Oh, do give over!

Edinburgh airport chief Gordon Dewar criticised for 'whorient express'  remark | The Times
(c) DAvid Cheskin/PA

Rant from Brenda Steele:

Gordon Dewar got a spread in the Press and Journal today from Tom Peterkin yesterday:

Gordon Dewar says Scottish Government’s coronavirus vaccine plan will cost lives and jobs

The coronavirus vaccine may not be widely rolled out until the end of next year as a result of the Scottish Government’s “woefully inadequate” plans, Gordon Dewar warned MSPs.

Appearing at Holyrood, Mr Dewar, Edinburgh Airport chief executive, delivered a damning verdict on Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the pandemic and even accused the first minister of campaigning against his industry.https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/2725075/gordon-dewar-coronavirus-vaccine/embed/#?secret=0bFnIldDCl

He got repeat exposure at the ScotGov Coronavirus Press Conference today, using exactly the same overblown phraseology from Michael Blackley of the Daily Mail at 46m 55s in.


Gordon Dewar is not in public health or any other position that relates to the handling of a pandemic.   In fact, he has no expertise whatsoever in this area.  He is Edinburgh Airport chief executive.  Just a businessman. Nothing more. 

Why do two UKMSM outlets think that Mr Dewar’s pronouncements are of any interest whatsoever to the public?

Mr Gordon, Mr  Peterkin, Mr Blackley, here is a tip. The public does not zip up the back of the head.

We know what you are about.

We are all tired of the pandemic, but we are even more tired of  SNPBaaad stories, so do stop peddling ill-informed  ignorant utterances as Gospel Truths. 

11 thoughts on “Oh, do give over!

  1. Gordon Dewar obviously doesn’t give a sh!t about how many people catch the virus and die – as long as his airport gets to fly lots of people in and out. Talk about blinkered vision… the man is so short sighted he shouldn’t be allowed out without a white stick and a guide dog.

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  2. This P&J rant from Mr Dewar is very odd!

    Here he is having a go at the Scottish Government but we then read this from him in the same article: “So all of that says that if I was an airline I would be saying, well, let’s forget about the UK next year. Certainly, let’s forget about putting any of our faster start-up or focus on the UK and that’s before I get on to Brexit.”

    Apart from the garbled sentence construction, is the SG now responsible for what he regards as a ‘problem’ of the UK?

    And then yes there is this: “We have looked at the designs they are looking at to deliver vaccine roll-out and they are woefully inadequate,” Mr Dewar said. “They will not deliver a wide vaccine capability until the back end of next year, as it stands.”

    Is this ‘we’ his ‘expert’ airport staff? What specifically is ‘woefully inadequate’? Perhaps wealthy individuals who are keen to travel by air multiple times in the next 12 month – the high value clients of airlines and airports – should be getting higher priority over others?

    And do these experts know how much of the sole currently approved vaccine Scotland (or indeed the whole UK) will get and when? Do they know when and in what quantities Scotland will get another – less logistically challenging – vaccine from, say Oxford University/AZ? I suspect no government in the UK – and no government anywhere – knows all it would wish to know right now about vaccine availability and delivery.


    1. Indeed spotted the same, and could only think Dewar expected to gain Brownie points.
      1 – Highlighting UK airport problems would potentially gain kudos within the industry, whilst simultaneously being seen by the Tories et al to “criticise” SG.
      2 – Extra Tory points awarded for “We have looked at the designs…” as it aligns with the current political smear attempts on “SG’s lack of joined up thinking’, political propaganda bereft any proofs let alone merit.
      His projected timeline implies fault to SG in full knowledge London is sole control of what is purchased and distributed, and that vaccine suppliers are on the cusp of boosting vaccine production and distribution amid insatiable worldwide demand in the next 6 months at least.

      Predictably the media leapt on it for their daily SNP-bad fix, but when you look at the substance of it, it’s no more than showboating.

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      1. And why did you think that no matter how you view them Ryan Air and Easy Jet soon after Brexit vote move their Aircraft registration out of UK and into France & Germany
        Answer they are shrewd business,s and knew full well what is about to befall UK registered aircraft attempting to land at EU controlled
        Destinations through their Airspace
        Game Set & Match to them
        The beginning of the end for all UK aviation
        Who can no longer build a commercial Airliner. And will also find out that the same will become the case for military aircraft
        Such is the bright futures that awaits them
        Take back control they howl
        Well as far as NI. concerned they have handed All Major control to the EU & Biddens
        One wrong move and a terrible retribution awaits them
        Little wonder Sinn Fein have a massive grin upon their face


  3. All in All he and associates and partners in crime
    Constititute what may accurately be defined as none other as a
    Tower of Babble


  4. Edinburgh infection rate is actually getting worse and catching up with Glasgow…tourists, and now with xmas coming up, people coming and going….not looking forward to a spring lockdown, especially in run up to the election as well…go round streets in my area of Edinburgh of an evening, full of mainly English students drinking in the street…obviously no masks and certainly little if any distancing.

    Scotland close your border or face more serious rates of infection in cities like Edinburgh, also Wales, numbers horrendous. They need to close their border. Not being anti, but did well off folk decamp to Wales and Scotland to avoid their month long total lockdown? Makes you wonder looking at figures now…it will happen over and over though, it’s bloody horrendous, it loses lives, jobs, and wrecks Scotland’s economy.

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  5. There are temperature guns to used and testing. Why are Airports not using them. Brexit will mean people cannot travel. Where is the rant against Brexit. Even when people are fit they will not be able to travel so freely.

    It is a knowledges by statistics the second wave was caused by travel. Including to Spain. The ignorance and arrogance of these Tory sympathisers. Pathetic.

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