New ‘Cambridge’ Vaccine!

Inventor Tal Zaks

The latest vaccine to be approved for use was developed by a team led by Israeli, Tal Zak, for Moderna, based in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

Prime Minister Johnson is thought to have told his staff and the BBC to always refer to it as the Cambridge Vaccine thus making it essentially the second ‘world-beating’ English vaccine, which Scotland could never have developed itself. Protestors against foreign vaccines, in Teeside, have agreed to use the ‘uvver Inglish wan.’

The Astra Zeneca vaccine from British-Swedish multinational AstraZeneca, led in Oxford, by French chief executive Pascal Soriot and reliant on European plants for manufacture, is to be known from now on as only ‘The Oxford Vaccine.’ BBC Scotland have been first to fall in line with the command from London:

The American multinational Pfizer‘s vaccine developed in Mainz, Germany by two Turkish-Germans and manufactured in Belgium is, under no circumstances, to be referred to as the German, Turkish or Mainz vaccine and may be phased out after it enabled Israel to show-up the UK with a world-beating vaccination roll-out.

5 thoughts on “New ‘Cambridge’ Vaccine!

  1. Hilarious, yet totally on point. Noted the BBC pushing this “Oxford” hokem also, even Andrew Learmonth who should know better referred to it as such in a National article, but there is an insidious aspect to this which your Teeside piece perfectly illustrated.
    Fintan O’Toole previously mused on what direction “english exceptionalism” might take once the goal of Brexit had been achieved, the “Oxford” propaganda is being fed from London central to keep that alive, but for deployment against which “enemy” next ?

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  2. “Oxford Town, Oxford Town,
    The vaccine dresses in an Oxford gown
    The sun shines out of Boris’s brown
    The Mejah loves this idiot clown.”

    Apologies from Bob D.


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