Where are Scotland’s betrayed fishermen?

The Guardian has headlined outspoken comments by UK fishermen angry about the deal.

BBC Scotland and all the other BBC branches have decided against this too obviously negative story for the UK Government and presented the deal in the ‘balanced’, that is whitewashed, style they take such pride in.

Opposition is presented as only coming from Nicola Sturgeon and thus less concerning than if it had wider support among the fishermen.

The Herald, sadly typical for it, reinforces the notion that it’s just the SNP trying to exploit the situation and gives no space to the Scottish fishing industry representatives they’ve used so often in the past when they fitted with the anti-SNP agenda:

Only UK fishing industry representatives feature.

Troutlike Michael Gove was not available for comment:

17 thoughts on “Where are Scotland’s betrayed fishermen?

  1. Media treating the people as if they are total fools. Everyone knows the fishing and farming, (and god knows what else) of Scotland has been used to get Brexit ‘done’ with a faux BritNat deal.
    The BritNats can’t hide the truth, and soon it will be all too obvious that Scotland will be hit very hard economically. That’s why support for independence will keep rising, there is no going back, and Scotland will not be taken back decades, even centuries, by England. No way will the people of Scotland stand for that.

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    1. I wish I could agree with your final sentence A.H. Yes, I live and canvass/leaflet in an Yes/S.N.P voting constituency, and while the true meaning of this Brexshit deal may eventually sink into the mindsets of previously undecided voters, it might take some time.
      In a perverse way, this is the fault of the S.N.P Scottish Government whom I believe have protected us against the worst excesses of the evil idiots controlling Westminster. How many will come to realise that we, on our own, could do so much better?
      I hope you are correct, and that come May we deliver a message that cannot be ignored.

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  2. A few Spitfire/Hurricane flyovers plus another showing of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain and we will be one UK again.
    A few more unelected Lords, another Best of Britain TV programme, another Royal Tour/Wedding/Birth.
    The UJ splattered across our products and we will be defeated.
    The U.K. Is greater England.
    The UJ is the flag of England.

    We are a region which will always be outvoted 12:1 by England.

    Trident replacement, Astute Class submarines and Aircraft Carriers determine our place on the World stage. Foodbanks and children living in poverty are a price worth paying.

    Look at the money diverted to the wealthy, the Tory donors during a Pandemic for a wake up call. The same elite will increase their fortunes in a Brexit bonanza. Their wealth will remain hidden “offshore” because we left the EU to protect them from the scrutiny of tax evasion and avoidance.


    All we have to do is put a cross in a box to recover our Nation and take a different path and build a much fairer society.

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      1. John

        The problem with Spitfires is that they were made in the UK, these carriers were built to enable the Westminster troughers to order American built planes, which cost twice as much as the ships.
        Same with the Subs . . . American Missles uk built vessels.


    1. All we have to do is put a cross in a box to recover our Nation and take a different path and build a much fairer society.

      Think how powerful an affect media lies have on people, that they are conditioned to put that cross in the box that is against their own interest.

      Absolutely everything that emanates from Pacific Quay plays it’s part in controllong Scots thought process.

      Here’s but one example, Starting at 10am this morning on Radio Scotland was a programme looking back at the year, there were 3 guests
      c) Neil Oliver, who had to leave his post at the NT. Such was the backlash against his hatred of Scottish Independence.
      b) Brianna (missed her surname) who virtually blamed the racism in Amarica souly on Scotland. Also given that there were so many signatories to the Declaration of American Independence linked to Edinburgh and the Scottish Enlightenment was a negative against Scotland.
      c) Kezia dugdale on to lecture on Female Leadership, after her successfull leadership of a Unionist Party.

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  3. The reality of trade deals is that there are things I want and things you want and a way has to be found to accommodate these sometimes conflicting objectives.
    Fishing was always going to be more important to the EU than to a London based administration so it was inevitable that it would be used by the Tories to gain leverage for other things.
    This was the case in the 1970s,the 2020s and forever more shall be.
    The harsh reality is that Scotland’s interests cannot and will not be accommodated within the Greater England state which chooses to ignore our wishes as the only way to further their objectives.
    Hopefully,not for much longer.

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  4. John
    It matters not what they put on their shiny new carriers 2 were built at the behest of the USA who,s carrier fleet is rapidly ageing along with little monies to replace them,there is s behind closed doors agreement with the UK that at least 1 of the UK carriers will always be at the call of the US,and all in order to confront China
    But and as they were aware of as construction commenced that China had modified ICBM,s to carry high explosive warheads with a re-entry impact and highly accurate speed of 4800 MPH.
    For which no defence whatsoever
    China now has a complete new type of radar
    that easily detects the F35 carrier aircraft
    And computer linked to many missile launchers
    Along with China has been the 1st to successfully create the ultra radar avoiding
    Man made material and now coating all its military aircraft new and existing with it
    So UK& US. F35,s now bloody useless
    And the final nail in the coffin for the West,s
    Naval fleet in the Sth.China sea is that China,s
    Strategy which now fully functional, forces our carriers further out to sea,which means the F35 which has a low operational distance
    If fully loaded thereby requiring Air tanker refuel Or a Seriously diminished weapon load
    Western defence experts were baffled why
    The Chinese J21 stealth fighter had such a heavy airframe
    Well with all the advances China has made they have found out now as The J21 can carry 2 extra fuel pods and almost twice the weaponry of the F35 along with new stealth coating.Tis a very brave Admiral that sails his carrier groups into Chinese waters
    Russia and China are now fully co operating on all matters military
    Economically and due to China,s success in dealing with covid their economy has actually grown by over 2% for 2020, whilst UK & US has seriously contracted due to the inept efforts of dealing with covid
    All of which now means that the day China becomes the Worlds biggest economy has been brought forward by 5 years to 2025
    Leaders in the West have now only waking up to all this but far too late
    And to finish that is why Brexit is and will be a disaster and all due to the fact that it is only the EU now who can influence policies with regards China
    It is game over for Western Hegemony in global affairs who now find themselves playing 2 nd fiddle which is seriously out of tune


