Infection level falls for 12th day to lowest this year

Above, the Herald ‘take’ on the fall in case numbers. Below, the trend

1 165 cases in the last 24 hours is the lowest since the 28th December and less than half that of the peak of 2649 on the 7th January. The 7-day average death, though still tragic is also down at 57.3 on the13th, to 50.4.

In the First Minister’s briefing, but not likely to feature much elsewhere, this clarification of the situation in care homes:

However, as of today, I can report that more than 90% of care home residents – the top priority group – have now received their first dose of vaccine.

Indeed, a number of health boards have now given the first dose of vaccine to 100% of their care home residents.

In addition, more than 70% of care home staff have had their first dose.

And more than 70% of all frontline health and care workers have also received the first dose.

We made a deliberate decision – in line with JCVI advice – to focus firstly on elderly care home residents, because we know they have the greatest vulnerability to becoming ill and dying from this virus and we have very painfully seen that in reality over recent months.

Consequently, making sure this group benefits from the protection of the vaccine as quickly as possible is likely to have the biggest and most immediate impact on saving lives.

However, vaccinating in care homes – for obvious reasons – is more time consuming and labour intensive than doing so in the community, and this is why overall figures are at this stage lower than in England, where more over-80s generally but a lower proportion of care home residents have so far received the vaccine.

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6 thoughts on “Infection level falls for 12th day to lowest this year

  1. Not out of the woods yet, but the trees are thinning.

    Still no context on BBC Scotland.
    Still random people with assertions, bigged up, without corroboration.
    No objectivity or fairness.

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  2. The deaths per million people were half that of England today.
    England had worst deaths-day ever and usually Tuesday isn’t the worst day of the week.
    The media will of course have a sudden attack of blindness.

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  3. In pure military terms if one treats the virus as your enemy who if not contained,and particularly so when it makes advances upon you along with its 2nd attack much stronger than the 1st attack
    Then a correct considered well thought out response must be implemented and not belatedly if the latter is the case then your enemy is going to score many a success
    And with this virus its gains are measured in
    1.No.of infections
    2.No of Hospital admissions
    3.No. of ICU Transfers
    4.No.of Deaths
    5.The massive yet to become economically tragic Long Covid
    6.The extreme danger of once the virus surges of deadly mutations greatly increasing
    Each day
    So in full knowledge of all this what do you do in response
    A. Dither and Dally like Boris then pray you vaccinate enough in a hap hazard manner
    Like a scatter gun approach
    B. As Scotland does
    1.ensure you have the best possible advisors who can be trusted implicitly
    2.Organise all the forces and weapons at your disposal
    3.Central command co ordinated control
    Which is honest,transparent and forthright
    4.Bring and keep on side all your human resources and friends
    5.once all that established you counter attack
    Firstly to contain the viral advances where most effect can be achieved
    Then deploy your master weapon the vaccine
    In a controlled expeditious manner
    To maximum effect I.E.firstly protect your weakest spots firstly Then when the virus has little or no impact upon those areas
    Identify the next unprotected weakest spots
    And advance with your vaccine in ever increasing numbers and effect
    Repeat till as much success as possible
    Then place your guards and reserves of Test Trace Isolate on full alert and deployment
    You can only lose and suffer if you dilute or avoid sticking rigidly to the planned advances you wish to make
    So all this boils down to a most simple of choices
    Do you want to be viral cannon fodder for the
    Westminster Idiots
    Be a dedicated foot soldier for SG, Nicola and her Generals
    If B then in May you will have the most powerful weapon in your hand and by that
    I mean a ballot paper and a little pencil for which to make a simple cross in the appropriate box
    Up to you
    Cannon fodder or foot soldier
    Chose with the utmost of care
    The wrong choice is not only deadly but will destroy your future wealth well and truly


  4. Just for interest England’s testing total is now more than 50% the less accurate lateral flow: 294190 tests out of 526954.
    Lateral flow tests are only included in the England(UK) figures.

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