Media silence as Hospital onset Covid cases fall again

Figure 1 is an epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay. The length of the bars are the counts of COVID-19 cases during each week, from week ending 1 March to week ending 15 November 2020, with the bars broken down by hospital onset status: non-hospital onset (day 1 or 2 of in-patient stay), indeterminate hospital onset, probable hospital onset and definite hospital onset. The chart shows a steep increase in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases until a peak on week ending 5 April. This is followed by a decline in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases since this peak; few cases were observed during July and August. An increase has been observed in overall and definite hospital onset cases since week ending 30 August.

In the week-ending 8th November 2020, 94.9% of all Covid cases were caused by community transmission and only 1.2% were definitely acquired in hospital. The level has now fallen for two weeks in a row but there is no media coverage.

As cases rose in October, BBC Scotland were most interested and Lisa Summers tweeted excitedly:

BBC Scotland then reported:

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine reported that the level in England, in October, varied between 17% and 25%, up to 12 times higher.

They have not repeated their data so far.

6 thoughts on “Media silence as Hospital onset Covid cases fall again

  1. One of the perennial jibes, by the British nationalists against the Scottish government, is “health”.
    Today we get the results of a review into the murderous maternity care in Shrewsbury and Telford hospital.
    This is just one of a number of serious health care scandals in England in which, thousands of people have suffered consequences, often leading to preventable or early death. Compare with the 13 years of SNP government.
    The media is silent, as always. Not least the “Scottish” media.
    No finger is ever pointed at English Health Ministers. No blame attaches.

    No British nationalist politician or commentator ever report Scottish health care in a wider UK context, or report it with the perspective of fixed and similar, UK spending budgets (it is estimated, because of geography and sparsity of population, that services in Scotland require 16% more funding for the same outcome).

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    1. Interesting you should mention this as while I was waiting for the FM’s Q’s to be televised on BBC Scotland to begin I did notice the caption on screen gave no indication this was in England let alone the precise location while in other ‘UK’ news the info was clearly evident. The BBC over the years have developed a finely tuned technique of distorting the news to suit its own agenda and is now being put to ‘good’ use in Scotland.

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      1. BBC are distorting the ‘news’, omitting actual facts and telling massive lies, to suit the EngGov agenda…that’s even bigger than just the BBC, even darker and more sinister in it’s intent. Some folks will be conned by it, and we can expect this to be ramped up hugely in the next few months. The Brexit cliff has Scotland dangling by a thread though and plenty of people in Scotland are not so daft as to not know which side their bread’s going to be buttered very soon!


  2. BBC News online headline today: ‘Shropshire hospital ‘blamed’ mothers for babies’ deaths’

    This relates to further exposure of the horrendous failings of maternity services at theShrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

    The first line of the article is this: “Mothers were blamed for their babies’ deaths and a large number of women died in labour at a scandal-hit maternity unit, a review has found.” Given the second part of that sentence, the choice of headline might be thought rather understated!

    (In July this year it was reported that the review of this Trust’s maternity services was examining 1,800 suspect cases.)

    In today’s article on the BBC News website, there is mention of two Tory backbench MPs, one a former health secretary. But there is no mention of the government in power; there is no picture of a Westminster health minister; indeed in this article there is no mention of a Westminster government representative at all. I’m sure BBC Scotland journalists/editors could teach their English colleagues a thing or two here.

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    1. For any mother or baby to die due to unavoidable birth complications in a rich country such as England, in the 21st century, is absolutely heartbreaking and criminal. Still, the Tories do not care they want the whole of the NHS privatised so that they can rake in the profits, it’s truly sickening.

      Scotland would be worse than England re healthcare and other public services had any BritNat Labour, Tory or Libdem party been at the helm the past decade. They must never ever be allowed near power at Holyrood, not while they take their orders from the English government.
      Independence is Scotland’s get out of jail card, let’s use in 2021.

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  3. I noticed this on the front page of the Telegraph (English edition).
    “Since August, more than 16% of people treated for Covid in hospitals in England acquired the virus there. at one NHS Trust nearly four in every 10 it was treating had been acquired in its hospitals.”

    Not a sign of it anywhere on the BBC

    I don’t have a subscription so I haven’t read the whole story. The link to the online version is

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