  5. Thanks for the “Troutlike Michael Gove” link John, had almost forgotten Gove’s blatant lie over his dad’s business, and the stooshie caused when the lie was exposed by his own dad.

    We should remember the fishing industry in Scotland is quite different to that in England, and the vast majority of those worst affected are not the headline trawler owners and Tory donors but multiple smaller businesses.

    As to the BBC whitewash, surely no surprised #10 would have them whipped into line by #10 to bury fishy stories, and the “Moray-Cheel” would have his red flag out if PQ even considered it…
    There’s no bad-SNP angle to milk for PQ, hence the 2 day old Glenn Campbell “Sturgeon : ‘Major promises’ broken in fishing deal”, and the 3 day old “Mask” fiasco left up to remind readers of their core purpose.


  6. For interest, I note from the EU/UK trade agreement that the UK has “central”, “regional” and “local” government. There is only one mention of the term “devolved”, referring to devolved administrations in the UK in the context of setting out the nature of relevant regulatory authorities near the beginning of the document.

    But thereafter, in all relevant references to the UK, the usage is “regional” government. So based on this, Scotland is confirmed as a region of the UK and our government in Holyrood as a ‘regional government’.

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    1. stewartb
      No doubt and very early on in the negotiations Westminster ensured that as little reference to Devo as possible
      It is what the EU actualy think that is important regards Scotland and far more so than what is written in a long document that in effect is only the basis of many more ongoing talks
      Please note actions are far louder than words
      And they very cleverly excluded Scottish seed Tatties from the agreement
      Why because this is a clever blow to England’s Tories as a lot of their support up here in Scotland is in Tattie growing constituencies
      Just like how they struck back at US with high tarrifs on American Whiskey
      As the Republican in charge of the Senate
      Represents Kentucky the home of Bourbon
      Please credit the EU with the savvy as how to handle obtuse weasel England
      Financial services are still to be dealt with
      And such is vital for London & S.E.England
      The heartland of Tory support
      So the EU are saving their most effective punches for the rounds to come
      So far round 1 a draw
      But that will rapidly tilt in EU favour as the contest develops
      The E.U by far are the most nimble and adept
      Of all negotiators on the planet
      And little Olde England will have to wake up to this as matters proceed
      They have placed their foot into a open gin trap
      Their move now


  7. Fret not
    Our fishing communities are rather scattered around our coast and Islands
    As such they are very tight knit and their jungle drums beat loud and clear
    The Tories,Labour & Liberals who are numerically quite strong in these constituencies shall well and truly have to remove their hands plugging their deaf ears
    As the votes are cast for Holyrood in May
    Then they shall be truly not only be deafened but silenced


    1. Thanks for the link Scott. Odd that the panel had no-one from Scotland but two from London.

      Of the three panel members, one seemed well informed and ‘got’ where a majority in Scotland is coming from. The contributions from the other two panelists verged on the embarrassingly ill-informed or politically naive on occasion!

      (The interviewer had an annoying habit of making noises when panel members were speaking that implied his impatience!)


  8. I don’t think the EU bother about Scotland one little bit. If they did they would surely realise that it was the UK that joined the EU. That being the case the UK legally consists of two equal sovereign states. So the Brexit deal to my mind is an Anglo EU deal. The EU cares nothing about Scotland they will still get access to all of Scotlands resources that they require from England.
    Sadly I am of the opinion that you can take the p=ss out of the Scots 24 7 365. And if Scotland becomes independent the rest of the world will think, yeah lets go trade with them it will be like taking candy from a baby.


  9. I have seen reports that say that the fishermen of Ireland, France and the Netherlands dislike the deal on fisheries agreed between the EU and UK. They fear for their future.

    Here is a piece in the Irish Times written by a representative of some of Ireland’s fishermen before the deal was done. The title gives the drift.


    “As a result of favourable fisheries deals negotiated by the EU with non-EU states since Britain joined the then EEC in 1973, the UK has netted more than €1 billion worth of additional fish above and beyond what they would have ordinarily been entitled to in the last 10 years alone.

    It stands to reason that when you leave a club, you relinquish the benefits which that membership afforded. Therefore Britain cannot expect to retain benefits it enjoyed while an EU member in any future trade agreement.

    Moreover, in all of the complex, multifaceted and what have ultimately become tetchy negotiations around fisheries, the UK has spoken boisterously of blocking its erstwhile European colleagues from its waters and doubling its catch.

    It would be rank hypocrisy for the UK to expect to slam the door and hold on to its valuable wins that have generated €100 million annually for its fisheries sector since 2010.”


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