SHOCK: Nic’s virus defence system excels!


The Sun’s Chris Musson, renowned investigative reporter and statistician was not available to check our figures but we think we may have stumbled on some very bad new for Boris which those Nats will probably try to exploit to make a case for Indy!

The Guardian reports today:

The National Audit Office (NAO) has found that the centralised programme is contacting two out of every three people who have been close to someone who has tested positive.

We don’t need to tell Musson that 2 out of 3 is only 66.6666666% and well below the SAGE target of 80% for an effective contact tracing system.

We’ve also asked Andrew Marr’s numbers guy for the ‘even worse‘ Scottish data but he hasn’t go back to us so we’ve had to find them ourselves.

In the week ending 6th November, Scotland’s locally-based contact tracing teams contacted 92.6% in 24 hours and another 6.2% within 48 hours.

Over the period since the Scottish system went live, they’ve contacted 97%.

8 thoughts on “SHOCK: Nic’s virus defence system excels!

  1. The Sun is not the only outlet to carp mendaciously about the tracing in Scotland. The Ferret was dogwhistling yesterday and Source has cavilled throughout the year.

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  2. Meanwhile, this is overlooked. The first paragraph is only the introduction but it sure tells you enough about what to expect. A keeper perhaps?

    “On 9 September, Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, shared his ambitions for using new types of coronavirus tests. “In the near future we hope to start using testing to identify people who are negative, who don’t have coronavirus, who are not infectious…. it should be possible to deploy these tests on a far bigger scale than any country has yet achieved, literally millions of tests, being processed every single day.” [1] Papers revealing the details of this “Operation Moonshot” were leaked around the same time. [2] Liverpool is the first place for this ambition to meet with reality. So what can we learn from this example of rapid policy development and implementation, including as it does an unvalidated test applied on a mass scale for an unclear and shifting purpose?”

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  3. Chris Mussin, thinks he’s Paul Wheller. . . . . (It’s the haircut)

    This am. Radio Scotland has been tasked with getting us all out to the shops . . . . Get coughing,

    When pubs opened up . . . Kay A. claimed to have been to two in one night.
    When resturants opened up Gary R. Claimed to have been to 2 during a weekend. Etc etc.

    1pm news . . . Radio Shopping first article . . . Shops are open, interviewed a hairdresser.
    Turned over to Radio 4 . . . . Brexit, Boris Johnson had been refused prrmission to speak to Merkel amd Macron .

    Will the truth ever be published in any newspaper sold in Scotland (National excepted) before independence. . . . Now there’s a thought.

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  4. I had the following post removed from a BBC have your say thread for breaking their rules. LMAO! “ The endless BBC “have your says” on Scottish politics are such a great boon and source for the increasing support for Scottish independence. Keep up the good work auntie and all you clueless posters. Your hard work and support is greatly appreciated.”

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  5. A bit more information about England’s covid19 testing.

    “Fionna O’Leary, 🕯Flag of European Union
    This shows the processing lag. NB These are ENGLISH cases only

    Basically it takes a week to process all, but most are processed within 4 days.
    Quote Tweet
    · 12h
    Replying to @DHSCgovuk
    Of the 17,899 new #covid19 cases reported in England today

    1,035 were from tests taken yesterday (6%)
    11,919 from Wednesday (67%)
    3,705 from Tuesday (21%)
    913 from Monday (5%)
    125 from Sun (1%)
    100 from Sat (1%)
    18 last Friday

    Net 84 prior

    Tests took an average of 3.3 days”


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