What’s yours? Nothing yet pal

The Scottish Hospitality Group campaigns on behalf of the corporate chains of bars and restaurants and prioritises their profits over saving lives. They’ve come up with some figures suggesting they get less financial support than equivalents in Wales do. I can’t see the data so I’ll reserve judgement on that one.

I’m more concerned with this, especially in Level 3 and 4 areas:

We know from research that restaurants and bars can be ‘superspreaders’ of infection:

First, the highly respect Nature Medicine published research in September, tracing an outbreak to four bars in Hong Kong.


Second, also in September, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study reported:

Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.


Third, from Emergency Infectious Diseases, in July, a study from Guangzhou, China, implicated the air conditioning in a restaurant.


And gyms:

During 24 days in Cheonan, South Korea, 112 persons were infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 associated with fitness dance classes at 12 sports facilities. Intense physical exercise in densely populated sports facilities could increase risk for infection. Vigorous exercise in confined spaces should be minimized during outbreaks.


What’s yours? Nothing yet pal.

16 thoughts on “What’s yours? Nothing yet pal

    1. Curiously this article came through on my email notification as a number, 23134. Same with one from Peter Bell, has SO changed something?I
      SO should have read Word Press😃

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  1. John,
    This story is on the front page of The Herald today. Reading it through to the end it would appear that this ‘complaint’ by the SHG is timed to coincide with a Tory move in Holyrood tomorrow where they intend to call for the SG to extend the 100% business rates relief for a year.

    As usual right at the end you get the input from the SG details of which make you wonder if there is any story there far less a front page one.

    Details of the support from the SG to the hospitality sector stated in the article are:
    Businesses with a rateable value up to £51,000 are paid £2000 per month while businesses with a rateable value of more than £51,000 are paid £3,000 per month. These payments are just one part of an overall package of measures totalling £2.3 Billion not all of which is covered by consequentials from the UK Gov. The sector is also eligible for the UK Gov furlough scheme and as the SG spokesperson pointed out that scheme was extended in no small part due to the pressure brought to bear on the UKGov by the SG amongst others.

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  2. There was an interesting section in the phone-in on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. The theme was about the vaccine for Covid and about addressing concerns about it and about people who are reluctant or refuse.The programme was genuinely well-intentioned.

    Amongst the assembled e’experts’ was Prof Reicher from St Andrew’s University who has been a regular with many broadcasters during lockdown. He was making a point about the transparency of and trust in the people giving the message and referred specifically and approvingly of how the Scottish Government had dealt with things. Kaye Adams (for it was she) completely ignored this statement and moved on without comment. A short while later, in response to another caller (who was clearly worried by something she had read regarding pregnancy and she was pregnant). In his response, Prof Reicher again referred approvingly to the SG. Immediately, Ms Adams interrupted to break the thread of his answer and, despite him trying to continue, she spoke continuously and increasingly louder.

    Had she had a message from the editor to divert attention from this second positive reference and to shift the focus? We know from her performance in 2014, the Ms Adams is contemptuously hostile to Scottish independence, so, I doubt she needed much prompting on how to react.

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    1. I believe Professor Reicher is one of the cohort of scientists etc who are on the SG’s coronavirus advisory panel surprised the BBC even asked him onto the programme

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      1. I have had GMS on in the morning for many years, because it gives regular updates on local weather and transport, which were important before I retired, but have continued to have some importance because of the voluntary work I am engaged in. So, quite often, after it has finished and the phone-in comes on it can take a wee while (perhaps as much as 5 minutes!) before the scunneration sets in and I switch off or re-tune. If Stephen Jardine is the presenter, it is often bearable, and, to an extent, if Jakki Brambles presents.

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  3. Some more unreliable information? Impact on Scottish gov planning, if any?

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  4. Business support is to some extent reflective of the FACT that Englad was in, and Wales in now in, full lockdown, so all hospitality has had support.
    Scotland has not had a new full lockdown.
    The Herald is “at it”!

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    1. Yep and not being able to close the border is really not great, expect lots of people holidaying in air b&b’s over xmas…it’s not going to get much better until we can close the border and quarantine those who do travel to Scotland.

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  5. Edinburgh numbers are not great at the moment. Every evening when i go for a wee walk, passing pubs, they are selling pints (grr plastic glasses strewn the streets) and sometimes the customers block the pavements, mostly English students by the sound of it too…it’s nice for people to socialise, but maybe too many (and the police have had to send them packing sometimes) in groups is still not great idea. I don’t know, it’s hard for young people, but if they’d stay home for a month or so, maybe it would reduce the numbers of Covid in the city. Also there are still planes coming in, big and small, it’s not as if the borders are closed so going to very hard to get the numbers back down to what they were at the end of the summer…sadly.


  6. The restrictions are about to be lifted in the central belt. The numbers are coming down.

    The virus was spread in Aberdeen by the pubs being opened (tents) They were not following guidelines. The virus was spread by people going from pub to pub. That was documented, A lockdown was enforced and the numbers went down.

    Kate Forbes stated that Scottish businesses were getting extra support compared to the rest of the UK. Ross tried to claim (UK) monies were being allocated but the total amount was for other services, NHS etc. Debate night? Scotland. Stephen Jardine.


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