Ahead of the curve that matters

At 6.64%, Northern Ireland has vaccinated the most, England is 2nd at 6.25% and Scotland is third at 4.85%. The floors at Tory HQ and Pacific Quay are slippy with drool but….

The most important point to make here is that the Scottish Government strategy to prioritise the care home residents and staff is that which was clearly and firmly advised by independent experts at the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. Despite the logistical challenges imposed by the Pfizer vaccine, Scotland had 80% completion in care homes last week and is approaching 100% completion as I write. The situation in England is around 50% completion.

We know from bitter experience, the absolute priority of protecting care home residents. An elderly person, even with underlying conditions, who is isolating in their own home is far less at risk. In this key respect, we are ‘ahead of the curve.’ Last week, Public Health England reported a doubling of outbreaks in care homes there.

In England, the Government has chosen a strategy which I feel sure the Scottish opposition parties and the media would have condemned, to ignore the JCVI advice and, perhaps using the Pfizer logistical challenges as an excuse, has adopted a strategy which will accelerate the number vaccinated. They have prioritised those less at risk, rather than the care home residents, who can be expected to walk through mass testing centres. Rather than ‘ahead of the curve’ or ‘world-beating’ as they will no doubt claim, they have elected to ‘pick the low-hanging fruit’ and, tragically we may find, they have risked many lives.

13 thoughts on “Ahead of the curve that matters

  1. I can only speak personally here. My wife and I, over 80s, were vaccinated at our local health centre at the weekend with the Astra -Zeneca vaccine. First class care and attention throughout, and a couple of days later, no side-effects.

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  2. Exactly what I was thinking John.
    The Tories behaviour throughout this pandemic has been to put political decisions ahead of scientific advice.
    To that end,spin and news management has been paramount.
    Don’t trust anything emanating from London these days.

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  3. My brother in law who lives in Sheffield. Same age as me 70. Offered and received vaccine last week.
    He did query this, was informed so many people of various ethnic origins refusing vaccine due to ingredients.

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  4. It has become increasingly obvious over the past week that the media, by selective use of statistics have been intending to portray vaccination as a competition amongst the four nations.I suspect this might be emerging from the PR unit within the Scotland Office, given the similarity of terminology being used.

    A similar line is being taken regarding the use of military forces to set up vaccination units. In the UK media this is being portrayed as ‘our boys’ (and I have not seen many female soldiers in pictures) doing their bit for the country, but the Scottish media are portraying it as the military having to be brought in because NHS Scotland could not manage.

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  5. Reporting Scotland last night reported the positive cases UP, the hospilisation cases UP, they omitted the ICU cases because that figure was down and the zero deaths required the sour face at max to warn that Monday figures are ALWAYS LOW.

    …thank you for keeping this site running to counter the BritNat propaganda.

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  6. Re stats.

    Just heard on the radio news just now some stats from ONS about the people infected in Dec I. e. they have antibodies
    England 1 in 8
    Wales 1 in 10
    Scotland 1 in 11
    NI 1 in did not hear the figure but NI had the least followed by Scotland.

    Percentage vaccinated in Scotland based on the figure of 264991 vaccinated it is 5.88%. This is based on an estimated target of 4.5 million people/adults in Scotland which is the estimate the Scot Gov is using if I remember correctly.

    Care homes in England: up to 60% have not been vaccinated

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    1. Update on Antibody stats in December from BBC News website.

      Scotland had considerably smaller growth in those with antibodies than rUK – 7% to 9%

      England 1:8 (12%) up from 7%
      Wales 1:10 (10%) up from 4%
      Scotland 1:11 (9%) up from 7%
      NI 1:13 (8%) up from 2%

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  7. That Depress “brutal attack” strapline is 12th January, clearly a rehearsed campaign, with HMS Sarah Smith on mine-laying duties…

    My hypocrisy alarm went off at the idiotic BBC question at Covid Update over England vaccinating over 70s – PQ has avoided all mention of England infection rates, hospitalisations, ICUs and Deaths throughout, yet suddenly comparison on vaccinations becomes important ? May all the other comparisons now be expected ?
    “Whadya mean Sarah says no ?”

    This morning was intriguing, Propaganda Quay still pushing their “Has Scotland been slower to vaccinate over-80s?” story complete with meaningless age band graphs, whilst over on travellingtabby was delighted to see his vaccinations table total now include every JCVI priority level, and Pri1&2 tagged as targeted for 5th February completion.

    It’s all pretty screwed up really, one lad and friends are fulfilling the function one might expect of a “public service broadcaster”, while said BBC in Scotland are too busy grinding political axes to care what the public wants.

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