Is that it now?

You remember the story with it’s sharp simple message suited to the mind of a four-year-old?

I don’t care! It’s not fair! It isn’t!

Apparently some adults think the same way:

Discharge infected people into an old folk’s home? Are you mad? I don’t care if they have infection control. What if something goes wrong? My mum’s in one of those. You’ll not put an infected person in beside her. I’ll take her out before that. I’d rather she died in her own house!

The above images, from the thousands we faced day-after-day, for months on end, as opposition politicians smelled the blood from heads rolling, were part of counter-factual campaign which completely ignored the research showing that these discharges had caused no outbreaks and that agency staff had, unwittingly.

For months now we’ve heard that Ruth Davidson and Jackson Carlaw were talking out of turn as their leaders in England had already approved the practice they frothed angrily about here:

They were either good actors or thick.

8 thoughts on “Is that it now?

  1. Surely this, against a continuous background of Unionist’s trotting out the care home genocide carried out by the SG deserves to be posted on Facebook?


  2. This was the 4 nations policy from the outset all as advised by Sage.
    It was the death toll from that which the opposition in collusion with the media later attempted to twist as a SG only decision with dire consequence in full knowledge what they were saying was untrue.
    That this attack line was also adopted by WM politicians revealed the collusion to extend all the way to #10.

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  3. This is an article from the Dailt Telegraph online about the current situation in Care Homes in England – increase in cases/deaths, slow rollout of vaccines – Scotland has found a way to do it faster – and unreliable lateral flow tests to check visitors etc


  4. The union agents don’t care about the truth of a story comes out because that can be buried later by the loyal MSM. It is only the headline lie on the day that matters. The screaming distortion on page one is all that matters. Keeping the drip, drip, drip of the lie going is all that matters.


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