Only in Scotland: New social security powers

Social Security Scotland - New benefit for young carers
Image: Social Security Scotland

From the Scottish Government yesterday:

A new report has revealed that unpaid carers in Scotland have valued increased support.

Carer’s Allowance Supplement (CAS) was the first payment introduced under the Scottish Government’s new social security powers. It is given twice a year to those in receipt of Carer’s Allowance as a temporary top-up until full delivery of the benefit is taken over from the Department for Work and Pensions. The payment rate in 2020/21 is £230.10.

The Scottish Government has now published its first evaluation of CAS – and has announced that the next payment will be made on 18 December.

The evaluation found:

  • CAS has made a positive difference to carers, not just financially but to their mental health and wellbeing
  • while carers feel more recognised by the Scottish Government, they don’t feel as visible to, or valued by, the wider public
  • carers want more chances to undertake work outside the home, to help give them a sense of identity outside their caring role and reduce feelings of isolation

Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

“This report gives us a greater understanding of what carers want and need, and we’ll use this to help develop Scottish Carer’s Assistance – our replacement benefit for Carer’s Allowance – so that we can meet the needs of carers better.

“There is no doubting the positive impact Carer’s Allowance Supplement has had on carers in Scotland. And I’m happy to announce the next automatic £230 payment will reach carers in time for Christmas.

“In some cases this payment has made a great difference to carers’ mental health and wellbeing, where it has enabled them to pay off debts or been used towards a trip away to give them a much-needed break.

“I know this has been a hard year for many carers which is why we also provided an additional coronavirus supplement of £230.10 this year. This means around 83,000 carers in Scotland will get up to £690 more this year compared to those in the rest of the UK.”

The majority of eligible carers got the coronavirus payment in June but those who have received backdated awards of Carer’s Allowance since the June payment may get it with their CAS payment this month.

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5 thoughts on “Only in Scotland: New social security powers

  1. Women who co habit (the majority) have no automatic rights in Law. They can get a settlement (1/3) but have to fight through Courts. It costs £thousands. Many women (abused) do not have the money available yo fight for their rights. There is no legal aid available, now. It has to be paid back in any case. Married women can have to fight for a settlement but they have automatic rights.

    Women with perfect credit ratings and £thousands in the bank can still be required to pay six month up front rent by estate agents. It is illegal but the practice still continues. This makes it difficult for (abused) women who have to leave their house/home to find alternative accommodation.

    There is a consultation going on to change the Law. To give co habitees automatic rights but It is taking far too long. It has been going on for years. The legal fees are so expensive. Lawyers make lucrative remuneration from the situation. Do they really want to change it?

    The Law gets changed on supposed ‘freedom of speech’. So people cannot insult others. A basic freedom of speech. Non enforceable? Women do not get their rights. They have a third of representation. Unlike other groups who have their quota.

    There are an equal number of lawyers (gender) but most judges are male. Women are under represented in parliament. (1/3). The majority of teachers are female but most headmasters are male. Universities are under representative in the hierarchy. It is changing but slowly. Co habitee women should have equal rights now.


  2. Scotland now is the unenviable position like the TV Comedy show ‘Mock the Week’ where a group of comedians take turns to tell us what stories will definately not appear on the news and this is just one of many examples that the majority of Scots will never hear if they rely on the MSM and BBC Scotland. There is simply no good news where we are.

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  3. For some reason I now can’t like posts on ipad.
    Anyway, late to this, but yes the Carers allowance supplement is a very welcome top up to what is a ridiculous and insulting CA of £67 from the EngGov and it’s only payable if a person cares for 35 hours a week, miinumum.
    If unemployed either UC is Income support is awarded, but, CA is removed £ for £ from that, so, weekly carer income is somewhere in the region of £120 if lucky, a bit more if you earn, working 16 hours aweek in a job for eg. The EngGov shoud be ’embarassed’, no? But then they should be embarassed about many things, their strategies for plunging people into poverty for eg.

    The Scottish government have a very different approach to state support for people that need it. The Scottish system is not all up and running yet, and Covid has delayed it but it’s still hugely helpful to so many people who are struggling due to EngGov ‘austerity’.
    Long may it continue, it’s no easy task to set up a brand new social security system, and there was some talk of the DWP not exactly being ultra helpful with the transition.
    Again, though, only some benefits are being devolved, EngGov refuse to devolve Universal Credit, I wonder why. Control.


    1. A H. “The EngGov shoud be ’embarassed’, no? But then they should be embarassed about many things, their strategies for plunging people into poverty for eg”

      The only thing a Tory is ever embarrased about is missing an opportunity to make lots of money . . . Preferrably at poor people’s expense!


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