7-day average infection level falls for 14th day in succession

Analysis by the Herald above. The news for an adult population that can be trusted with the truth and not go daft with house parties, below:

The number of new cases has fallen now, every day for 14 day from 2 323 on Jan 7th to 1 591 yesterday. Slow but steady. It’s working.

Hospital admissions have begun to level, with only 1 more yesterday, at around two thirds of capacity (3 000+). ICU admissions too are beginning to stabilise at 25% of capacity (700+).

As day follows even the darkest night, the death rate will fall too.

Don’t go back to Spain, this time!

Better leadership, greater compliance and a better-staffed NHS continue to result in far lower infection and death:

One thought on “7-day average infection level falls for 14th day in succession

  1. Is this the only country in the world where almost the whole of its media is intent on suppressing the truth? And of course, aided and abetted by the press in the nearest neighbouring country.
    While this site, and others, do their best to bring us the truth, it still remains that the M.S.M is dominant, with unlimited British State backing, although in recent years their grip is gradually being loosened, not before time.
    I’m afraid, as I have been warning about for years, that the continued badmouthing will not only continue, but will increase in its intensity as the date of the next Scottish Independence Referendum grows closer.
    The good news is that according to the latest slew of opinion polls, their lies are having less and less effect.
    I can only hope. this time, that we will hold our nerve, and vote to become an independent nation once again, when we get the opportunity.

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