This is not a council care home (2)

Who owns and manages Inchmarlo care home? See if the BBC report gives you a clue?

Several residents of a care home in Aberdeenshire have died following a major coronavirus outbreak, it has been confirmed. A total of 91 positive cases have been recorded at Inchmarlo Care Home, which has been closed to new admissions and visitors. A major incident was declared on Monday by health officials in charge of tackling the outbreak. NHS Grampian said it was stood down on Tuesday when “extra support” was found. The exact number of deaths has not been revealed.

A spokesman for the health board and Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: “We are deploying staff into the home to help support the management and staff team to continue to care for residents.” Care home bosses said they were “very grateful” to residents and their families, as well as staff and the local community, for their support. A spokesman added: “We are deeply touched by the many expressions of kindness during these difficult times. “Sadly, some of those affected have passed away. The loss of any member of the Inchmarlo family is a tragedy, and our thoughts are with all those affected including their family, friends and the staff involved in their care.

“We are not able to comment further, due to the need for privacy of all residents and out of respect for all families, with whom we are in regular communication. Everyone at Inchmarlo House Care Home is wholly focused on the care of residents and is giving 100% of their time to this just now.”

Scotland’s Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has said that care home residents will be able to receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine from 14 December. There had been fears that homes would not be able to receive the first batch of doses due to logistical challenges.

Despite the BBC report, it’s not NHS Grampian. It’s not Aberdeenshire Council and Jeanne Freeman is not the manager.

Inchmarlo Care Home is owned by Skene Enterprises (Aberdeen) Limited, in turn owned by the Skene family:

Unlike other care home owners, the Skene group seem to be free of scandal, if a bit stingy with the gratitude. The ‘care home bosses’ thanked everyone but NHS Grampian despite it having provided free staff and resources, at the taxpayer’s expense.

One thought on “This is not a council care home (2)

  1. Care home OWNERS are ‘deeply touched’ I bet they are. At the same time they say that, they are rubbing their hands together at the profits they are making while creating a huge care home and no doubt community health problem resulting in deaths, due to their utter greed. Truly sickening they should be locked up.


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