Not helping

The infection rate increases in Scotland but surges frighteningly at more than twice the rate in all other parts of the UK.

Senior doctors call for the public to follow the rules in the strongest and most dramatic of terms so far:

BBC Scotland, broadcasting in the least infected part of the UK, headlines the threat.

BBC England seems not to know what its role is:

Fiddling as Romney Marsh burns?

13 thoughts on “Not helping

  1. With hindsight it would appear that returning to tier 3 on 11 December to facilitate xmas shopping was not a good idea. Now we pay with more lives. Commercial pressures may be more effective at spreading covid than any new strain.

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    1. Why are you talking about tiers and Scotland in the same sentence?

      Last I looked Scotland is not a district of England… yet.

      In Scotland, it is level not tier. Don’t fall for the Brit Nat media garbage.

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  2. English BBC operating in Scotland; Covid Covid Covid, SNP, bad bad very bad. Gloom, doom, Scotland is on the road to ruin, nothing positive at all, facts? What are they? Stats? What are they? You’ll have had your Hogmanay stymied, lolz!

    English BBC operating in England; worry not, it’s all in hand, your masters are looking after you, it’s actually all hunky dory in fact, look someone on ‘Youtube is recovering well’!!
    Ignore the poor people are who not recovering well, who have several tubes stuck down their throats and oxygen buckets over their heads to keep them alive by your NHS workers, clap clap clap!
    The London Nightingale hospital is now about to receive your stricken loved ones, not yesterday, not last week, but only just now (when the s**t hits the fan and your hospitals cannot cope) when so many could have done with that facility, but your masters closed it down, they wasted your money to the tune of £millions, but everything’s top notch wot!

    I was reading another blog from a guy in Oxford, England, comments there, people saying many not wearing masks in shops, and not distancing, in England. Expect things to get much worse in the new year, sadly. Hopefully Scotland can avoid the same massive spike in cases, by keeping the border properly policed and closed to non essential travel.

    Happy Hogmanay, all good mask wearing, responsible caring people, stay safe, tomorrow is just another day, and spring is not too far away.

    Good riddance 2020, watch the door doesn’t hit your ar*e on the way out!

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      1. The bits that were in tier 4 until December 11 are now the bits with the greatest surge.
        It seems you can’t stop people spreading the virus. But we know restrictions do work.


  3. Ach don’t be silly John, HMS Sarah knows best, Scotland is Shite, there is no need for further debate whatever the question, incontinent pigeons for hire at a small fee from the Linesman for the County..

    We enter 2021 with a viable alternative to the parcel of rogues in WM, frustrated and bruised but bluidy determined.
    We enter 2021 with a working strategy for an epidemic which has decimated other parts of the UK and neer a bad word for the merchants of doom who haunt our every step of our success with stories to the contrary.
    We enter 2021 with hope…

    Happy New Year to all, let’s make this coming year one for the history books, one our future generations point back to with pride, the day Scots stopped being victims…

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  4. Tough times for us all.
    A raging virus, an isolationist, xenophobic, nationalist government, led by a populist fraudulent imposter, a colonial media, keeping Scots in philosophical chains.
    Here in our big-hearted wee country, we can only see out the old, and welcome in the new year in sad isolation.
    But we can see, and hear what they get up to: and dream of better times: and plan for a better country.
    Have a Wee dram at the bells, and toast the future: because it’s comin’ yet, for a’ that.
    And it will be better than the cauld porridge an’auld claes we have right now!

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