It might be high but it’s definitley flat

After climbing to 2 622 new cases on the 31st December, the infection level has only once been higher at 2 649 yesterday, in the last 8 days.

The 7 day average has been pretty much the same for four days.

I know the death and hospitalisation rates are disturbing but the flattening of the infection rate and the vaccines mean they will fall.

The infection level in England and Wales is more than two times higher.

Once again, I think you can trust people.

11 thoughts on “It might be high but it’s definitley flat

  1. This the kind of careful comment that ought to be standard in media reporting, but, what they want are ‘record highs’, ‘surges’, ‘spikes’, ‘tsunamis’. Unfortunately, such phrases are fed to them as sound bites by various health service trade Union spokespersons.

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  2. My first reaction to the headline was Govid overdid it again on the Marching Powder and collapsed…
    I’ll go read the article now…. DefinitEly…

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  3. A bit of good news me and the wife are to get the vaccine on Tuesday the over 80 group.

    About the Tories in case someone forgets this is what they think they should do with us.

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  4. There is a major Brexit problem for Scottish fish exports.
    How does Repressing Scotland cover this?
    It gives a slot to Slithery Gove to waffle about “fast tracking”.
    No questions asked. No one from the industry. No one from Scotland at all.
    This is also a problem in Devon and Cornwell. What’s the odds they cover it with some integrity and……….journalism. A naughty word for Pacific Quay!

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    1. Soot on Gavin O. Problems at channel ports was covered on Radio4 after 6pm. Freight carried across channel reported at 40% of this time last year . . . . Scottish shellfish major problems . . . Rep. Of Scottish east coast shellfish company interviewed . . . I missed this . . . .

      They don’t mind Rest of UK hearing about problems Brexit is causing Scottish companies . . . . As long as Scots are kept ignorant.. . . .

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    2. Indeed! I noted this from BBC News online for Cornwall: “Cornish fishermen are concerned about the future of their jobs as shellfish exports to the European Union have stopped since the UK left the EU.”

      And: “The boats are sat there gathering dust,” said one fisherman.”


      The language now being directed by many fishing industry leaders across the UK towards the Tories – expressing anger and a sense of betrayal (will this industry never learn?) over the UK/EU deal – is something to behold! But one has to trawl the full statements being issued to get an appreciation of the strength of feelings: the mainstream media and BBC coverage in Scotland of their reactions is – to say the least – moderate by comparison.

      Candidly, I’ had to work hard to avoid schadenfreude, especially when reading this a couple of days ago on the BBC News website:

      ‘Jimmy Buchan, chief executive of the Scottish Seafood Association, said: “Trucks laden with fresh seafood are being held up in central Scotland due to problems with customs barcodes and lack of veterinary service capacity.

      And: “… this is a worrying sign for the days and weeks ahead when the flow of produce will get much greater.”

      Many here may recall Mr Buchan’s interventions in the Vote Leave campaign. On the BBC News website in 6 June 2016 he is reported as saying: “When I go to the ballot box, it’s time to take that leap in the dark. I am prepared, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

      From the statements being made by many industry leaders since the UK/EU deal became public, faith in the Tories to deliver on Mr Buchan’s ‘everything’ looks to have been misplaced!

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      1. More of the fishing sector in Scotland.

        This is worth remembering. From 28 June, 2016, here is Bertie Armstrong – then CEO of the Scottish Fisheries Federation – engaging not only in Vote Leave-related politics but also in political opposition to Scottish Government actions to reflect Scotland’s support of EU membership:

        “Bertie Armstrong, SFF chief executive said: “After many years – in the consistent past words of the current party of Scottish Government of being ‘sold down the river’ with the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy – we at last have the ability to recover proper, sustainable and rational stewardship through our own Exclusive Economic Zone for fisheries, just like Norway, Iceland and the Faroes.

        “With the Scottish Parliament emergency debate taking place today (28 June) aimed at the Scottish Government getting a mandate for arguing against the referendum result and attempting to stay in the EU, it must not be forgotten that the WHOLE of the Scottish fishing community – who sustainably harvest seafood from some of the best fishing grounds in the world – does not agree with this stance in the slightest.” (my emphasis)

        Armstrong continued: “We are witnessing another form of ‘Project Fear’ when instead we should be working on the details of how we, at long last, make the best out of the new leadership opportunities presented.”

        I can’t NOT highlight the irony! Mr Armstrong talked in 2016 about the SG claiming the sector had been ‘sold down the river’ in the past. According to his successor and her peers, in terms, the Tories have been responsible for history repeating itself!

        Mr Armstrong talked about “how we, at long last, make the best out of the new leadership opportunities presented” – well it was a Tory government that took it upon itself to ‘make the best’ via negotiation on the UK/EU trade deal. According to his successor and her industry peers, in terms, due to the Tories the sector (predictably perhaps to all but Unionists?) has been ‘sold down the river’ once again!

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