Herald confirms gutter press status with vaccine lies

The Herald on Sunday this morning goes with the same propaganda as the Scottish Daily Mail, ignoring the clear evidence from the BBC /ONS that Scotland is actually ahead of the curve on vaccine rollout:

Vaccine map of UK


The map above is only two days old and published by the BBC based on the ONS original.

They knew that but still chose a Tory minister’s lie instead.

Do not buy that rag.


13 thoughts on “Herald confirms gutter press status with vaccine lies

  1. It has become increasingly obvious over the past year that the news media in Scotland are being ‘co-ordinated’ to present similar ‘narratives’. This extends to the British Nationalist parties in Scotland, too. Even the same words and phrases are being used by politicians and papers across the – very narrow – political spectrum.

    I suspect this might be due to the greatly increased PR department within the Scotland Office.

    The political editor of the Scottish Daily Mail, Ms Rachel Watson, is a fixture of GMS. David Leask of the Herald has been doing the ‘papers’ report on the Sunday GMS for about a year now. On the ‘Shereen’ programme, on Saturdays, Moray Macdonald a Conservative member and advertising company owner is on the programme almost as often as Shereen herself.

    The media caucus in Scotland is a pretty small pond and it is easy to coordinate the ‘narrative’, especially since most of them were recruited for their jobs BECAUSE of their views. As Mrs Thatcher used to say, “They are one of us.”

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  2. In 2014 much of the press at least pretended neutrality.
    Now, they dont even bother with pretence.

    The referendum in 2022 is going to be a Brit Nat almighty pile-on.
    We need to start agitating for independent oversight—RIGHT NOW!

    Imagine the reaction if Indyref2 was regulated by the hated EU?

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  3. Labour under Starmer is removing some of the masks.
    No longer want to re-join the EU.
    No longer in favour of “free movement”.
    No longer in favour of the “Claim of Right”.
    Red Tory pretendy party of hucksters.

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    1. gavinochiltree, there might well be an upside to this ‘realignment’ by Labour. I think they have given upon Scottish Labour and do not see any signs of fresh thinking – it is still the resentful, baleful, sense of entitlement and unconstructive oppositionism.

      I think that Starmer and others have recognised that they need to recover in England to have any chance of forming a government, even in partnership with others. For decades the ‘progressives’ in England have shied away from any serious consideration of the concepts of ‘England’ and ‘Englishness’ and the governance of England. As a result, they left ‘England’ to be defined by the jingoistic media and the far right bampots. Many, in England, particularly in the towns, have had a growing sense that the Blair and Brown governments betrayed them – and, frankly, they did, as they did to us, but we had an alternative. The Tories under the guidance of Lynton Crosby, Dominic Cummings and others fed on that sense of betrayal and channelled it into xenophobia – including contempt for the Irish and Scots, in particular – and this strategy convinced some ex-Labour supporters to switch or to stop voting.

      So, I think that Starmer is trying to position Labour as an English party. This is why he is adopting the list of things which you set out, because these are the kinds of things that potential Labour voters in many constituencies want. These people are not rabid right wingers – they want many of the things Corbyn was promoting and which many of us here in Scotland see as necessary in a caring, sharing society. However, like so many people in England they are confused by the Britain/England identity. But, they do have a sense that England is not getting a fair deal. They are right, England is NOT getting a fair deal, particularly with regard to governance and also because inequalities in wealth and earnings is more acute in England than elsewhere. In order to win them back to Labour, Starmer is pitching some of his arguments close to the xenophobe ones, because, unless he does so, his message, like parts of Corbyn’s will simply be rejected.

      It is a gamble, but, I do not see an alternative for him. He is not a particularly inspiring speaker and appears distant. He needs some of the charisma of Blair and he needs to develop the kind of language, people like Michael Foot or Aneurin Bevan could deploy. On the occasion when Ed Milliband stood in for Starmer at PM questions we saw the kind of ‘fire’ that Starmer lacks.

      So, for those of us who seek independence for Scotland, we need to assist in the development of a concept of a better and more communitarian ‘England’ . And, remember, England has a long and distinguished history of radicalism, which its school system and the media, substantially ignore and which Labour politicians since the 1990s have been too feart to talk about.

