Because they have even more insensitive leaders than the UK does?

From Helen McArdle this morning:

MASS immunisation against Covid is underway in Indonesia. But unlike the UK, the south-east Asian republic is prioritising working age adults of 18 to 59 with the goal of achieving herd immunity faster and rebooting the economy.

What follows, once more misses the bleeding obvious:

This is Indonesia remember? For starters:

Reports by Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch, and the United States Department of State highlighted the most common human rights issues in Indonesia, namely the situation in Western New Guinea region, the treatment of religious, gender and sexual minorities, sexual and reproductive rights, the rights of women, children, LGBT, and the disabled, and freedom of expression and association.,rights%2C%20the%20rights%20of%20women%2C

With the above track record, adding fatal neglect of the elderly is a small step.

Here’s how their leader suggests they deal with their drug problems:

Here’s how they deal with any attempts by a previously conquered area to break away:

I know, says Herald Health Correspondent:

Let’s just look at why they say they’re doing it , ignore the culture and the brutal history of a country, and see if we can learn something that we can tell the SNP to get on with.

Here’s a clue as to why McArdle is wasting our time once again, in the First Minister’s response to calls for teachers to be prioritised for vaccination:

Why I won’t be moving to Indonesia.

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11 thoughts on “Because they have even more insensitive leaders than the UK does?

  1. Quisling’s all of them. Am I allowed to describe them as that? The M.S.M so-called journalists. During the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign, I was barred from a so-called independence supporting website for using that term.
    I believed then, and still believe now, that that name applies to the cohort who continually attempt to undermine the best efforts of the Scottish Government. They are beneath contempt, and while the British State will never allow these publications to die, hopefully their target audience will gradually reduce to the point where they no longer matter.

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  2. If Jesus, Muhammad, Lord Shiva and the Buddha were somehow rolling out the vaccine in Scotland, the putrid “journalists” operating in, and against Scotland, would still find something, anything to misreport, misrepresent and just plain lie about.

    They prefer the Boris trope of the “Four Horsemen of the Ajockalypse”, to any POSITIVE news.

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    1. If it were the individuals you listed who were rolling out the vaccine in Scotland, the media would use this as evidence that Scots are incapable of doing things for themselves and are having to outsource it to middle eastern and Asian providers.

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      1. Priti Patel would have refused them entry.

        The right-wing neo-Murdoch press would insist on expelling them to St Helena.

        DRossy would have been agitating against them as “travellers”.

        Repressing Scotland would have called them “asylum seekers” in that Calvanist disapproving tone of voice they have perfected over the years, for all things not “British” (but especially reserved for pro-indy folk).

        Scottish Labour would side with the Scorrish (sic) Tories and Wee Wullie would whine and drone on….and…..on ….and….on.

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  3. Lazy McArdle has not bothered to read the advice on vaccination by JVIC.

    “The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises that the first priorities for the current COVID-19 vaccination programme should be the prevention of COVID-19 mortality and the protection of health and social care staff and systems. Secondary priorities could include vaccination of those at increased risk of hospitalisation and at increased risk of exposure, and to maintain resilience in essential public services. This document sets out a framework for refining future advice on a national COVID-19 vaccination strategy….

    …Current evidence strongly indicates that the single greatest risk of mortality from COVID-19 is increasing age and that the risk increases exponentially with age (see references 1 to 3). Mathematical modelling indicates that the optimal strategy for minimising future deaths or quality adjusted life year (QALY) losses is to offer vaccination to older age groups first. These models assume an available vaccine is both safe and effective in older adults (see reference 21). Data also indicates that the absolute risk of mortality is higher in those over 65 years than that seen in the majority of younger adults with an underlying health condition (see below). Accordingly, the committee’s advice largely prioritises based on age.

    Age-based programmes are usually easier to implement and therefore achieve higher vaccine uptake. An age-based programme is also likely to increase uptake in those with clinical risk factors as the prevalence of these increases with age.”

    It is not journalism, whatever else it is.

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    1. I actually have a copy of the “Rebels’ Songbook” referred to in the article! One of those with whom I shared a student flat c1970 was a member of the SNP and, after he left and we were clearing out his room the Songbook was under the bed!


    2. Very interesting Pentlander. My first introduction to Home Rule for Scotland was being told by my parents what it was all about in 1950 when they were signing the Scottish Covenant.


  4. Context does not matter a jot to these churnalists, the summary is as ever SNP-bad, “write 300 words on any subject….”
    Disturbing the priority list for vaccinations does appear to have become their latest attack line, presumably human behaviour experts have identified Teachers->Children->Parents->Concern as open to exploitation, an extension to the “worried teachers” line Scots media has been pushing for weeks.
    Coordinated media over Scotland is obvious when compared to the other 3 parts of the UQ.
    NONE are questioning the pri-list which is common throughout.
    NONE are demanding teachers jump the queue.
    NONE are making endless demands for publication of additional information for “transparency” despite publishing nowhere near the rich content of SG.
    Hell, England doesn’t even have a handle on bad their crisis truly is beyond “ambulance queues” and busy hospitals, everything else is “UK”.

    Nowhere else on these Isles has an orchestrated media and political opposition singing from the same hymn sheet, insisting on reference to an “Oxford” vaccine which does not officially exist, the United Queendom in all it’s manipulative glory.

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