Best Country’s soldiers not so lucky serving under Great Britain’s broad epaulettes?

Before Gavin Williamson became Education Minister and before he started crowing about the UK getting lots of Covid vaccines it had neither developed nor manufactured, he used to be Defence Secretary.

During that time he told the Russians to go away and shut up and threatened to send our new aircraft carrier to patrol the South China Sea. It had no aircraft at the time

He’s been quiet on the latest research revealing that:

British soldiers were 12% more likely to have been killed than their American counterparts during the “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a study of casualty figures. The research – intended as a lessons learned exercise – also concludes that UK forces were 26% more likely to have been killed by improvised explosives, validating longstanding complaints about the poorly armoured Snatch Land Rover. Iain Overton, the editor of the study, said that while it was hard to be “absolutely concrete” on why British troops were more likely to have died, “repeated scandals over poor equipment” were likely to have had an impact.

This report will resonate darkly with Scots but seems of little interest to our media.

BBC 1? Nope.

BBC Scotland. All those Scots who served in Afghanistan? No?

Surely, the ‘trusted’ Herald? Nope.

Not even in Scotland in Union’s newsletter, the Scotsman? Doesn’t Charles ‘Jock’ MacDonald-Marlborough take it? He’ll be in a strop!

Just the Guardian? Those muesli-eating surrender monkeys!!!

6 thoughts on “Best Country’s soldiers not so lucky serving under Great Britain’s broad epaulettes?

  1. More British soldiers die? For generations our troops have been led by officers whose main selection criteria has been a Public School background.
    A derring-do bullsh!t education about Imperial duty and the “white Mans Burden” from a deskbound warrior teaching cadre.

    Then the real thing–“Gung-ho, and away we go, lads, over the top and get these demmed “fuzzies” By Jingo!
    More Generals than battalions.
    More Admirals than ships.
    More desks than tanks.
    More paper planes than real ones.

    Williamson was perhaps the worst Defence Minister we have had for a century—but how could we tell?

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  2. I remember stories about our troops having to buy their own boots because of the shoddy stuff supplied by the, MoD.
    The supplier company probably owned by a Tory party donor.

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    1. Has Alex Jones “researched” this? A wee right wing conspiracy.
      Spin fear and lies, but why?

      There will be a way to make money out of this.

      Nothing of the sort–they are using fear-mongering and racism to steal the “slow” children’s dinner money!


  3. Reading the headlines above, what are the “Sturgeon stunts” re vaccines to which Brian Wilson refers?

    I haven’t noticed anything in what she’s actually said – and I’ve stopped reading MSM. (For which I thank you and the good people on this site!)


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