Why is the BBC not telling the relative truth about US deaths from Covid?

Are Covid deaths at a higher rate in Trump’s USA than in Tory England? Ask anyone. I’ve asked some neighbours.

Much higher in the USA, they say. I ask how they know and they tell me they saw it on the news. The BBC News? Yes.

I’ve seen it too. They have a full-time correspondent there and he reports regularly on the scale of the deaths and the collapsing health infrastructure.

They particularly love to show President Trump making things worse.

But, see this:


Yes, the death rate per million in the US is actually lower than it is in the UK.

In Scotland, when you break down the UK data, it’s 704 per million, 22nd in the above table. In England, it’s 935, still in 5th place, just.

From ONS and NRS data collated by: https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/

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13 thoughts on “Why is the BBC not telling the relative truth about US deaths from Covid?

  1. When you say ‘just’ re England’s death rate, is it on the way to being 4th? Either way, it’s absolutely shocking that people in England accept such a disgraceful situation at the hands of their government, or are they heads in the sand about it.


    1. It’s very worrying in fact. I have at least two friends in England who are sceptical about their lockdown. Had email from one other day, (a very good friend but who does read the Guardian, and watches BBC, enough said), though it’s not relevant in Northumberland, apparently the ‘whole tier nonsense is very confusing’. In other words ScotGov is confusing people!
      Scotland is not allowed to be doing things more successfully in any way, so I guess that is a great distraction from the sheer shambles of the EngGov’s mismanagement of the pandemic.


  2. Political misdirection via media was never so obvious as now, yet many in England remain oblivious to the manipulation, or it being slipped into overdrive when this pandemic struck.
    Despite glaring questions over excess death figures, the media adopted the ‘plucky little England escapes disaster befalling everybody outside’ approach.
    The Tories remain wedded to the US (somehow?) rescuing them from Brexit, hence bumming up the US as similarly being “in control”.
    It may not have fooled all, but there are enough who remain plenty vocal over “we won the war y’know”.
    The ‘Weimar Republic Cookbook (Cummings) 2020 Edition’ should be out shortly…


    1. Political misdirection via media was never so obvious as now, yet many in England remain oblivious to the manipulation,

      Is that because they have never suspected their government of using propaganda against them, having never (in recent times) given the Government a reason to do so . . . . . Unlike their Northern neighbours.


  3. By using the term “UK”,the Westminster administration can hide it’s complete mismanagement of the health service in England.
    Very useful having multiple identities when you wish to evade responsibility for your actions.
    Just ask any crook.

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  4. Just heard the BBC statistics man on the ONS most recent figures.
    A whole spiel on England.
    What about the rest?
    A few throw-a-way lines.
    Scotland apparently has had “a rise, but its been coming down for a few weeks”.
    That was that. No figures, no detail unless you live in England.


  5. It is time for all Politicians on the YES side
    Whilst involved on any TV political programme each and every time the Chair or interviewer and other panelists to retort
    Everytime any of them use
    1.The Nation
    2 The Country
    By stopping them immediately
    And state You are using that word in the singular form
    So for the purpose of using good English,doubt and actual facts please inform me as to which singular Nation to which you refer
    And if you rope Scotland into the plurality on a indivual basis then i shall gladly give you the facts that apply
    To The Nation of Scotland and then go on to compare to any Other singular to which you may wish to refer and as a political representative of Scotland I find it impossible to reply if you use Nation/Country in blanket form again
    And for it is worth We collectively serve notice upon all that as of now that shall ALWAYS be the case
    If you fail to do so then I withdraw and unclip my microphone and take leave of your company


  6. State Propaganda Unit gonna do what the State Propaganda Unit do


    We’re used to the idea that politicians can be flexible with both truth and reality when it suits their agenda, or the bigger picture – whatever. However, we’ve learned from bitter experience over the years that British Nationalist politicians and their corteges lie as a matter of course and that if a tory politician says anything or does anything, it’s a lie or a deception of some sort.

    The State Propaganda Unit still tries to play the trusted source game, but they lie and deceive way more consistently than even most tories.
    They are as far as anyone can tell True Believers. This means they have a licence to say anything at all and conceal anything at all if they believe it will strike a blow against the hated separatists – and they only need to believe they really believe. And they do believe – they really do.

    These people are at least as dangerous as the politicians.


  7. I’m at present working with a lad who lives in Kent.
    I was telling him about the regular adverts we have with Jason Leitch asking us to wear a mask and (basically) behave ourselves. I told him how the adverts are regularly updated to take account of circumstances. “Oh” he tells me. “We have nothing like that, nothing at all”.
    Enough Said.


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