A Christmas threat from the Editor

My latest T shirt. Chosen by my daughter as the latest in her winning sequence of T shirts featuring so far Marx, Chomsky and Vic Reeves.

It’s no idle threat. Watch what you say. I will blog you. I’ve done it to Nicola Sturgeon, Kevin McKenna, Iain Macwhirter and only recently to Prof Linda Bauld. Look what’s happened to their careers. Well, not much, I suppose.

My Boxing Day reading, chosen by my son:

Frankie’s Little Red Book to go with the Little Read one from Mao. This early paragraph is thought-provoking from Scotland’s leading public intellectual:

I hope you’re all well or as well as can be expected given the challenges I know many of you face.

Finally, from another of the few public intellectuals you can trust:

5 thoughts on “A Christmas threat from the Editor

  1. They look like very useful presents. Great t-shirt!
    There are far as I know more good people on the planet, (ie not self serving, mean and anti equality of any sort) than nasty, bad, or evil ones. Time to stop the few abusing and oppressing the many. Remember that time when Labour had a banner, ‘for the few not the many’! A Freudian slip to say the very least. they shouldn’t have bothered changing it. Who on Earth will the folk in England, who have been clinging onto Labour to er save them from the Tories, vote for next time?

    Some philosopher said ‘man is born basically good’.

    Have a good boxing day all, no doubt we will all be recycling boxes on boxing day!

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  2. Blogging Linda? Devi and Linda are close friends, says Devi. Have a great New Year.

    Macwhirter’s greatest fault might be inconsistency? Not a failing of Frankie. “He has also referred to Boris Johnson as “a bin bag of Albino body parts.”


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