The Facts: Scotland has 24th highest covid mortality rate

Scotland has had 3 848 confirmed Covid deaths or 704 per million putting her in 22nd place. England with 52 601 deaths or 935 per million would be in 5th place and Wales with 2 638 or 837 per milliom would be in 11th place, just slightly worse than the USA. Northern Ireland with 542 would be way down the list.

ONS and NRS data tabulated by:

10 thoughts on “The Facts: Scotland has 24th highest covid mortality rate

  1. It also should be noted (not necessarily in this place, but in anti-Indy media) that comparison of Scotland’s statistics today with independence is a false equivalence, because we ain’t independent.

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    1. But, of course, the ‘narrative’ is that things will continue to be done in the same way with independence and, without ‘the deep pockets of the UK’ things MUST get worse.

      To accept that things can be done differently is to imply that, perhaps, how the Uk is managing things is not as good as it should be, but that is because, as Mr Gavin Williamson says, ‘Britain is better than all these other countries’ – BOZZA! BOZZA !!BOZZA !!! OI!!!! Oi!!!!! OI!!!!!

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  2. As G. O. Said

    “They” won’t wan’t Scottish voters to be given this information before May’s Holyrood election.

    They (Them again) have painted a picture where Trump failed on everything from Covid to NOT starting a war. So they have to stick to the line Covid’s out of control in the US. But it’ll magically be sorted by the UK’s preference Biden.


    1. Was Mr Biden ‘the UK’s preference’?

      I suspect that the BBC’s intention is more parochial – to imply that there are places where things have been handled worse than in a country that’s ‘better than all the rest’ (Mr G Williamson)


      1. Alidsair, aye imHo . . . It was a case of anyone but Trump. Our establishment ( and America’s) has been pulling their hair out over Trump not starting another war.


  3. Will someone please inform Jacob Rees of
    This as a retort to his Commons reply yesterday to Tommy Sheppard
    That The SNP was a complete disaster for Scotland,s health
    Well tis them politicising this now
    So open the B****** mouth and ram the FACTS ben his throat
    We must politicise this for and during May election
    After all they have foolishly done so
    Those in greenhouses should not throw stones
    We clearly outperform England in many areas
    So let us shatter every Payne of glass upon which greenhouse (Westminster) Jacob casts his stones
    And give no quarter of mercy


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