No, ‘we’re’ not and you’re the kind of expert we’re paying to tell us that

I’ve been badgering Scotland-based profs Bauld, Sridhar and Reicher, who often say positive things about the First Minister, to go a bit further and to tell the whole truth on the BBC. They seem nervous.

Prof Bauld shared the above today but, though based in Edinburgh and funded by you and me, she didn’t think to tell us where Scotland sits in regard to that graph.

In my amateurish way, I’ve updated it for your information:

You can see that the original version conceals the horror of England’s suffering under Johnson and the relatively better situation in Scotland.

You don’t need to go all the way to John Hopkins to find out. It’s here every day:

17 thoughts on “No, ‘we’re’ not and you’re the kind of expert we’re paying to tell us that

  1. BritNat pressure is incessant. Whispered hints about career, funding, professional standing. etc.,.
    It has always been so…or at least for 314years…😫

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  2. This should be the responsibility of BBC Hootsmon.
    They are now crowing about vax rates and how well England is doing.
    No figures for respective infection/mortality rates.

    News management By Appointment* to his “majesty” King Boris.

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    1. Gavin O

      Radio 4 reported on Wales slow at delivering the Vaccine. They are using the same attack line across devolved Nations.


      1. Or to put it another way.
        On Travellingtabby on the graph for numbers in ICU over 3 months there are 3 waves. All the descending curves are because of the actions of the glorious leader (fair enough) and yet all the rising curves are because of ‘mistakes of others’.

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      1. Alex
        On Worldodmeters
        Scotland 26 th highest in the world
        England 3rd highest
        If you discount the tiny San Marino
        Which is a statistical anomaly then England 2nd highest death rate
        Why do you think all MSM concentrating on vaccine nos .
        Tis called averting your gaze

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  3. I replied to Prof Bauld asking why she didn’t include Scotland’s figures in her tweet especially because she lives and works in Scotland working for Edinburgh disabled I said Scotland would be at the bottom of this league below Germany and England would be above U.K.

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  4. Westminster is waging a pissing competition using covid and vaccine figures. I can well understand why scientists will want to avoid being drawn into that.
    Best if we take our scientific know-how from journals like Nature, Scientific american or New Scientist. There are far too many published papers for any one person to read and understand except in the form of a digest through a magazine like one of these. I certainly don’t take anything for granted from political press releases or articles in mainstream papers. Far to much room for conscious or unconscious bias.


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