They’re Canadian you idiot!

Maybe I’m missing something and I’m the idiot. It wouldn’t be the first time and I’ll be the first, maybe seventh, to acknowledge it but….

The Scottish Government insist that EU state aid rules stop it from carrying out a full takeover of Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) which is being put into adminstration by its Canadian owners. The move came after the Scottish Government felt that providing key support for the ailing steel fabrications company at the centre of a wind farm jobs row would be seen as illegal state aid under European Union regulations. Canadian firm JV Driver, through its subsidiary company DF Barnes, took total control of BiFab, which has yards in Methil and Burntisland in Fife and Lewis, for just £1 two years ago.

Throughout Europe state funded manufacturers are exploiting loopholes in the EU regulations. I’ve posted this already:

EU funds which are granted directly to undertakings without coming under the control of a public authority of a Member State cannot be considered to be state resources. It follows that such direct funding by the EU does not constitute state aid.

Are these countries in the EU state funding companies owned outside of the EU?

3 thoughts on “They’re Canadian you idiot!

  1. Following EU/International Trade rules brings £Billions into Scotland from trade deals worldwide. Breaking the rules would lose £Billions. It is not worth it for a relatively few jobs. The Scottish Gov has done it’s bit, where possible. Otherwise it is not worth it. Better to invest elsewhere in renewables and others trade deals, and where appropriate essential services,

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  2. Would it be possible for a Scottish company to buy Bifab from the Canadians for £1 and then be eligible for state aid


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