Infection rate average falls for 10th day in a row

As BBC News, presumably informed by BBC Scotland, continues to talk of tough lockdown and allegedly increasing infection rates in Scotland, perhaps with relief that they are not alone, Scottish audiences may not know what the actual facts are.

The 7 day infection rate has now been falling for 10 days, from 2 323 on January 7th to 1 753 yesterday. It’s still too high for comfort but a 25% fall over that time period offer some cause for cautious optimism.

The infection rate has been falling in England too but remains more than twice as high as in Scotland.

Just saying.

Hospital admissions will begin to fall some time after infection rate falls but there may be early signs here as the curve flattens:

It’s only one day I know, but there was one fewer in non-ICU Covid beds in Scotland yesterday, for the first time since Christmas day.

The 7-day death rate average has also begun to fall from 57.3 on the 13th to 48.6 yesterday.

I know, steady.

3 thoughts on “Infection rate average falls for 10th day in a row

  1. Tut, tut. We are SO lucky to share with Mighty Blighty our infectious future.
    Of course without Hancock we would be doomed.
    Without the leadership of Boris blah blah.
    Without the BEEB we would no little of how LUCKY we are!,

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  2. I note in the BBC’s latest web article “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” they are at least acknowledging the 7 day falling trend, even if their colleagues in the studio have difficulty finding it..

    Comically they head with “This page analyses the key figures for the coronavirus outbreak in Scotland” then go on to push non “key figures” of age band vaccinations, totally ignoring the “key figures” and groups specified by the JCVI. 🙄

    You keep exposing the propaganda John, we’ll keeping spreading the word far and wide…

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