SHOCK evidence SNP pandemic strategy much better

Andrew Marr leaves the BBC Broadcasting House in central London after presenting The Andrew Marr Show on 18 October, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Get me somebody who can’t count!

The overall Covid infection rate per 1 m pop in England is now 43.5% higher and the death rate is 33% higher, than in Scotland:

Recent Scottish Covid death rate refuses to satisfy BBC agenda:

Situation Vacant: BBC Andrew Marr Show: Chief Statistician

Must be able find something to suggest SNP Government failure. Accuracy is negotiable.

Footnote: Response to my complaint:

6 thoughts on “SHOCK evidence SNP pandemic strategy much better

  1. Tut, tut. Demmed statistics and hokery–probably from Putin or that demmed socialist, Joe Biden.
    As the entirety of the Anglosphere all know, from the wondrous BBC to the Hootsmon, to the Torygraf—on the third Tuesday in Novermber at 3PM, you demmed Scotlanders had one whole death more than England—– ONE!!!! Ask Andrew. Marr or Neil. Just ask!
    Get out of that, you demmed whining Jockos!

    You’ll see; yup you’ll see– tomorrow when Boris Von Chamberlain returns from demmed foreign climes (dirty beggars)—-his triumphalantist wee piece of EU paper— from the Continental Surrender Monkeys— waving in his powerful, Mighty Blighty fist—you’ll see.
    BORIS–King of the World????—NO—he will be the Emperor of EVERYONE!!!!! He’ll rule the lot o’ yuh.


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  2. They won’t give up will they. The BritNats just cannot contain themselves every Covid death in Scotland is a gift to their narrative agenda. Stooping low hardly comes close, nasty pieces of work the lot of them.

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  3. I got an e-mail from the BBC yesterday, apologizing for the delay in answering my complaint about the Andrew Marr Show, apparently they’re dealing with a higher number than normal, and their response will take a little longer than the two week target.

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    1. Such an apologetic BBC e-mail regarding complaints is par for the course – there might even be a second one coming your way.

      I always assume that it’s not that the BBC’s system is inefficient but that it is being overwhelmed with complaints – and from Scotland especially!!


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