‘Coronavirus case numbers continue to rise’ downward for the third day to ONE THIRd of rate in England

Here are the recent data for Scotland. New cases:

  1. Jan 7th 2 649
  2. Jan 8th 2 290
  3. Jan 9th 1865
  4. Jan 10th 1 877

They did increase by 12 in the last 24 hours but who sees that as a rising trend?

I wonder, what’s happening in England where the PM tells us services have fewer issues of resilience?

Today’s data for England are not on display but, in the Hancock piece, I read it’s almost 60 000 across the UK. You’d think they had something to hide.

From the other pages, I can find 1 660 for Wales and 1 112 for Northern Ireland. So with the 1 877 for Scotland, that leaves around 55 000 for England. It was 54 257 yesterday.

England has 10 times the population but nearly 30 times the infections so, per head of population:

England has THREE TIMES the infection rate of Scotland.

I wonder why, they’d want to conceal that fact?


17 thoughts on “‘Coronavirus case numbers continue to rise’ downward for the third day to ONE THIRd of rate in England

  1. In the Trumpverse inhabited by England’s Tories,those in power take no responsibilty for their actions and anything which shows them in a bad light is disappeared or classified as fake news.
    What will they do once their benefactor has gone?
    Trump is threatening to start his own fake news platform but the Tories seem to have their own already in the form of the state broadcaster and the other media outlets owned by their supporters.
    However,can’t see the blue rinse brigade storming Westminster with their Zimmers,so maybe there is some hope.

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  2. Yes and did you see BBC Newsnight deliberately altering the scales on their graphs to give the impression that infections in Scotland are worst?

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  3. Politics Scotland this morning had a piece on “comparisons with other countries”. I nearly fell off my chair, and in disgust switched off the telly.

    If they want to show comparisons, start with Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland, and whose left? Oh yes, ENGLAND.
    But the BBC refuses to do so.
    They hide the stats.
    They pretend things are different.
    They manipulate infection rates and mortality rates.
    They highlight that Scotland was the worst country in the universe on Friday at 3pm.
    That Scotland is OH SO much worse than England.
    Goebbels would be proud of them!

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    1. Indeed – the media coverage in and of Scotland has become ‘grotesque’ literally wrong, unfair and/or unpleasant to a shocking and, for our democracy and our national well-being, a frightening degree.

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  4. HMG’s desperation shows, their “Scotland behind the curve on vaccination” media campaign exemplified both their arrogance and stupidity by stepping into the trap SG laid bare, frankly a very clever move by SNP. Where London sought to hide information SG did the precise opposite.

    SG publishes the data, folks compare, the days of Scots media being given credence is long gone, they may walk the Wark or sirrah the Sarah, but they lost credibility long before Covid hit.
    Now that lives and families are on the line through Covid their shenanigans are exposed as never before, but with accompanying anger.

    Much as HMG may prefer folks pay attention to the Daily Heil Discord Depress Herod PQ output, the response broadly is “shite”.

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  5. Reporting Scotland at 4.20-4.30pm this afternoon, the female in the studio said to camera (about the roll out of the vaccines) “either the Oxford or AstraZeneca”. Surely it should have been Pfizer or AstraZeneca.
    Until recently I’ve noticed that the AZ vaccine has been referred to as the Oxford AstraZeneca but this now seems to have shifted to just the Oxford.
    More British innit!

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    1. A few people dying here or there are insignificant in the greater scheme of politics, aside everywhere beyond London Central Torydom’s elite bubble, long may that tradition endure… Those sunny uplands have thunderous clouds, English exceptionalism is about to meet it’s nemesis.

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    2. I fear (!) there was a communication or co-ordination problem across UK Government organisations. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) – the vaccines’ regulator – didn’t get the ‘Oxford’ message.

      The MHRA clearly states that the officially approved name of this vaccination product is ‘COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca’!


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