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      1. I hope they find their England, Alasdair, but it would be so much easier if we were gone.
        Starmer shows his weakness when he refuses to contemplate Scotland having a say in its own future.
        He is petrified Boris Trump handcuffs him in the electorates mind as enabling Scottish independence.
        Boris has exactly the same problem with the right wing English press.
        So Scotland is stuck with a veto from two, essentially weak sisters, fighting on ground they dont like, against a country they dont live in and seldom visit, on a premise they would reject for their own country.
        How do they escape from this? How does Scotland. The Supreme Court case looms ever larger and more important for the good of the whole of the UK.

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      2. There’s a lot of sense in that appraisal, but would he not be better accelerating that by acknowledging Scotland etc should be doing the same ?
        I have no problem with political expression of Englishness, but it cannot exist in a bubble as if Scots, Welsh or Irish with similar aspirations are irrelevant, they are surely pivotal within the concept of Union he champions ?


      3. I think we have to acknowledge how far advanced constitutional thinking is in Scotland compared to England. Most of the populace prefer to ignore Northern Ireland. And, if they think of Wales at all, it is about rugby or singing.

        I visit England regularly because I have family and friends there and, even the most interested and informed still struggle to see that UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are separate entities.Some feel a sense of rejection that Scotland or Wales or Ireland might want to run their own affairs.

        So, Labour and, I suspect, Starmer himself, have to do a fair amount of learning.

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  4. All excellent comments, but let’s not write Labours’ post Brexit manifesto for them, or give them ideas they cannot come up with themselves, (too intent on shafting Scotalnd and keeping their massive wages flowing from the public purse) they can work it out for themselves. Starmer is a sneaky one, and the party he leads, is no longer anywhere near left wing, it has been emasculated in full, no explanation needed by whom.

    One thing I will say, the Britnats’ othering of Scotland in particular is not innocent, it is deliberate and designed to enable direct rule asap, or a coup,or a soft coup, and/or the BritNat army put on Scotland’s streets, beating people up who dare to question their English masters and demand independence, if necesssary. Worst case scenario.

    There is little sympathy for Scotland even in NE England where at one time there was an unsaid sort of recognition and affinity due to the oppression and inequality that comes from the south of England. Not any more in my experience, and there is a ready army of thugs and even more so with Brexit and the mass unemployment about to take place, in the northern regions of England, with a country just next door to blame for their own mistakes.

    Watch your back Scotland, you need international support, as Nicola Sturgeon is embracing at any opportunity, which is exactly why the BritNat state want rid of her, by hook and by crook.

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  5. Alastair @4.43pm

    Yes indeed, and the sense of ‘rejection’ that (some at least) the people in England feel towards Scotland is manufactured, by the BritNats, it is part of the othering, verging on contempt, in fact many in England display real contempt towards Scotland, and that’s putting it nicely. It’s something that Scotland needs to be wary of, and aware of, because the media in England do brainwash people even subtley, it’s easy for them to do. They know it works on the people in regions where there is a lot wrong in society due to EngGov imposed poverty, and unemployment. That is about to get much worse. Unfortunately.


    1. The “othering” eloquently espoused here, I quote with capitalisation as a “chippy” Scot:
      “Every time you try to flex the rules it could be fatal. The starkest of warnings by the government to stick to ENGLAND’s lockdown rules as TOP HEALTH OFFICIALS said the situation now is much worse than last March. And that’s left MINISTERS unable to rule out even tougher restrictions.
      The only ray of hope – mass vaccination – with MATT HANCOCK promising that “every adult” in the UK would be offered a jab by the autumn”
      This from Ayshah Tull, C4, utterly oblivious to anywhere outside her London bubble, current logistics or even basic mathematics. To “jab” every adult in England alone at a million jabs (St Borax’s last bullshit prediction) per week and 2 jabs per adult makes Spring 2023 possible and Autumn 2021 an instance of Hhhancock’s half hour.
      Yet these “journalists” repeat the nonsense without a single braincell intruding.


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