Maybe not quite ‘in the pink’ but in perspective?

The Guardian map provides the clearest and simplest illustration of how effective the three mainland political parties have been in their attempts to control this pandemic. Two of them, Labour in Wales and Conservatives in England have made errors of judgement that, in former times, would have led to the fall of governments.

The map does not reveal the underlying consequences in lives lost of these failures.

Look at the death rate in last month:

Now, I know pundits such as Andrew Marr would rather look at the first phase but that reveals only the errors of the UK Government and of SAGE, BEFORE the devolved governments could show what they are capable or not capable of.

The last month shows you, in particular how the Scottish Government despite its inability to close the airports, acted quickly and decisively to suppress infections and thus reduced subsequent deaths in the weeks to follow. The Sun doesn’t trumpet:

‘Nic saves hundreds of lives!’

The last week shows you they’re still concentrating despite the howls of protests from some pub-owners and Tories:

Those 400 000 still only watching BBC Scotland do not know any of this.

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16 thoughts on “Maybe not quite ‘in the pink’ but in perspective?

      1. Not just Marr. All MSM is intent on making sure that no part of the UK appears to handle the virus better aided by ONS press releases.
        ONS prevalence
        Latest: Scotland 1/100
        NI 1/250
        Wales 1/90
        England 1/95
        Seems not to match current situation.


  1. The UK looks a bit flayed there, yuk. I mean YUK.

    What can you say, except, liars. BritNats just cannot bear to see that Scotland is managing this whole scenario, crisis, much better than England and Wales. If that was to reach the few folks still tuning into the
    BritNatBC, it wouldn’t do at all, because the lightbulb might switch on, hmm, if Nicola Sturgeon is managing this major crisis so well, might that apply to actually running a country, ahh…

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  2. Indeed John, the Marr perspective dominating the media narrative particularly in Scotland is corrosive and unhelpful.
    Their usual propaganda games are bad enough at the best of times, but in the midst of a pandemic ? It is NOT acceptable that sickness and death are mere collateral damage in political games, it is immoral.

    PS – Every time I’ve opened your site of late the international-council-education-advisers-report-2018-20 downloads, not sure if it’s a site glitch or at my end.

    PPS – Excellent C4 podcast by Krishnan Guru-Murthy if you haven’t seen it,

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    1. Bob Lamont,
      Thank you for the link to Prof Sridhar’s interview. Very impressive but then she always is. Fluent, clear messaging with few, if any, distracting ‘ers’ and ‘ums’.

      A couple of pointed remarks about Scottish Unionist politicians and their criticisms of her. Also the UK Gov and the way money had been spent to the benefit of companies rather than serious attempts to tackle the pandemic.

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  3. While no one is out of the woods yet, any serious inquiry will tell the truth about the timelines, mortality rates and what was done and when.
    Trouble is: will Scots ever get to know the facts about this?
    Or will “our” media distort, lie and obfuscate about It, as they have done up till now?

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  4. I am old enough to remember what the term journalist once represented.

    The parade of unionist propaganda agents who infest the media in Scotland can only be described as sickening.

    What other Nation would tolerate this constant drip-drip negative portrayal of their citizens, society and parliament.

    Our media ignores Europe which is on our doorstep and focuses endlessly on the politics of the USA and the sycophantic worship of Royalty. The message is clear and the controlling hand even clearer.

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    1. Julia ” What other Nation would tolerate this constant drip-drip negative portrayal of their citizens, society and parliament.”

      We’re special.

      Our Nation has had 313 years of conditioning, by the benelovent products of another countries public schools.

      But things are changing . . . . Yesterday’s National front page

      Y E S. ON 5 8 %

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  5. And of course, the U.K. has still done fuck all to control imports of the virus (largest potential through air travel) so if things do get under control internally, once flights are opened up again we’ll have it all over again.

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  6. Perhaps the most glaring example of how the English media and the BBC in particular continue to distort and manipulate the news agenda and the double standards is the manner in which they recently reported drug deaths in Scotland. Having tried to hide and disguise the full horror of Virus deaths in England and UK Gov incompetence by referring it as ‘UK ‘they were quick to target the Scot Government on Drug deaths. It seems we are only ‘Better together’ when it suits the MSM.

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  7. Sometimes what is online serves as abetter source of information. The link is to a series of tweets about what is happening in the NHS in England.

    “Rupert Pearse
    Replying to
    Hospitals in the north of England seem to be stabilising now which is a relief, but the situation in south Wales, east London and the north Kent remains very difficult. COVID patient numbers have doubled where I work in the last week. 2/10”


  8. Kent used to be known as the garden of England for the abundance of fruit and hops grown. Now the north of Kent is badly affected by covid19 and the rest of it….

    “Residents face a terrible cocktail of miles of gridlocked traffic, delays to COVID vaccine deliveries, school closures, giant, thudding construction sites springing up on their doorstep without consultation, and the lingering smell of actual piss.

    World News
    What the Hell Is Going On with Brexit Now?

    For Tony Bessent, the daily reality is a reminder that reeks: he’s unable to work in his garden because of the overriding smell of urine. “They chuck two-litre Coke bottles full of piss straight onto the roadside,” says the 77-year-old retiree living on the outskirts of Dover in Kent, who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. “I like to work on my garden and in my workshop. But you can really smell the fumes of it.””


    1. England likes to think as a certain little song goes that it is
      The Land of Hope & Glory
      Whilst the reality it is indeed
      The Land of Despair & Disease


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