The Herald’s ‘Senior Rangers Writer’ is correct

I’m a bit surprised to see that The Herald has a ‘Senior Rangers Writer‘. I feel sure they must have one for Celtic. I’ll do the Junior Bairns Writer job part-time for nothing.

You can’t have a Senior Bairns Writer. It doesn’t work, does it?

Anyhow back to the main story:

Jack’s argument that the game must go on, unlike in England where a surge among footballers and other staff, has resulted in mass call-offs because the ‘pandemic protocols‘ in Scottish football are working.

He’s also correct, though he may not know it, because the background community infection level in Scotland at 170 per 100 000 is around one-third only of that across England, at 446 per 100 000.

Source: UK/Scot/Wales/NI Govs

6 thoughts on “The Herald’s ‘Senior Rangers Writer’ is correct

  1. The fact The Herald now has “Senior Rangers Writer” and “Senior Celtic Writer” positions on their under-staffed Sports Desk team merely demonstrates how this paper has fallen.

    This fall is emphasised by the fact, The Herald, once one of the two voices of rugby in Scotland, and which once had a weekly column by Bill McLaren, no longer employs a full-time rugby correspondent – but relies on one (excellent) freelance for its cover, merely demonstrates what you get when you have duff management at the top – and a slipping circulation as a consequence.

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  2. To be fair to Mr Jack, unlike most other football writers he has never hidden his Govan loyalties. His articles – in the National and Evening Times, too – have always been exclusively about Rangers. I wonder if the ‘Senior Rangers Writer’ is a bit of ribbing by colleagues.

    I have never read any writer show overt Celtic sympathies, although there have been hints that some – only a few – are ‘Celtic Minded’. Ms Angela Haggerty received some foul abuse for being a ‘Tim’. Indeed, when she tweeted support, as a fellow NUJ member) for Graeme Spiers (an admitted Rangers supporter, but good journalist), who had been dismissed from the Herald for publishing an article in which he criticised Rangers, she herself was sacked from a different title (Sunday Herald).

    The late and great, Ian Archer, was, of course and overt and unabashed Jags fan – may he rest in peace! As I turn my eyes a few hundred metres to the north, I think I discern his benign shade hovering above Firhill!! ( I AM TT!!!!)


  3. Whit!
    Cancel the league with a ‘Gers victory looming?
    In Gerard’s final season? The Queens eleven?

    I will send Murdo the Loser Guy to “see tae ye”!
    In the wonderful words of a Labour ex-MP–
    “Ye’ll get a doing”!
    But maybe he only said that tae the lassies!

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  4. I saw this headline and thought, why would they have a countryside rangers writer?
    I read that New Zealand is ‘almost back to normal’.
    Which planet is the UK on? Scotland is so scr**ed being shackled to a dysfunctional, backward, herd immunity UKOK!


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