‘Under pressure’ from 17.6% occupancy of ICU beds?

From BBC Scotland last night:

The number of people in intensive care has risen from 109 to 123, the highest daily jump since October.

When you see that, what’s the first or second thing you think?

How many ICU beds are there in NHS Scotland?

On January 8th 2021, according to the official figures, there were 700+.


So, ICU occupancy is 17.57%. It is climbing quite steeply but infection rates have been flat, slightly falling, for more than a week now:

The increase from 109 to 123 was the consequence of the surge in cases from the 28th to the 31st of December and the high plateau until the 7th of January. The death rate is tragically peaking, with the same lag of around 10 days, but will reduce.

I’m not saying it’s not serious and concerning but it’s under control. The message is clear. Keep going because it can be done.

9 thoughts on “‘Under pressure’ from 17.6% occupancy of ICU beds?

  1. Sorry this is O/T

    Taken from WGD’s site.

    ”A thread about a new group seeking to “Inform Scotland” in a very misleading way – possibly one of Michael Gove’s special Union Unit efforts masterminded by that genius who lost his Perthshire seat, Luke Graham?

    Click on the “show this thread ” link to read the whole sorry saga:

    I think we’ve got a new “Covid-related” group worth keeping an eye on (and not in a good way) – @Inform_Scotland

    Here’s the ‘About Us’ page of their website which, predictably, tells us nothing about them. Can’t imagine why that might be. pic.twitter.com/vpIk2BiCz4

    — James McEnaney (@MrMcEnaney) January 10, 2021”


    Check out the links.


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    1. The third party organisations that Inform Scotland links to tells us a very great deal about where it’s coming from. Notably these include: ‘Think Scotland’ which markets itself thus:

      “Think Scotland – Find Jill Stephenson, Effie Deans, Linda Holt, Emma Hargan, Brian Monteith, Liz Smith, Jonathan Stanley, Eben Wilson & more @ http://ThinkScotland.org.”

      I read the latest article appearing on the Think Scotland site. I’m not going to give a link. Candidly, after reading it I felt ‘polluted’!


  2. Nope. I’m very sure the “message£ from the Hi Jack Bunker to the “Scottish” mejah, is, PANIC, PANIC, PANIC!
    Then panic some more.
    The DEFLECT.
    Invoke the words of Starmer.
    Talk about anything, anything at all, except how Scotland is coping in CONTEXT!
    Use Journalism——no no no no
    Oops, sorry. Use “Waffle” to waffle and bluster about the wonderousness of the Precioussss Union.

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  3. Distraction again ?
    The struggle to get the Nightingale hospitals operational too late in the London and SEE crisis is laying bare London’s deadly incompetence…

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  4. Yes as per usual BBC London under the heading ‘Virus UK’ caption telling us the NHS is in meltdown then in an attempt to calm everyone’s nerves telling us that large vaccinatioin centres are being rolled out in England leaving the viewer thinking nothing of the same is being done in Scotland and elsewhere. All done be design of course to create the spectre that Tory England is leading the way. All very subtle.

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    1. ‘Supraliminal messaging’? – i.e. use of stimuli or signals that viewers/listeners can see or hear but are not consciously aware of their impact on their behaviour.

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  5. Well…500 or so of those ICU beds are in the Louisa Jordan which is not operational as an ICU at the moment. And there really aren’t enough staff in Scotland to cover those 700 ICU beds so we’d really better hope they don’t have to open the LJ.

    So while I agree that the situation is rather over-blown & not as dire as the MSM (& politicians) would like us to think, the good ship NHS Scotland is not sailing along peacefully in clear, calm waters with nothing to worry her.


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