HC-One care home deaths presented as due to NHS Fife or Fife Council by both BBC and Herald

Two days ago, BBC Scotland reported on three privately-owned care homes with Covid outbreaks and managed to avoid mentioning the owners. They did manage to mention the local health boards and the local authorities repeatedly.

Any reader would think they were council-owned.

That the health boards and the councils were fire-fighting the outbreaks by providing staff and resources at the tax-payers’ expenses got no mention nor, in one case, did a poor inspection report come to light.

Lomond Court Care Home in Glenrothes, is owned by HC-One. You remember them. The Skye care home where 10 died due to the use of agency staff from all over the UK.

Here’s the Herald report:

Here’s the BBC Scotland report:

Based on the above, who does it seem is responsible? NHS Fife? Fife Health and Social Care Partnership? Fife Council? Jeanne Freeman?

Is there much to say about HC-One? This:

Tax: https://www.wikicorporates.org/wiki/HC-One_Ltd

Deaths: https://news.stv.tv/highlands-islands/more-than-200-residents-die-at-hc-one-homes-in-scotland?top

Other incidents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HC-One

Recent reports: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-54738341

13 thoughts on “HC-One care home deaths presented as due to NHS Fife or Fife Council by both BBC and Herald

    1. Of course, they are not actually lying, but just omitting things. However, by the way in which they phrase things, they imply Council, NHS and SG responsibility.

      Of more concern is the failure of trade unions to raise a fuss. It seems that the union hierarchy, being Labour tribalists, hate the SG so much that that trumps everything.

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  1. Well done to yourself, and others, who complain to the B.B.C about their biased propaganda. I did so for years, getting fobbed off with gobbledygook, so I’m afraid I gave up. At least when I wrote to the Letters page of the Daily Record, in the years before the Scottish Independence Referendum, I actually had some published.

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  2. Reminds me of the recent reporting of the mother and baby scandal in England. No mention of Matt Hancock, but Jeremy Hunt is called upon to waffle about it by the BBC and others.

    Hunt seems to be the go-to interviewee for any English health issue. He’s presented as if he’s some kind of expert voice because of his previous responsibilities, but he’s really cover for the current incumbent.

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    1. Pretty sure Hunt was the English Health Minister at the time.
      Not Guilty M’lud.
      Of course he was never charged–they never are!


  3. Fret not
    Because a place in hell awaits their arrival
    And upon Indy the entrance ticket to such will be firmly place into their grubby hands
    All as a small trailer if what awaits them


  4. Recent outbreaks in care homes seem to have involved a few HC-One homes. For example, Bannockburn and West Lothian. Are they still shuffling staff I wonder?





  6. The media’s implication by omission scam has been running a while now on care-homes, think back to the “Home Farm” incident.
    The common strands are avoid all mention of the testing arrangement on which such homes depend, identify the place not the owner, and “nudge” the reader to fill in the blanks.
    We’ve seen the same pattern of reporting on Deeside, Inchmarlo and Balhousie of late, if it is not by collusion the only remaining explanation is external orchestration, but it remains dishonest reporting.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Legerwood. It’s a compelling account.

      Might the restaurant and bar owners that have gone to law in Scotland over Covid restrictions – might folk like celebrity chef Tom Kitchin who has told the media that he feels ‘raw’, ‘angry’ and treated unfairly by Covid-19 restrictions – read about this research and reflect!

      Unfortunately, probably not. They are unlikely to be aware of these findings unless the Scottish media report it in order to help the public understand better the SG’s caution. And how likely is that?

      I even wonder if the newly announced plans to tighten restrictions in Germany over Christmas and New Year will get much coverage in Scotland’s media? Providing ‘perspective’ for what Scotland’s government is doing is not something most media outlets in Scotland favour!


      1. I take it that your questions about hospitality people reading this article or the MSM (Scotland) reporting it are rhetorical, if not the answer to both Qs is: No.

        I am fed up with people in the hospitality sector claiming there is little if any scientific evidence about transmission in bars etc when there is lots of evidence. There is evidence about aerosols themselves and how they behave whether loaded with virus or no.

        This is an article from the Guardian on the subject of aerosol transmission which is a simpler read but has useful links within the article about current research etc.


        I get that the sector is suffering and don’t have a problem with them, and their employees getting financial help, but they could at the very least acknowledge that much of the money/borrowing will be paid back by people who never go near bars or are waiting for medical treatment that has been delayed because the wards have been closed because of Covid.


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