Lowest infection AND death rates? Nah, there’s no interest in that

They’ve been busy at BBC Scotland News. There’s a lot to cover so I’ll just do this one for them. Maybe someone will be interested.

More than twice as many cases of infection in England and Scotland has the lowest rate in the UK? No, really?

What about deaths? Didn’t Andrew Marr say it’s worse in Scotland? Fiona Bruce too?

What twice as high again in England and Scotland has the lowest death rate in the UK? That can’t be right. We’d know all about if it was true.

I know, vaccines!

Ah hah! Gotcha! Scotland is behind the curve, or block, or whatever.

What, Scotland followed the recommendations to protect the care home staff and residents first while England went for the easier ones to get the numbers up? That’s not what the BBC are saying, mate.


7 thoughts on “Lowest infection AND death rates? Nah, there’s no interest in that

  1. With regards interest from ABC ( BBC )
    I can assure that upon looking out my window just now
    I witnessed a squadron of pink flying pigs do a fly past


  2. Just throwing in my latest chart (I share them here and there, but try not to spam, so say if it is spammy):

    If Scotland is behind the curve, it’s more than 60 days long (third chart down on the left).

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  3. Corporate media and BBC failures to report significant differences between Covid-19 statistics in the four UK nations have become commonplace as readers of this blog know well. This is especially so, it seems, whenever Scotland’s position is relatively better. The motive seems clear.

    But in the months leading up to the Holyrood elections it looks as though some aspiring Scottish Labour politicians are happy to go even further in mis-reporting the position. They and the Party machine that promotes them deserve to fail. Candidly, the Scottish electorate deserve better representation.

    I came across this in the Courier online (dated 7 January 2021). It was in an article written by Councillor Michael Marra. He is a Dundee city councillor, former senior adviser to a Scottish Labour leader and he is ‘standing’ for election to the Scottish Parliament as a regional list MSP for Labour in North East Scotland.

    He writes about Scotland and the outcomes of the Scottish Government’s handling of Covid-19:

    “Given the track record of failure that puts Scotland at the wrong end of almost every Covid-related statistical league table in existence, …”

    So there you have it – Scottish Labour’s view. Maybe the new leader will change the culture and have his/her candidates provide evidence to justify such an assertion – and stop seeking to mis-lead. And maybe – probably – nothing will change!

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  4. I see this the morning the BBC website has a James (I’ve seen the email) Cook piece splashed on UK, Scotland and Scotland Politics pages, “James Cook returns to Monklands Hospital eight months on to find the staff struggling against the odds”.

    Thousands will be Googling “Monklands” across London ICUs wondering whether their “struggling against the odds” is similar, and why no mention of patients stuck in ambulances outside.

    Dodging between UK stats, all effort is spared to compare and contrast Scotland and England’s condition, but is the tailpiece “There may be some signs that Scotland’s latest surge in hospital admissions may be easing. But it is not over.” a sign Pacific Quay are softening the SG “Thrice woe” line ?


    1. Aye saw that Bob. Came on right after a report on, I believe, The Royal London Hospital, where they are really in trouble. An old trick. Trying to conflate the situation at Monklands Hospital, and the S.N.H.S in particular, with the crisis situation in England.


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