Another past-it unqualified Brit-Nat Prof attacks SNP Government

I’m reminded of the time when after three appearances on RT explaining media bias in Scotland, they then emailed me to ask me whether Russia or the Ukraine was responsible for the shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. I told them who the UK media thought had done it.

I seem to have kept my head on that one. The trouble arises when you fool yourself.

The most obvious example recently is long-retired bacteriology Prof Pennington thinking he is the man to answer questions on virology and pandemic control despite a limited cv in these fields.

Prof Jim Gallacher, above, knows about further and higher education. I suspect he knows FA about health-related matters of any kind. Here’s what he was doing when he stopped doing it more than a decade age.

Now, he feels able to predict that the SNP Government is about to fail in its handling of the Covid vaccine programme.

Where is his evidence from?

The Our Scottish Future ‘think tank’, is a Gordon Brown project registered at Companies House with only one ‘officer’, Jim Gallacher.

There are three ‘research’ reports at the site all apparently written by one person – Jim Gallacher.

Some think tank.

6 thoughts on “Another past-it unqualified Brit-Nat Prof attacks SNP Government

  1. A whole page given over to a propaganda unit.

    The Glasgow Herald.
    Then The Herald.
    Now the Herald Pravda!

    “The TRUTH is ours to say,
    It varies from day to day.
    What Is known is a FACT,
    We will STRIVE, to detract.
    Because THAT is the “British way”!


  2. The only logical explanation for Gallagher and Mc Neil perceiving Scotland’s extensive preparations for Covid vaccinations as “behind the curve” is both share the same fashion tastes, Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, and Union Flag Boxer Shorts.

    Scotland got just got enough for 37,000 vaccinations this month and rolls out this coming week, yet Gallagher opines “four million vaccinations to Scots over the coming months” without a shred of evidence. Does he moonlight in astrology ?

    There is a monumental task ahead for all the world over the next year, perhaps “Our Scottish Future” could retrain in nursing rather than pontificate for “Better Together” ends.

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  3. “Our Scottsh Future” think tank releases yet anothe wobbly bee from the unionist bunnetry to bumble woodenly into print . When will they stick to peer reviewed facts and give over on propaganda opinion pieces , reliant on a run appearance of authority deriving from their past work in fields largely unrelated to virology ? Rhetorical question I know , but sometimes the most telling response to propaganda is scorn . Scorn , and the forensic dissection of “evidence ” . That’s your department , long may it flourish .


  4. I’ve read one of Gallachars books I think he worked for Dundee university for a while, he is no expert certainly not in health matters and not much else in favour of him being an expert worth listening to at all.
    Now and then he likes to write in the britnat papers how thick and unlearned Scottish children are.Yeah thats him.Even when statistical reports show he is wrong he does this.
    Britnat Gallacher.


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