or he is deluded. Fortunately he is now also irrelevant, except in the eyes of those who oppose independence. They used to hate him but now he’s apparently their Mr Goodguy.

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