Stop moaning and give it to your cleaners?

DOCTORS have branded the £500 “thank you” payment for their services during the pandemic as “embarrassing and not needed”. Highland GPs questioned whether the sum, announced by Nicola Sturgeon on Monday at the SNP conference, “is just” when many of their patients have faced reduced earning, jobs losses or business closures as a result of the pandemic.

We don’t know just how many GPs were involved in this protest or how representative even of GPs they are. We don’t even get one named person in the Herald report.

I can’t imagine the less well-paid NHS and care staff think it ‘embarrassing.

Rather than making this into a pathetic political gesture to try and score a point over the Health Secretary on behalf of whichever opposition MSPs they play golf with, why don’t they just shut up and give what remains after they’re taxed, at the higher rate, to their cleaners?

Imagine the better paid NHS staff hadn’t got it? We know just what the same creeps would have said then.

I’m not a believer but FOR GOD’S SAKE!

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  2. They have been given the money, so they can donate it to humane causes. My wife and I have donated our Winter Fuel payment to charities since we first started to receive them.

    We are, of course, entitled to these payments having paid tax and national insurance for more than 50 years, but, since we are comfortably off – though not as comfortably off as some GPs and consultants who attend dinner parties with John Beattie – and so we choose to support others.

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  3. Boris gave a bung of a £1000 to “wet” publicans to try to stop his party rebellion.
    Funny how none of the mejah has found a barman “too embarrassed” to accept.

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  4. I saw that article in the Herald online earlier and my first thought was give it to the cleaners on your ward/medical practice. I am sure that would have been the first response of a lot of people. Or give it to a foodbank.

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  5. It’s beyond belief that any genuine human at this time would begrudge people a fund to help them out I am sure NHS staff and care workers will be very happy to be able to pay a bill over winter with the ScotGov fund, or what’s left of it after the EngGOv have taxed it. Jeezus.
    As has been pointed out, if some of the highly paid Dr’s have no need for it, give it to a good cause, a foodbank anyone? Why are these Dr’s not shouting from the rooftops that the UK has freakin foodbanks, because of EngGov starving people deliberately! I just despair.
    As with any government funding that is not means tested, there are some who are not in need of it, so like the good A. Macdonald here, it’s easy enough to find someone who does need it.

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  6. Obviously no Foodbanks, Hospices, Charities, Homeless, Salvation Army, etc etc in their area. It isn’t difficult to share good fortune at anytime!

    Once you receive a gift it is for you to decide what to do with it!


  7. There was at least one doctor who said he intended to donate his bonus to charity, so presumably the doctors (2?) on tap to the Herald thought “can’t have that getting around, we’re Conservatives” and decided to back a “let then eat cake” piece instead… Herod face palms all round…

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  8. I am a nurse in the NHS. I have been since 1996. I welcome the bonus. It will come in very handy as my wife following a severe illness is unable to work. The pittance she gets from DWP wouldn’t last more than a few days and it certainly doesn’t pay any bills. I for one am grateful for it.


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