A tendency to stalk?

A friend alerted me to this saying ‘I suspect we won’t hear if its ‘disproportionate’ relative to the sector in any other part of the UK or indeed to the sector in any other part of Western Europe!’ 

The well-named Stalker has previous in the use of this low-level , gutter, ‘research.’ In July 2020:

I wrote at the time:

Revealing herself to be a worthy successor to Lisa Summers and fully integrated into the Sarah Smith / Glen Campbell school of cringe, Fiona Stalker goes ambulance-chasing for chronic pain sufferers whose experience can be used against NHS Scotland and by association the SNP leaders.

I wonder will she have bothered to search for any more reliable evidence of NHS Scotland’s performance or are one or two individuals prepared to cry on screen more her thing?

Good guess Prof! By August she had two, just two:

Might this, from 2016, be informative for the viewers?

England and Wales currently have fewer pain doctors than Scotland and Northern Ireland and that there are wide regional variations in the number of doctors specializing in pain medicine across England.


Returning to the ‘some‘ she has already stalked:

Who are they? How many? Who told you about them? Have you checked if they are relatives of opposition MSPs? Are they members of the opposition parties? Are they members of Scotland in Union or relatives of members?

I might be able to answer the third question – Monica Lennon. No! I hear you cry. Surely not. See this in the Express and Star:

Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon is co-convener of the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group on chronic pain (Andrew Milligan/PA) Ms Lennon said she has been contacted by sufferers who have “had to travel to England and pay privately for pain injections because they are not able to access their usual treatment”.


See that word ‘privately‘ Ms Stalker? If you find ‘some‘ travelling to England for private treatment as opposed to for free NHS England treatment, that would be a very different thing wouldn’t it?

Will Stalker require the same help with context again? I suspect so.

6 thoughts on “A tendency to stalk?

  1. Stalker and Lennon are enough to give us all a headache with their utter bias and propaganda against the Scottish government. Their agenda is to create fear, to divide people, to demonise the SNP, and to totally undermine Scotland’s public services such as the SNHS.

    Stalker and Lennon should hang their heads in shame for twisting facts to their own political and career ends, disgusting. Hope they don’t use the Scottish NHS that they are so keen on trashing, or any other services that they trash, which the ScotGov keep going against huge odds. These people should be careful what they wish for, but then again, they most likely can easily afford to go ‘private’ when their masters in London destroy Scotland’s NHS.
    Where are the painkillers, hope we can still afford them after January 1st!

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  2. Labour the only party who opposed MUP. Then made bleating heart speeches about premature alcoholic deaths in Holyrood. MUP has cut consumption and early death. In Scotland people get prescriptions for chronic pain. Increased carers allowance. Increased spending on the SNHS. NHS funding was cut by the Tories from 2015 to 2020. Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut funding. The Vow not worth the paper it was written on.

    People from the UK will now have to pay for healthcare in Europe, if the Tories get their way. World investment in healthcare will be cut. Cuts to aid funding.

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  3. People were being advised to travel to Scotland to get tested. The Tories utter shambles. How many ended up getting tested here. On holiday spreading the virus. Including the Royals.

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  4. “In BBC Hootsmon’s Naked Sh!tty, there are ten million stories (each one sh!ttier than the last)—this has been one of them”.
    …………………”Andy Pandy” Marr………………………………..

    Brought to you by @Carson/Davis Productions Inc.

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