Scotland’s emergency services so much faster

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Phase two likely to begin after review this  week - Edinburgh Live

In November, NHS England’s A&E departments saw 76.8% of patients within 4 hours.

In the same month and in a colder climate, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw 88.5%.

Depending on how you do the sums, NHS Scotland was 11.7% better or 15.2% (11.7% of 76.8) better.

NHS Scotland saw 98% in 8 hours. NHS England did not report that one.

Turned into a herald headline:

Injured patients wait billions of hours in A&E!’


11 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services so much faster

  1. “Trusted fact-based journalism” whines The Hootsmon in its begging letter Editorial.
    Sadly, like all the Brit Nat media in Scotland (that’ll be it all then) “facts” are the baloney made up to give cover to their pretendy “journalism”.

    “It droppeth like manna from the Scottish Office straight onto our newspaper front pages”. A gift from Boris.

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  2. Breaking news
    ABC (BBC)
    Have just announced that due to the abysmal performance of SHNS A&E depts
    And as the projected performance is sure to deteriorate rapidly
    Plans are afoot to rapidly extent the morgue
    I bring this to you solely on the basis that I am preparing my CV as part of my job application
    About to be submitted to the ABC (BBC)
    Comments please as to what you think my chances are


    1. Those daily failing lying rags on their deathbeds, desperate to cling onto life, headed to the morgue, no one is buying their lies anymore, in both sense of the word.
      Premieroneuk, you are now ungainfully employed by the BritNats, well done! 😉


      1. ArtHetty
        Satire is a very powerful weapon in that it misleads and confuses your opponents who more often than not fail to realise the point you are so obviously making along with the ability of satire to demonstrate just how ridiculous indeed they truly are
        And all with the added bonus if those amongst them are savvy enough to realise the truth of what you say, then more often than not the mad dogs will howl and foam at their rabid mouths,which can only confirm of what you speak is indeed the truth and truth tis the best and sharpest of needles for the purpose of hitting a over sensitive nerve,and exposes where to strike with your hammer the next time


  3. In China a “citizen journalist” has been imprisoned for reporting facts.
    This site, and John Robertson, is our equivalent.
    John will not be imprisoned, but is ignored by the main stream media for fear that “truth” is contagious. No chance of John being included in reviews by broadcasters of the the press headlines and website stories, unlike the Massies of this world.

    If anyone is in any doubt that BBC Scotland exists in another dimension, Gordon Brewer is bragging in the Times, about his prowess as a feared interigator (Scotlands Paxton) of Scotlands movers and shakers.
    No offence, but Brewer was a total waste of space: a man who was out of his depth, could not think on his feet and gave the impression of indifference to Scottish specifics and wider interests. Oh, and a Brit Nat to his Union Jack painted toenails.

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    1. That’s the dreadful thing, many actual journalists around the globe are persscuted for telling the truth, in the UK they are only employed to not tell the truth, even at and more so, the BBC. It’s quite scary really.


      1. Yes ABC (BBC)
        Scary and it calls to mind a new title for their news output
        Nightmare at Pacific Quay

        Someone please post them appropriate masks for which their presenters can adorn


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